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Team Orbit

Established 2013 - EU

Orbit was created by Patrik “GorDo” Andersson and Wesley De Herdt and Sebastian “Sebsy” Spooner in early 2012. They were originally known by the name "Diversity" with the intent of being a gaming community for anyone and everyone.

A focus in competitive Call of Duty allowed Orbit to make a name for themselves at the LAN event "EGL 11" with an underdog third place finish.

Since then, not only has Orbit remained a powerhouse in the Call of Duty scene, but the organization has also seen success within Halo, Gears of War, Rainbow 6, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Team Orbit Controllers

Custom Team Controllers for Microsoft® Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC

Team Orbit


Trei Zer0, pro gamer, splyce

Trei "Zer0" Morris is a competitive Call of Duty player for Team Orbit.


David "Urban" Marsh is a professional competitive Call Of Duty player who first broke into the European scene during the Advanced Warfare season. He competed at a high level throughout the year earning a lot of recognition picking up his first LAN victory under Team infused at EGL 14.


Rhys "Rated" Price is a professional Call Of Duty player currently for Epsilon eSports and is an explosive character similar to long term team mate Reedy both inside and out of game. He has been at the pinnacle of the European Call Of Duty scene since Call Of Duty Ghosts whereby he made a name for himself under teams such as Exertus.


Joe "Joee" Pinnington is a professional Call Of Duty player who is a top European player from the United Kingdom. He is known for his aggressive play style which suited games such as Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare whereby he was widely regarded as one of if not the best SMG players in Europe.