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Grand Theft Auto: Heisting With Your SCUF

Credited by many as bringing the open world game to the mainstream console market, the Grand Theft Auto series has a history that is as influential as it is adrenalin-pumping. Drive, con, and shoot your way through the likes of Los Santos, San Andreas, and Liberty City in this high stakes action-adventure franchise.

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Paddle configuration: Beyond its memorable characters and incredible city designs, one of the most memorable aspects of the GTA franchise is the transition from high-speed racing to blistering action sequences. With the use of our SCUF Paddle technology, you can customize the face buttons for easier access, allowing you to adjust from a 150 MPH chase to an automatic firefight with perfect ease.

Triggers: Our adjustable SCUF Trigger system allows you to find the ultimate “sweet spot” when you’re aiming down the sights at a mark. Take a second to get acquainted, and find out exactly the right feel for you.

Thumbsticks: Just like in Vice City, not all hands are created equal. Use our interchangeable thumbsticks with their various lengths and contours to customize your controller perfectly to your hand.

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