Release of the new SCUF Hybrid for Xbox360

PRESS RELEASE 2nd July 2013: Scuf Gaming continues its tradition of innovation with the release of the “SCUF Hybrid” for the Xbox 360 and news of SCUF features for next generation Consoles!

After a thrilling E3 & successful MLG Anaheim, Scuf Gaming are delighted to bring 2 announcements we know will excite the Console Gaming World:

1.) Release of the new SCUF Hybrid for Xbox360 – “THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS”

The SCUF HYBRID combines the familiarity of the XBOX controller with a completely re-engineered SCUF back that locks the hands in place by offering the best shape for paddle usage in either wired or wireless variations! One touch fully remappable paddles for on the fly customization with a new virtually indestructible 2, 3 or 4 paddle design! A Lithium Ion battery has made the wireless version lighter and more versatile while offering days of gameplay on a single charge. The SCUF back also improves the overall durability with higher grade materials, paddle housings, and hair trigger guards. The HYBRID is designed to dramatically improve all aspects of your gameplay and enable you to become the best gamer you can be!

The ‘SCUF Hybrid’ is designed to surpass any experience possible with an Xbox or existing SCUF controller through the customizable new SCUF Back! While we are very excited about the new Xbox One, Scuf Gaming shares the prediction of Microsoft that sales of the Xbox360 will continue well into 2015 with estimates of over 20 million Xbox 360s being sold in the next 2 years [ ]. The Xbox 360 is proven and tested with over 80 million units sold to date and we wanted to offer gamers new SCUF innovation and improvements without waiting for the new consoles. The Xbox360 is far from dead and we wanted to support the community with an Elite Gamers version of the SCUF Controller. We have been working on the SCUF Hybrid since early 2012 to provide that perfect personalized experience for Pro and Elite Gamers. We believe we have created a controller that will support gamers for Xbox 360 well into 2015 using the best of SCUF and Xbox.

2.) Scuf Gaming is excited to announce that SCUF Controller features are being developed and will be available for the next generation of consoles; SCUF Xbox One and SCUF PS4 and are likely to be released in early to mid 2014.


Scuf Gaming are committed to supporting the Gaming Community with competition legal enhancements that enable gamers to use more of there hand in an ergonomic and safe way, helping avoid hand injuries through reduced hand movement and negating the need to use awkward techniques like CLAW to gain that competitive edge. Through the addition of our design protected Paddles and Patent protected Trigger mechanisms, SCUF controllers have become the default controller for Pro and Elite Gamers in First Person Shooters and Sports Games. Since inventing the SCUF Controller in 2010, we have been committed to educating the Core Gaming community on how to use more of their hand to increase the dexterity and excitement while gaming. The First Person Shooter market has become hooked on SCUF controllers and we plan to do all we can to continue our evolution to provide specialized pro gaming products well into the future.

For more information visit our Hybrid product page