Release of the OpTicCraft SCUF Hybrid

Opticcraft header wood grain


PRESS RELEASE  11/7/2013: Following popular demand, Scuf Gaming release the LIMITED EDITION “OpTicCRAFT SCUF” which has already seen huge exposure following a early preview tweeted by OpTic Nadeshot a few weeks ago.

With the massive fan base in MineCraft, the OpTicCRAFT is sure to be a hit with gamers from all genres. SCUF Gaming wanted to bring you a fun controller like nothing you have seen. The OpTicCRAFT is a white carbon fiber shell with an 8-bit version of Hector “H3CZ” from OpTic Gaming on the left side. It comes with the OpTic Gaming logo on the home button and OpTicCRAFT on the back paddles.

OpTic H3CZ says “The Minecraft community on our OpTicCraft Server has been growing extensively and we are delighted to have such loyal followers. We were very excited to see the prototype and really like how Scuf Gaming captured the theme of Minecraft and OpticCraft. We think the community will love this Limited Edition OpTicCraft SCUF” The SCUF OpticCraft is available to purchase on the website immediately.