DOOM: Fighting like hell with your SCUF

Based on one of the most influential and controversial First Person Shooters of all time, DOOM is a non-stop slaughterhouse of good ole fashioned demon killing! Fight your way from Mars to Hell and back again!

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Paddle configuration: A one-man war against hell’s finest is a never-ending speed trap. You’ve got to run, jump, double jump, all while crushing heads and wasting shells in a kaleidoscope of explosions and gore. And when everything around you wants you dead, you need every moment you can spare to fight back. The natural placement of our SCUF Paddles means that you can crouch, jump, and chainsaw your way through hordes of demons with unprecedented speed.

Triggers: A trigger-happy Doomguy is a living Doomguy. So with that in mind, our adjustable hair triggers can help you find exactly the right squeeze to make sure you’re firing off more rounds than you’ll ever need to.

Thumbsticks: With various sizes to choose from, the control and precision that a player gets from the high quality thumbsticks on a SCUF are absolutely unbeatable. And with the patented Ring and Lock system, there has never been a more economically friendly way to replace worn sticks that are in need of retirement.

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