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pulse gaming

Established 2013 - France

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Scuf PuLse Infinity1

Scuf PuLse Infinity4PS


Both young and dynamic, the PuLse Organization of France has grown rapidly since their inception within the console Call of Duty scene and have more recently have expanded to PC gaming as well. Despite struggles with the CoD team in Season One of the Call of Duty: World League, the team looks to continue strong in the future of console gaming with some of the best in the business of Halo and Gears of War.


5/29/2016 2016 EU CWL Challenge Division Stage 2 ESL Event 2 Position: 17 - 32nd
5/8/2016 ESWC Zénith 2016 Position: 13 - 16th
12/16/2015 2016 COD World League EU Pro Division Online Qualifying Tournament Position: Q
10/4/2015 SFCO AW 5 Position: 3rd
6/28/2015 EGO Championship Series Qualifier Position: 3rd
4/19/2015 Meltdown Paris Position: 3rd
4/5/2015 Gamers Assembly 2015 Position: 5 - 6th
3/8/2015 SLE 15 Position: 2nd
3/1/2014 Call of Duty Championship 2015: EU Regional Finals Position: 15 - 28th