Player Profile Mini Series: Jordan “JKap” Kaplan

We’re prepping for CoD XP by asking the pros a series of questions. Get to know your favorite Pro Player just a little bit more with our Player Profile Mini Series. Today, we’re featuring JKap from Team EnVyUs
Real Name: Jordan Kaplan
Gamer Tag: JKap
Current Team: EnVyUs
Hometown: Marlton, NJ
How long have you been gaming? Gaming since about 2000 (Mario and sports games), competitive gaming since late 2008
If you could be any video game character who would you be? IDK which character I’d be
What’s your favorite childhood game? Super Mario 64
What’s the last TV show that you binge watched? Sons of Anarchy
What is your Guilty Pleasure? Can’t think of a good guilty please atm
Who is your Celebrity Crush? Selena Gomez
Favorite Comfort Food? Ice Cream
What’s one of your biggest pet peeves? Not sure if it’s my biggest, but a pet peeve is when people spell “definitely” as “defiantly” (Which I swear happens way more than it should)
Do you have any weird phobias? N/A
Do you have any weird habits? N/A
Fun Fact? N/A