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SetToDestroyX Esports

Established 2010 - Canada

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SetToDestroyX eSports, also known by the community as STDx, is a professional eSports team that is presently competing in the worldwide top level of multiple game titles, with a massive reach and strong results. SetToDestroyX is Canada’s largest, oldest & preeminent leader in professional eSports & content development. Our Twitch eSports partnership & stream team comprised of over 50+ diverse personalities & 50+ Twitch partners, we created & provide one of the most unique support systems & flexible foundations implemented in gaming.
Founded in 2010, STDx is a professional eSports organization dedicated to industry growth, developing the Canadian market, fostering amateurs to compete at the pro level & supporting our professional gamers for greater success. In the last three years, STDx has competed against numerous teams on the international circuit and is trending upward, projected to have tremendous success in 2017 with appropriate funding & eclipse the global eSports money list top 200.
With a professional player base that is hungry to train & win and a professional staff that has a combined 30+ years in eSports management, you can feel confident in working with a local established organization with an international reach & reputation. From working with private to fortune 500 companies across the world, SetToDestroyX has a household name in the eSports community & especially within Canada. Our continuous positive engagement, social media inter-activeness, collaboration with sponsors & our targeted recruitment & acquisition of mature personalities & competitive teams; we are connected, streamlined, identifiable & talked about.


Shine 2017 - 1st place in singles / 1st place doubles
Brawl League Masters - 1st and 2nd place
Brawlhalla Summer Championship - 1st & 2nd in singles / 1st in doubles
BCS Summer Slam - 1st and 2nd place
Pokken E3 Invitational - 1st
Dreamhack ATL H1Z1 Elite Series Solo - 10th overall & 5th in total kills
H1Z1 Fight For The Crown CW event - 11th place
C-Ops Championship Series - 2nd place
UMG Pro-Am SSM - 1st place
Super Smashcon - 9th place
Dreanhack ATL Rocket League - 9th place
RLCS Rocket League Pro Team
2016 Crossfire NA Champions
2017 CFCL & CFSL Pro League
Home Town Hero's Seattle - 1st Place
ESL Paladins Console Wars - 2nd place
Boostadelphia 2v2 RL - 1st
Gfinity Cup RL - 1st place
RedBull Proving Grounds SFV - 4th and 5th place
Madden Championships 2017 - 17th and 18th place
Killer Instinct World Championships - 13th place
Splatoon 2 E3 Invitational Champions
InkStorm+ Splatoon 2 Champions
FIWC L.A. Finals - 9th place
CSGO Dreamhack MTL - 3rd Place
SFV Dreamhack MTL - 7th place
WoW MLG Blizzcon Qualifiers - 8th place