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3 November 2017

Call of Duty: WWII is here, and the buzz surrounding this latest incarnation of CoD has been enormous.

After several years of advanced mechanics like wall riding, double jumps, and dashes, CoD has finally returned to a classic boots on the ground style. With that comes a completely different method of gameplay. But TeamSCUF is staffed with some of CoD’s biggest fans who have advice on how to configure your SCUF custom controller in a world without jetpacks. So whether you’re playing the campaign, running from zombies, or fighting your way to prestige, this guide will help you get the most out of your SCUF.

Easily the most important feature on any SCUF controller. The ability to keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks while using your face buttons provides an advantage that can’t be matched by anyone without a SCUF.

  • Dropshots: This is one of the most important and useful actions in a boots on the ground Call of Duty game. The dropshot is the act of quickly dropping into a prone position while taking your shot, causing your enemy to lose their aim when they try to shoot back. This is particularly useful for holding down lanes, where crouching is the only way you can stay behind cover. To take full advantage of a lightning-fast drop shot, make sure to map one of your right paddles to crouch.
  • Jumpshots: Another essential move in the CoD world, the jumpshot is used primarily to snipe opponents who have hidden behind cover. Jumping in general is extremely important during gunfights, with any movement at all effectively making you a harder target to hit. Mapping a left paddle to jump is a must have.
  • Melee: Melee became a less viable option in recent iterations of Call of Duty games, but with the reintroduction of boots on the ground, melee attacks are useful once again. With the bayonet, it only takes one hit to bring your opponent down with melee, and that makes a huge difference when you find someone right on top of you. Map one of your right paddles to the melee button to make the most of your weapon.


Trigger Stops and Hair Triggers
CoD: WWII ensures that single-shot weapons have a stronger presence in multiplayer. In fact, with the number of sniper rifles and other single-shot guns available, the reactivity and reaction time of your triggers is more important than ever. With non-automatic weapons, the quicker you can pull the trigger, the quicker you can send some lead flying. This is crucial when it comes to rifles like the M1 Garand.
The patented Trigger Stop System available with SCUF’s competitive custom controllers reduces unnecessary trigger movement past the activation point. Combine that with SCUF’s hair trigger system, and your triggers will be fine-tuned to the point that firing is a one tap process which eliminates unnecessary latency. This works for both triggers, ensuring that latency issues are removed for aiming, as well.

Grip: CoD: WWII might be one of the most talked-about games in the Call of Duty franchise, so it’s no surprise that gamers will want to take advantage of every minute available as they work their way up the competitive ladder.
It’s during those marathon gaming sessions that the comfort of a controller matters the most. The military-grade SCUF Grip is an excellent way to keep control and block sweat, however long you’ve been playing. Combine that with the soft touch finish of many of SCUF’s shell designs, and you’ve got the perfect combination of comfort and control.

Thumbsticks: If the goal of SCUF’s patented paddles is to keep your thumbs on the thumbsticks, you’d better believe that the thumbsticks themselves are customized to make the most of your movement and aiming. With the variety of sizes and shapes that SCUF’s thumbsticks come in, there are plenty of options. But for the configuration of a multiplayer FPS like CoD benefits from a specific setup.

  • Aim: When it comes to the right stick and aiming, the most popular choice tends to be domed. Designed with the rolling of a thumb in mind, the dome shaped thumbstick allows for increased precision when it comes to hitting your target. Mathematically speaking, the longer the thumbstick, the more angles you can play with. For that reason, SCUF recommends tall sticks, though regular sized can work better for people with smaller hands.

Movement: The concave thumbstick is ideal for keeping the thumb dug in and steady, making it perfect for the left thumbstick. Because movement requires less accuracy than aiming, a shorter thumbstick will give the player the quick moves that they need to run and dodge without becoming an easy target.

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