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Scuf Infinity4PS Pro White

Pre-Configured Controller for PS4 & PC
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The SCUF Infinity4PS PRO brings two removable paddles recessed into the back of the classic PS4 controller shape with interchangeable thumbsticks, high grade grip, and more. The perfect controller for a first time SCUF user.

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In addition to all the features already included with your SCUF Infinity4PS PRO controller, this controller comes equipped with:

  • Trigger Control System (Trigger Stops, Hair Triggers and Removable Covers)
  • Electro-Magnetic Remapping (E.M.R)
  • White Faceplate
  • White Actions Buttons (X, O, Square, Triangle), D-Pad, Share & Options
  • 2x White SCUF Regular Concave Thumbsticks
  • 2x White Anti-Friction Rings
  • White Bumpers (L1, R1)
  • White Triggers Covers (L2, R2)

SCUF Infinity4PS Controller
Product manual
SCUF E.M.R Mag Key
SCUF Key (0.9mm)
2x Trigger Extenders

Compatible with PlayStation 4, PC (Windows & Mac) & Mobile (Android & iOS 13+)

Features include:

  • 2x Interchangeable Paddles 
  • Customizable Thumbstick Area 
  • Anti-friction Rings 
  • Increase Ergonomic Shape 
  • Electro-Magnetic Remapping (optional) 3-in-1 
  • Trigger Control System (optional) 
  • - Quick Shift Trigger Stops 
  • - Adjustable Hair Triggers
  •  - Removable Trigger Covers TAP Bumpers (optional) Digital 
  • TAP Triggers (optional) 
  • Military Grade SCUF Grip (optional) 
  • Removable Control Disc (optional) 
  • Mappings Available (EMR): X, O, Square, Triangle, L3, R3, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right 
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (Wireless) 
  • Battery: Up To 8 hrs 
  • Thumbstick Layout: Symmetric 
  • Charging: Micro-USB to USB-A Controller 
  • Weight: 8oz (170g) without rumbles, 10oz (226g) with rumbles in 
  • Controller Dimensions: 162×52×98mm

*Optional selections available. Refer to product details for pre-configured options.