The Science Behind Professional Gaming | Why SCUF Controllers
Infinity1 back paddles

Patented Paddle Control System

Utilize more of your hand in-game

Shorten your response time when performing actions

Access more activation points on paddles

Avoid playing CLAW and reduce hand strain with SCUF's ergonomic paddle design

Patented Hair Trigger Mechanisms

Reduce latency in trigger pull for faster response time

Improve your accuracy and in-game performance

With SCUF's FPS Trigger Grips, you can switch from racing/sports games to fighting games in seconds

FPS Trigger Adjustment

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Six SCUF thumbstick options come in three lengths (regular, medium & long); domed and concave styles

Length and shape caters to different hand sizes and play style

Improved precision and accuracy

Military grade finish for added comfort and durability

High Grade Grips

Improve grip to prevent hands slipping during game-play

Increased comfort

Removable and adjustable

High-grade materials are used for durability

Control Disc PlayStation 4 controller

Total Control Disc

Improves accuracy, pinpoint control and is fully removable

Larger surface area provides more comfort and grip for your thumb

Especially suited for Fighting and Sports games


Design & Comfort

One size does not fit all. SCUF’s gaming controllers offer full customization across two key areas: functionality and design.

SCUF’s gaming controllers are suited to every hand size and style of gameplay.

Design customization offers gamers the opportunity to express themselves with color choices, thumbstick options, grip variations and more.