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SCUF Hybrid Custom Controller


About Features

  • Shell
  • Buttons
  • Thumbsticks
  • LED
  • Paddles
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Trigger
  • Grip

About Shell Design

SCUF Hybrid controllers are designed to offer many levels of customization, take your skills to the next level by designing the SCUF you’ve always wanted!

Please Note: Design/pattern may not look exact to photo as seen on website due to a number of reasons, including: variation of the positioning of the repetitive patterns of hydro-dipping, small variations in positioning of water decal, computer screen calibration and reflection of colors under different lights.

About Color Package

Add another layer of customization to your handcrafted SCUF controller with our custom color packages and guide buttons.

About Thumbsticks

SCUF thumbsticks are made from high-grade materials to offer an improved level of comfort, grip and flexibility.

About LED Color

Add another layer of customization to your handcrafted SCUF controller with our custom LED colors for Xbox 360 controllers.

About SCUF Paddle Control System

The paddles are the heart of every SCUF Controller; they mimic any of the face buttons to allow you to keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks and use your other fingers to perform more advanced moves.

SCUF users most commonly play with 2 paddles, though many consider themselves advanced gamers or have larger hands and prefer a 4 paddle option. Unlock your potential with either option and see why the patented SCUF Paddles have changed the competitive gaming scene!

2 paddles are the standard that most SCUF users place on their controller. There is no one "perfect" layout, everyone is different and you should configure your paddles accordingly. Pick your two most-used controller functions and you’re good to go!

4 paddles are for those who excel when given more control. 4 paddles on the back of your controller allow you maximum mobility by making advanced moves possible while hardly ever having to remove your thumbs from the thumbsticks.

  • The 4 paddle option is the standard configuration is A/X/Y/B
  • The following functions can be remapped to a paddle: A, B, X, Y, Left Dpad, Right Dpad, Left Thumbstick down.
  • Remapping is an essential feature for those who enjoy playing multiple games or customizing your paddle configurations.
  • The SCUF Hybrid only allows the outer paddles to be reconfigured. The inside paddles will always be configured for X/Y.

About Wired or Wireless Controllers

SCUF Hybrid controllers have the option to be either Wired or Wireless. Ultimately, Wired vs. Wireless is a personal preference as each gamer has a different element of comfort.

SCUF Hybrid controllers have the option to be either Wired or Wireless. Most Professional Gamers exclusively used Wired controllers as the direct connection removes the input lag when playing. Wireless controllers are great for gamers not wanting to deal with the tangle of cords and allow cross-room gaming.

About the Trigger Function

  • The Trigger Stops are a small screw inserted into the left and right triggers of your controller that limit the movement your triggers can make.
  • The Trigger Stops shave off precious seconds during gameplay allowing you to hit the trigger functions more frequently. Trigger Stops will not work for every game, they are primarily used for the Call of Duty series, and can be adjusted with the included allen key to find the “sweet spot” for each game.

About Rumbles

  • The Rumble Packs are the small motors inside the controller that make it vibrate during certain functions.
  • The vibration of a controller can throw off your aim in-game; this is why most competitive gamers have them removed. Removing the rumbles also provides you with a lighter controller for added comfort during gameplay.

About Grip

Grip is essential for extended periods of gameplay with your SCUF Controller. Choose between the SCUF Grip and Pro Grip to game in a safe and ergonomic way.

SCUF Grip is a military grade plastic material most commonly used to coat firearms and other military equipment. Its textured, non-slip surface is great for extended hours of gameplay.

Pro Grip is rubber-like and is only found on the arms of the controller. It offers a softer grip option, compared to the SCUF Grip, and comes in multiple colors.

Product Details

The SCUF Hybrid, a custom controller for Xbox 360, combines the familiarity of the Xbox controller with a completely re-engineered SCUF back that locks the hands in place by offering the best shape for paddle usage. It also improves overall durability with high grade materials, paddle housings and hair trigger guards.

A Lithium Ion battery has made the Wireless version of the custom SCUF Hybrid controller light and more versatile while offering days of gameplay on a single charge.