SCUF Gaming Partnership with GFinity


Gfinity announces a partnership with the leaders in Professional Gaming Controllers, Scuf Gaming. The partnership takes affect in time for the launch of the Gfinity Call of Duty event in London on 12th – 14th July where 8 of the world’s top Call Of Duty Pro Teams compete for a share of $55,000 including OpTic, ENVY and Prophecy.

Paul, COO Gfinity says; “Scuf Gaming was a natural fit for Gfinity because SCUF controllers are used by over 80% of the worlds top Professional Gamers and these are the controllers everyone wants to use. SCUF have become the default controller of choice for First Person Shooters. We have all been impressed by the quality and innovation Scuf Gaming bought to the Pro Gaming market through the addition of their paddles and trigger mechanisms. Scuf Gaming are a huge supporter of the Pro Gaming scene and produce the highest quality products so it is no surprise that most teams attending are using SCUF controllers. We look forward to an exciting event and a fruitful ongoing partnership.”

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming says; “We are delighted to be partnered with Gfinity and supporting such a high profile event that has attracted the best Teams from all over the World! Since developing the SCUF Controller, we have worked extremely hard to support the professional and elite gaming community and educate gamers on how to utilize more of their hand in a safe and ergonomic way to enhance their gaming experience and skill during competitive gaming. We love what we do and continually strive to improve and innovate for the Pro Gaming market. We feel privileged to be working with all the major Gaming leagues and cant wait till the upcoming Gfinity event in London!”

BACKGROUND:– Until the SCUF was invented in 2010, gamers could only use compromising techniques like CLAW to play with more of their hand. Using back paddles, which mimic the front buttons, Scuf Gaming has made it possible to display more dexterity is a safe, ergonomic way. We understand the limitations of a normal controller for Pro -gamers who need to control over 20 functions in gameplay and using only 2 fingers and 2 thumbs is limiting at the Top level – one size can not fit all for the Elite 10%. It can restrict the advancement of play, the games and their enjoyment, hence why some Pro-players were forced to use techniques like CLAW; which can be very harmful to your hand with repetition. The paddles and trigger mechanisms that Scuf Gaming developed and patented allow each player to choose their preferred settings for gameplay and become the best gamer they can be.

SCUF controllers have become very well known in the Pro Gaming Community, especially after the most recent event, COD Championships in Los Angeles where 126 of the 128 Pro-players competing were using a SCUF Controller.