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Scuf Vantage

PlayStation 4 controllers

Custom Controller for PS4 & PC
Every aspect of this officially licensed PlayStation® 4 controller has been designed to improve performance, comfort and maximize hand use. Built without compromise, Vantage has over 15 unique features created to accelerate gameplay and provide you with game-changing milliseconds. More precision, more speed, more customization — more wins.

* Not eligible for promo code usage or additional discounts.

Creating a pure connection between you and the game, that's the purpose of Vantage. Designed from the ground up to improve performance, comfort, and maximize hand use, every aspect of this officially licensed PlayStation® 4 controller has been meticulously engineered.

Over 15 unique SCUF accelerate gameplay and provide you with game-changing milliseconds, establishing Vantage as the no-compromise controller. Taking the innovations SCUF is known for one step further, Vantage delivers near-zero latency in wired mode, freedom in wireless mode, a perfect fit, unrivaled precision, PS4 and PC compatibility, and even more customization for gamers to become victorious.

Scuf Vantage Controller
10ft Black High Speed Braided Micro-USB Cable
SCUF Key 0.9mm for Trigger Adjustments
1x Black SCUF Control Disc
2x Black Long Domed Thumbsticks
2x Black Long Trigger Covers
2x Black Anti-friction Rings
Sticker Sheet
Product Manual

Depending on your configuration
Protection Case (when Wireless connectivity is selected)

  • Officially Licensed PlayStation® 4 Controller

  • Compatible with PC (Windows7, 10)

  • 4x Interchangeable Paddles

  • 2x Removable Side Action buttons (SAX)

  • Customization Application (Windows 7+)

  • Quick Access Remapping Switch

  • Customizable Thumbstick Area

  • Trigger Control System

    • Adjustable Hair Triggers

    • Quick Shift Trigger Stops

    • Trigger Covers - Long and Short

  • Interchangeable Magnetic Faceplate

  • Audio Touch Bar (compatible in wired mode only)

  • Built-in Speaker & 3.5mm Audio Jack Port (compatible in wired mode only)

  • Removable Vibration Modules

  • Improved High Performance Grip 

  • Ergonomic Shape & Asymmetric Thumbstick Layout

  • Inclined Mechanical Bumpers

  • Interchangeable D-pad & Control Disc

  • Anti-friction Rings

  • Cable Retention System & Micro-USB port

  • Touch Pad & Integrated Light Bar

  • Controller Weight: 

    • Wireless model: 8 to 10oz 
    • Wired only model: 7 to 9oz

  • Connectivity: 
    • Wireless model: 

      • Micro-USB to USB (Wired) & Bluetooth® (Wireless)

      • Battery: 3.7V - 1000mAh, up to 20hrs on a single charge, 2hrs charge time

    • Wired only: Micro-USB to USB (Wired)

*Optional selections available. Refer to product details for pre-configured options.