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About ViscaBarca

In a few short years, ViscaBarca’s built up an enormous YouTube following in Germany and beyond. Focused largely around Call of Duty, he is known for funny but also competitive content. He proved that competitive edge during the Black Ops III season, showing his worth with amazing gameplay under the FAB Games organization in different stages of the Call of Duty: World League qualifiers.

Creating the Controller

Sporting a dark, scale-covered design, the SCUF ViscaBarca offers a subtle, but unforgettable aesthetic. With deep indigo scales against a classic black soft touch, the ViscaBarca logo sets off this gorgeous tribute to one of Germany’s favorite YouTube and pro gamer personalities. Pick up this sleek new design for the SCUF IMPACT today!


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Take your game to the next level with the SCUF IMPACT series controllers. Change thumbstick length & shape, adjust triggers and remap paddle configurations for your play style. Every SCUF controller is handcrafted & customized to specification. Customized by you. Handcrafted by us.


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