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Enigma 6 (E6) is a North American based esports organization currently with teams competing in Call of Duty, Halo, Gears of War and Overwatch.  E6 was started while General was at one of his first events. His parents overheard an owner tell his players he did not have money to feed them the rest of the tournament. General and his parents bought pizzas for those at the venue that day. E6 was started shortly after.

The vision of E6 is to provide players the opportunity, resources, stability to be successful in esports. It’s about giving back and having a chance in life to pursue your dream.  It’s having an organization who believes the players can achieve their goals.

Call of Duty

04-03-2016   MES GameFest 2016 Position: 1st
03-13-2016   Gamers For Giving 2016 Position: 1st
10-18-2015   MLG World Finals Position: 17-20th
09-06-2016   UMG Washington D.C. 2015 Position: 17-20th
07-12-2015   UMG Dallas 2015 Position: 13-16th
05-24-2015   MES Detroit 20K Position: 1st
05-17-2015   UMG California 2015 Position: 3rd

Call of Duty (Gold)

Call of Duty (Gold):
02-14-2015   UMG South Carolina 2016 Champion Tournament Position: 9-16th
02-14-2016   UMG South Carolina 2016 Open Bracket Position: 2nd
12/06-2015   2016 COD World League NA Pro Division Online Qualifying Tournament Position: 5-8th

Gears of War

2016   ESL Gears of War Pro League Season 1- 8th
2016   ESL Gears of War Pro League Season 2- 5th
07-31-2016   MLG Columbus Gears of War Open- 5th
10-23-2016   MLG Gears of War Invitational- 7th


09-04-16   2050 Chattanooga Position: 1st Place
05-08-16   HCS Pro League Summer Qualifier 2016 - Group A Position: 1st Place
04-24-16   HCS Pro League Invitational 2016 Position: 4th Place