SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller

We are dedicated to providing players all around the world with professional-grade controllers. Please see below for answers to general questions regarding our SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller.

What is the new SCUF Vantage?

With never before seen features, the SCUF Vantage sets a new standard for what a gaming controller can be and is built for every gamer to provide a measurable performance increase and improve comfort on any game they are playing. It is the first officially-licensed controller with wireless connectivity available in North America. For more information about the SCUF Vantage, please visit

Is it an official PlayStation product?

The SCUF Vantage is an officially licensed product for PlayStation 4, designed and manufactured by Scuf Gaming, which is manufactured and distributed under license from Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

What is the difference between the SCUF Controller and the DualShock 4 Controller?

The SCUF Vantage allows consumers to customize the look and feel of the controller, with added inputs such as the back paddles and Sax buttons that allow consumers to use more of their hands. For more information about the SCUF Vantage, please visit

Is the SCUF Controller better than the DualShock 4 Controller?

The SCUF controller is a fully modular controller geared toward competitive gamers, offering more features, increased hand use and full customization for those players looking to cut milliseconds off their response time and tailor their controller when competing against others. For more information about the SCUF Vantage, please visit

What features make the SCUF Vantage different from previous PS4 SCUF's?

Built from the ground up, it gathers all our years of experience of making high-performance custom gaming controllers. This controller offers new innovations never seen before: interchangeable magnetic faceplate, Sax buttons, Audio Touch Bar, Removable Vibration Modules, Asymmetric Thumbstick Layout, magnetic D-Pad and Control Disc, integrated High Performance Grip and improved Remapping. For more information about the SCUF Vantage, please visit

Does the SCUF Vantage work for people with smaller hands? Bigger hands?

The shape and layout of SCUF Vantage has been designed with all gamers in mind, and to fit most hand sizes. With different size Thumbsticks and Trigger Covers, Removable Vibration Modules and the additional access points (Paddles & Sax buttons) being removable, every gamer can customize the Vantage to fit how they hold a controller. For more information about the SCUF Vantage, please visit

Are the SCUF Vantage controllers competition friendly?

The SCUF Vantage controllers, just like any other SCUF controllers, can be used in a competitive environment. SCUF controllers have always been designed to increase hand use and comfort with no cheat features like rapid fire or macros. They are designed with competitors in mind and provide a measurable and fair performance advantage.

What is the difference between the wireless/wired model and wired only model?

The Wireless/Wired model has everything that the Wired model offers plus a dual mode that allows toggling between USB (Wired) and Bluetooth (Wireless) connectivity and the box includes a protection case. The Wireless/Wired model includes a 3.7V 1000mAh Lithium-ion battery which can last up to 20 hours depending on use in wireless mode.

What is the warranty for the SCUF Vantage? What is the return policy?

The SCUF Vantage comes with a 6-month (180 days) warranty from date of purchase. Details of our warranty can be found here: and our return policy can be found here:

How can I customize the design of my SCUF Vantage?

SCUF has designed the Vantage to be fully modular, so you can customize various parts of your controller by design and features. Interchangeable parts include the magnetic faceplate, thumbsticks, anti-friction rings, d-pad and control disc, trigger covers, paddles, sax buttons. Numerous design options are available on our online builder for customization.

Does it work with any PlayStation 4 (PS4, PS4 Slim, and/or PS4 Pro)?

The SCUF Vantage is compatible with all PS4 systems.

Can I use it with other hardware, like a PC or XBOX?

The SCUF Vantage is only compatible with PS4.

What type of games is the SCUF Vantage good for?

The SCUF Vantage has been designed to be compatible with all PS4 games. With 6 additional remappable access points and over 15 features, the SCUF Vantage offers superior accuracy, comfort and can be tailored to your playstyle and choice of game.

The features and ergonomics of the controller will help take your gameplay to the next level on any game. It becomes a necessary tool in games where a lot of functions are required or gameplay is fast, to include shooters, like Call of Duty, or in Battle Royale games, like Fortnite. On racing games like Gran Turismo, map the gear shifting to your back outside paddles to shift gear like you would on a sports car. On fighting games, achieve easier combos using our interchangeable Control Disc. Perform passes and shoot faster in sports games like FIFA.

Why has SCUF designed two connectivity modes for the SCUF Vantage?

SCUF have created a Wired mode for the SCUF Vantage to offer the quickest connection to the game (1ms latency) which we recommend when playing competitively. SCUF also created a wireless mode which connects through BluetoothTM for gamers who want the convenience of a wireless connection where no cables are needed. The Wireless/Wired model offers the best of both worlds.

Can I use audio functions while in wireless mode?

The wired and competitive mode of the SCUF Vantage has been designed to be a fully wired experience to offer the quickest connection to the game. The wireless mode has been designed as a wire-free mode. While playing in wireless mode, we recommend the use of a wireless headset, so you can truly enjoy the perks of wireless play.

If I change the mappings of my Sax buttons and Paddles, will they be saved?

When remapping the functions assigned to your Sax buttons and Paddles, they will be saved into your controller. Turning off the controller or your console will not erase your settings. To go back to the initial configuration, just use the remapping function to map the default mappings.

Default mappings:
S1 (left Sax button): L2
S2 (right Sax button): R2
P1 (left outside paddle): O
P2 (left inside paddle): Triangle
P3 (right inside paddle): Square
P4 (right outside paddle): X

Does the Audio Touch bar work with all headsets?

The Audio Touch Bar is compatible with wired headsets that are equipped with a 3.5mm jack. Furthermore, the 3.5mm jack of the headset must be plugged into the controller (and not in an external amp), and the controller must be in wired mode.

Can I send in my DualShock 4 controller to make it into the SCUF Vantage?

No, the SCUF Vantage controller is a unique product built from the ground up.

Can I send in my existing SCUF controller to make it into the SCUF Vantage?

No, the SCUF Vantage controller is a unique product built from the ground up.