Forza: Shifting Into Gear With Your SCUF

At the forefront of competitive racing games since its inception 2005, the Forza series lets players compete with the most engrossing and realistic high-performance vehicles of all time.

With its lightning fast playstyle and stunning visuals, it’s no wonder the Forza series has garnered plenty of eSports and competitive speculation. After success with leagues like ESL, Microsoft and developer Turn 10 have announced an official company-run league, and we can’t wait to see the results!

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Paddle configuration: By mapping the face buttons of your controller to our patented SCUF Paddles, you put yourself that much closer to being in the driver’s seat of your favorite racer. Up and down shift with pinpoint precision, moving with a speed that will make your opponent’s head spin.

Thumbsticks: Just like you’d adjust your seat and steering wheel, SCUF knows it’s important to adjust your sticks. With our domed and concave thumbsticks in three various lengths, finding exactly the right size for your hands

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