The Spectrum Collection

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FOR Playstation® 4 AND PC

The Spectrum Collection showcases a wide variety of vibrant, colored shells, buttons, rings, thumbsticks, and trims to create a controller experience to represent you and your style. Each member of the Spectrum Collection is a professional, hand-crafted controller, equipped with the innovations and patented technology that makes SCUF the choice for 90% of all Pro Gamers.

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handusePaddles enable up to 50% more hand usage in advanced gameplay.

Hand-tested and guaranteed no slow turn.

Handcrafted in the US and UK SCUF workshops.

Change thumbsticks in seconds with the Infinity Ring & Lock system.

The SCUF Build

Customized by You. Handcrafted by Us.


Use Electro-Magnetic Remapping (EMR) to configure paddles to suit play styles for all game genres including FPS, sports, fighting, racing and more.


Quickly tune adjustable triggers to locate the 'sweet spot' during gameplay. Especially effective for FPS games.


Activate your trigger stops to optimize the distance of your triggers!


Control Disc transforms d-pad into a thumb-disc, especially effective for fighting games.


Precision Thumbsticks are removable and available in two different heights with two shapes to suit all hand sizes and play styles.


SCUF Grip options provide military grade grip to dramatically improve control and comfort, essential for sweaty hands.

Endorsed by the Leagues. Trusted by the Pros.


A wide range of design and functionality options are available to customize your controller from the SCUF Spectrum collection: paddle remapping capability, adjustable hair trigger function, trigger stop mechanism, high-grade grip, trigger extenders, button colors, d-pad, control disc, trim colors, thumbsticks, and more can be added to your SCUF Infinity4PS to build the perfect controller to complement your style and gameplay on PlayStation® 4.

Customized by you.

Handcrafted by us.


SCUF Recommends


SCUF Infinity4PS Red

This crimson shade of rage, gore, and passion is just the right thing for showing your opponent that you're out for blood. Fitted with black trim and buttons, this SCUF Infinity4PS Red has the foreboding look of a soldier in war paint.


SCUF Infinity4PS Fury

Has the competition got you down? Unleash your rage with the SCUF Infinity4PS Fury: the perfect balance of orange and a soft touch finish. Complemented with blue sticks and silver kit, this controller sets itself apart as a dangerous competitor.


SCUF Infinity4PS Glacier Blue

Got ice water running through your veins? Stay frosty and freeze out the competition with the SCUF Infinity4PS Glacier Blue. Matching trim and black thumbsticks go perfectly with this controller, giving the look of a Northern ruler.


SCUF Infinity4PS Dark Blue

The SCUF Infinity4PS Dark Blue provides a subtle, but fierce look for your SCUF collection. The addition of red trim and buttons only heightens this look, for a dramatic contrast that is truly striking.