Scuf Gaming Controllers Legal at Call of Duty Championship


Scuf Gaming has been one of the largest supporters of the Call of Duty eSports community over the last few years we see teams, players, and even events sponsored by Scuf time and time again. Scuf has been helping the community grow as their brand has grown over the years. So when the Call of Duty Championship was announced it’s no surprise that one of the first questions asked after the announcement was would Scuf Gaming controllers be allowed for use at the event?

While it has been slow getting some of the questions the community has been asking about the event answered Scuf Gaming has announced that Scuf’s will be allowed for use at the Call of Duty Championship.

This announcement is great news for those players that have been worried that they would have to stop playing with their Scuf’s and get use to a regular controller again. This news also brings the Call of Duty Championship rules closer to that of MLG and the other various leagues rules that have built this competitive community.

For those of you looking to get an edge over your competitors be sure to head over to the Scuf home page and check out their latest line of controllers and pick one up.