Scuf Vantage 2 Modern Warfare

The SCUF Vantage 2 Modern Warfare® Limited Edition for PS4™ & PC comes equipped with a unique faceplate design that features a blue tactical map and vibration modules designed with artwork inspired by a sniper scope. Players that purchase the SCUF Vantage 2 Modern Warfare® will receive a bonus digital in-game item, a sniper scope charm, for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.


Learn more about the SCUF Vantage 2: Modern Warfare®.  

The SCUF Vantage 2 controller has been fine-tuned and engineered to meet the demands of high-performance gaming. This meticulously designed SCUF controller is the most customizable gaming controller on the market. 

Vantage 2 was built to accelerate gameplay, reduce hand-fatigue, and change configurations to improve your performance. Whether you play at the absolute limit or prefer a more casual style of play, you’re going to get more out of your game with SCUF Vantage 2.

  • Vantage 2 Controller

  • Download code for bonus in-game charm

  • Protection & travel case

  • 10ft High Speed Braided Micro-USB cable

  • 2x long domed thumbsticks (black)

  • 2x long trigger covers (black)

  • 2x anti-friction rings (gray)

  • 1x control disc (black)

  • 1x SCUF key (0.9mm)

  • Product manual

  • Product guide

  • Quick start guide

  • Sticker pack

  • Officially Licensed PlayStation® 4 Controller

  • Compatible with PC (Windows7, 10)

  • 4x Interchangeable Paddles

  • 2x Removable Side Action buttons (SAX)

  • Customization Application (Windows 7+)

  • Quick Access Remapping Switch

  • Customizable Thumbstick Area

  • Trigger Control System

    • Adjustable Hair Triggers

    • Quick Shift Trigger Stops

    • Trigger Covers - Long and Short

  • Interchangeable Magnetic Faceplate

  • Audio Touch Bar (compatible in wired mode only)

  • Built-in Speaker & 3.5mm Audio Jack Port (compatible in wired mode only)

  • Removable Vibration Modules

  • Improved High Performance Grip 

  • Ergonomic Shape & Asymmetric Thumbstick Layout

  • Inclined Mechanical Bumpers

  • Interchangeable D-pad & Control Disc

  • Anti-friction Rings

  • Cable Retention System & Micro-USB port

  • Touch Pad & Integrated Light Bar

  • Controller Weight: 

    • Wireless model: 8 to 10oz 
    • Wired only model: 7 to 9oz

  • Connectivity: 
    • Wireless model: 

      • Micro-USB to USB (Wired) & Bluetooth® (Wireless)

      • Battery: 3.7V - 1000mAh, up to 20hrs on a single charge, 2hrs charge time

    • Wired only: Micro-USB to USB (Wired)