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Efficient and combat-ready, this SCUF PS3 controller is encased in a noble blue design that lets your opponents know they’re dealing with a professional. These pre-configured controllers feature black thumbsticks and a blue color package, with an “X / O” paddle configuration and SCUF Grip.

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The SCUF PS allows players to take full control of every aspect of their game. The integration of our patented paddle technology allows players to reach face buttons at a more efficient, natural location on the underside of their controller. Hypersensitive triggers allow for superior response time, while our military-grade grip allows for unparalleled comfort and ease of use. These pre-configured controllers are designed to provide players with the quality of Scuf Gaming hardware, decked out in handsome designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

  • Blue Front Shell
  • 2 Rear Paddles, "X / O" Configuration
  • SONY PS3 OEM ThumbSticks
  • SCUF Grip