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eXcellence Gaming LLC

Established 2014 - United States

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eXcellence was created by owner and founder Jon “Jven” Venable in May 2014. Upon establishment, he believed that the most successful person would be whomever is always thinking outside of the box. His goal was not only be the best and have the most professional young adults in the industry, but to also improve the e-sports community. Through these ideas he established multiple professional and amateur teams across Halo, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offense, and League of Legends.


2014 Halo Pax Prime Invitational- 1st  (Halo)

2014 UMG Nashville- 9th Call of Duty

2015 G4G Detroit -9th Halo

2015- Iron Gaming TV Atlanta- 9th- Halo

2015 Winout.net Invitational- 9th- CSGO

2015 PGL Indianapolis- 9th Halo

2015 ESL Halo Season 2 Finals- 8th Halo

2016 ESL Rainbow Six Pro League 2nd NA Rainbow Six

2016 ESL Rainbow Six Pro League Finals LAN 1st in World

2016 CWL 8th Call Of Duty

2016 Smite Console League 3rd Smite

2016 Rainbow Six Pro League Season 2 3rd

2016 Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 1st

2016 Rainbow Six Pro League Season Finals TBA