Scuf Gaming Signs Partnership with Optic Gaming


After a year of market analysis and testing, Optic Gaming have selected SCUF Controllers as their preferred gaming controller for 2013.

With clever features like back paddles and adjustable hair triggers, SCUF Controllers have become the Pro Gamers choice for Shooters and Sports Games.

Owner of Optic Gaming Hector Rodriguez (OpTicH3CZ) says; “As one of the Top Gaming Organizations, we desire the best equipment and try to work with the Companies who provide this! We were particularly impressed with the way Scuf Gaming have created a Professional Gaming Controller that enables Pro Gamers to play to their full potential. I have seen the Pro Gaming market evolve exponentially this last few years and I’m delighted to see a Company innovate and develop a controller for the Gamer! The SCUF controller meets the modern day demands of FPS games like Call Of Duty and Halo – we like how Scuf Gaming created a controller that allows Gamers to utilize more of their hands and customize features to suit an individuals gameplay. We understand the limitations of a normal controller when needing to control over 20 functions in gameplay – using only 2 fingers and 2 thumbs is outdated and limits the advancement of the games and their enjoyment, hence why some of my players were forced to play techniques like CLAW; which can be harmful to your hand with repetition. The paddles and trigger mechanisms that Scuf Gaming developed allow each player to choose their preferred settings for gameplay. We look forward to an exciting 2013 now that Call Of Duty is back on the MLG circuit”.

BACKGROUND:- Until the SCUF was invented in 2010, gamers could only use compromising techniques like CLAW to play with more of their hand. Using back paddles, which mimic the front buttons, Scuf Gaming have made it possible to display more dexterity is a safe, ergonomic way. Scuf Gaming also offer features such as adjustable hair triggers, trigger stops, military grade SCUF Grip and optional domed or concave sticks. SCUF Controllers are legally approved for use at most major competitions to include MLG, EGL, WGL, Reflex, UMG, ESL, etc.

Duncan Ironmonger (CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming) says; “We are delighted to add OpTic Gaming to our list of Sponsored Teams and look forward to the year ahead! Since we invented the SCUF in 2010, we made a promise to support the Pro Gaming Community as best we could and to date we sponsor many players and Teams Globally so adding a high profile organization like OpTic Gaming is a big feather in our hat!

We designed the SCUF to reduce latency in hand movement and allow experienced gamers to game for longer and use more of their hand in a safe way. We believe the paddles and adjustable hair triggers are a good thing for Console Gaming because they allow gamers to display more skill and dexterity and pull off some more exciting gameplay which will hopefully also improve audience participation.”