The SCUF Destiny Game Guide

Blurring the lines between the MMO, RPG and FPS, Bungie’s Destiny sends you through an elaborate space opera to save humanity from ruthless alien forces that want to see us extinct.

In this game guide, we’ll be showing you how to get the most out of your SCUF controller when playing in the massive online world of Destiny.


Paddle configuration:

There is always a reason to keep an eye over your shoulder in the world of Destiny. Your foes aren’t above getting in a shot when you’re trying to loot ammo crates or even when you’re reviving a teammate.

For maximum efficiency, set your controller configuration to Puppeteer and map your left paddle to Square (for the PS4) or X (for the Xbox One). This setup will allow you to revive teammates or loot crates while keeping your thumb on the thumbstick: letting you keep aiming to avoid an enemy who’s trying to get the drop on you!

In addition, map your right paddle to X (for the PS4) or A (for the Xbox One). Jumping and aiming in Destiny can be quite difficult, but players who make use of abilities like Icarus will be very happy to have the ability to do both at once.

Trigger Stops:

Single fire weapons only shoot as quickly as you can pull the trigger, and that’s where SCUF’s trigger stops come in. By activating these stops, a Guardian can put down more fire in a shorter amount of time, making that Scout Rifle even more deadly. And if you’re looking to hop on your Sparrow and cruise to the next zone, turning off your trigger stops takes seconds, and doesn’t require a game restart.


Thumbstick preference is a personal choice when compared to SCUF’s other customizable features. However, TeamSCUF prefers using regular concave thumbsticks for the ability to really dig in our thumbs when running and gunning. This is particularly effective in extended game sessions, where you’re more likely to lose that grip over time.

Destiny is one of the biggest games in the galaxy, and with Destiny 2 on the horizon, we hope to see every Guardian in TeamSCUF gearing up to take down that Wizard from the Moon.

Let us know what configuration has worked best for you! Follow SCUF on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what you think.

The SCUF CWL Sheffield 2017 Recap!

It was a weekend to remember as some of Europe’s finest Call of Duty players met up in Sheffield to prove who was the best on their side of the pond! After a 3rd place win at Anaheim last week, the general consensus was that Epsilon was the favorite to win, and they did not disappoint. One stunning victory after another, Epsilon brought all their aggression to the grand final, taking down Red Reserve in a 3-0 finish that came down to the final few seconds of an Uplink match.

With this victory fresh in their mind, it’s become clear that Epsilon is ready for the opportunity to prove themselves stateside. With Splyce also making their name known this season, it’s clear that the CoD Championship is going to have more than just American teams set to make a splash.

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SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Dylan “Theory” McGee

This week’s profile takes a look at Team Kaliber’s Dylan ‘Theory’ McGee.



Theory is one of the few pros that didn’t take long to reach the dizzying heights at the top of the scene. He kicked off the Black Ops 2 season in considerable fashion and almost immediately after finding his way onto the vVv roster, had landed 3rd place at MLG Winter Championship and a top 8 finish at the 2013 Call of Duty Championships.

From there, Theory linked up with the newly formed Team Kaliber where he has spent the vast, vast majority of his Call of Duty career, minus a few brief cameos for other established outfits.

Current Team

While no one would claim that the current iteration of Team Kaliber is the best ever, there’s certainly some potential in the ranks. Having gone into hiding after a bizarre and unfortunate series of events largely contributed to the team unfortunately missing out on last year’s CWL Stage Two, Team Kaliber returned at the eleventh hour of Black Ops 3 to make a notable cameo and snatch top 12 at last year’s Championships.

Heading into the new year and many believed that Team Kaliber would have a launch pad with which to start their new era. Unfortunately, after a decent start where the team achieved top 16, tK’s ambitions have been somewhat thwarted by having begin each Major tournament in the Open Bracket.

Despite tough runs at almost every subsequent event post Vegas, Team Kaliber have continually been knocking on the door but have fallen just short. In Paris the team had two opportunities to break into the Championship Bracket but were defeated in each instance. In both Dallas and Atlanta, Team Kaliber did reach the latter stages but were eliminated by European opposition – Supremacy and Fnatic respectively.

This has all added up to a frustrating season for a team packed with genuine potential. Having just missed out on a spot in Stage One Relegation, the team will look ahead to Anaheim where they’ll make their debut appearance since switching ColeChan for Accuracy.

On current form at least, Theory and Team Kaliber are very much on course to snatch up a place at this year’s Championships, where they’ll look to show the scene what they’re really made of on the biggest stage.


Career Highlight

While Theory has moved about occasionally, he’s largely been a Team Kaliber player over the course of his playing career. His sustained quality has led Theory to be an ever-present at Call of Duty Championship events over the years, achieving top 8 on two occasions along the way.

Arguably though his career highlight was during the latter stages of Black Ops 2 and the earlier stages of Call of Duty Ghosts. It was during this period that Team Kaliber were at their pinnacle and had it not been for the incredible quality of compLexity – a team whose dominance hasn’t since been matched – Theory would likely have won at least one Major title.

Unfortunately, playing in the era of the most dominant team ever left Theory empty handed on the Major title front; he did however win a Minor offline competition in the form of AEL Dallas 2014 upon return to Team Kaliber after a hiatus with FaZe.

At their peak, Team Kaliber earned second place finishes at the MLG Fall Championship 2013, UMG Philadelphia 2013 and a top 3 finish at Gfinity 2. Had Theory not made the move to FaZe Clan when he did, arguably he could have been a catalyst to finally land a first-place finish for Team Kaliber as compLexity started to run out of steam. Coincidentally, by the time Theory did return, Team Kaliber themselves had gone somewhat off the boil and finished the season empty handed anyway.



Theory has long been associated with being an objective player. While he leans towards a more aggressive style of play, his understanding of the fundamentals is what has led him to being a top player for many years and has kept his stock high for such a prolonged period of his career.

His cool and collected demeanor translates to both inside and outside of Call of Duty, helping his team keep a level headedness at important moments in time. Fundamentally, Theory is better suited to boots on the ground Call of Duty, as his career statistics show. Despite still enjoying success during the ‘jetpack era,’ look out for Theory to have a big year when CoD returns to boots on the ground action later in 2017.


Public Persona

Theory has never been a particularly outspoken pro and tends to remain reserved and professional regardless of the situation. On Twitter Theory has amassed almost 60K followers, but has largely shunned the limelight, despite opportunities to boost his own profile.

As a former member of the Team Kaliber house, Theory regularly appeared in videos with housemates including Sharp and Kosdff, but never used the opportunity to launch his own YouTube channel with regular content. Theory is an occasional streamer but that’s where his content production ends. Theory, unlike many of his counterparts, is a dedicated player first and foremost.

Learn More About Theory In His Own Words With SCUF Living Esports

The SCUF MLG Anaheim 2017 Wrapup!

The final Call of Duty World League open event has ended. Over the weekend, 113 teams fought it out, with Luminosity Gaming emerging triumphant at MLG Anaheim after a 3-1 win in the grand final against Splyce. There were many standout moments from Epsilon, Evil Geniuses, and Enigma6, and we are sure that the remainder of this year’s Call of Duty season will be full of surprises, upsets and high-octane competition.

Scuf Gaming was there for all the action in Anaheim, and the SCUF Booth was set up and ready to go the moment the doors opened on Friday. Between the MLG Anaheim Giveaway, all the battles onstage, and the autograph sessions with teams like OpTic, FaZe, EnVyUs, eUnited, and Luminosity, there was no limit of excitement. Now, we are hyped and geared up for these final months of competition before the CoD World Championship in August!

IMG_3688 IMG_3692 IMG_3701 IMG_3704 IMG_3706 IMG_3732 IMG_3733 IMG_3735 IMG_3740 IMG_3741 IMG_3744 IMG_3747 IMG_3765 IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3775 IMG_3777 IMG_3787 IMG_3790 IMG_3796 IMG_3804 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3810

The SCUF MLG Anaheim Giveaway!

This weekend marks one of the most exciting events in the year of esports: MLG Anaheim! Scuf Gaming will be in California to get a look at all the biggest moments, glorious wins, and crushing defeats. If you’re in town for the event, be sure to visit the SCUF Booth for a hands-on look at tons of new SCUF merchandise, including the new SCUF IMPACT.

But even if you can’t make it, that shouldn’t stop you from entering the SCUF MLG Anaheim Giveaway! One lucky winner will walk away with a $250 SCUF Gift Card, a SCUF Jersey, and a ton of MLG swag! There are plenty of ways to enter, and using every one of them will maximize your chances to win.


Scuf Gaming #MLGAnaheim Giveaway!

Ready to check out all the Call of Duty spectacle you can handle? Be sure to head over to to be a part of the action!

What Do The Pros Think Of Call Of Duty: WWII?

E3 2017 was full of hints about the future of gaming. TeamSCUF were glued to the screen whenever more information about Call of Duty: WWII was announced. Sony and Sledgehammer Games gave everyone a chance look at November’s most anticipated shooter, and the reactions were very positive. And based on the reactions we saw on Twitter, some of the best pro gamers in the world are just as excited as the general public.

The overall theme was one of anticipation of the gameplay, the multiplayer, and of course: the “boots on the ground”.

In the meantime, many pros were just plain excited:

Some players expressed their belief that next year was going to be one to remember:

While others were a little more cautious about all the excitement:

But TeamSCUF’s feelings on the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII are perfectly summed up by The King himself:

What do you think about Call of Duty’s upcoming release? Are you looking forward to boots on the ground, or will you miss the warm hum of your combat rig? Follow SCUF on Twitter and let us know!

SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Jordan “JKap” Kaplan

This week’s profile focuses on one of the most successful, skilled, and versatile players Call of Duty has ever seen – Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan.



JKap’s break into elite-level Call of Duty came on Modern Warfare 2, a game on which he would be considered arguably the best in the world. In the era of Major League Gaming’s Pro Circuit Ladders, which made up the majority of the season, JKap played for the already legendary Xtravagant, alongside Raymond ‘Rambo’ Lussier and Will ‘BigTymer’ Johnson.

The squad had a marginally disappointing end to the season, only managing a third-place finish at the MLG National Championships in 2010, an event they’d set their sights on winning. As Modern Warfare 2 wrapped up they went their separate ways, but through a series of roster changes the team would ultimately find itself more or less reformed under OpTic Gaming, with Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca joining the former Xtravagant trio.

Now representing the Green Wall, JKap would help take the team to their greatest heights yet, a dominant force throughout a season in which JKap himself was named the greatest player in the world, for a second consecutive year in the eyes of many, even eclipsing the prodigal talent of his future team-mate Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

Having taken a year away during the turbulent Modern Warfare 3 season, JKap returned to competition as part of Team EnVyUs in Black Ops 2, the organisation he would become in many ways intrinsically linked to over the course of his career from then on.

Current team

JKap has played for Team EnVyUs since the second half of Advanced Warfare, making this stint with the team his longest, just a few months shy of three years. Over that period he’s been part of various iterations of the roster, but the current squad are the reigning Call of Duty World Champions, having earned the title at the end of Black Ops 3.

Over the course of the organisation’s history, JKap has played a role in many of EnVy’s greatest achievements, from their appearance in the Black Ops 2 Call of Duty Championship finals, to their ascendance at the end of Ghosts, to the rise that lead to a Call of Duty Championship title at the end of Black Ops 3.

As a result, JKap has become almost synonymous with EnVyUs. While several star players have come and gone over the years, and JKap has himself parted on several occasions, when you think of EnVyUs in Call of Duty it’s hard to ignore JKap’s presence.


Greatest achievement

Very few players are as accomplished in Call of Duty as JKap – in fact, he currently stands as the most successful player of all time in terms of prize money earned. That title is born primarily of another accolade that he shares with just one other player – JKap has won the Call of Duty Championships twice.

Both follow a surprisingly similar narrative. JKap’s squads – Denial in Advanced Warfare and EnVyUs in Black Ops 3 – had established themselves at the top of the food chain, but still under the shadow of OpTic Gaming in the minds of most spectators.

Both times, come the most important event of the year, they matched up against OpTic Gaming in the very first round of the play-offs, and both times they pulled off a victory to progress, playing a major role in denying OpTic the championship they most crave. On both occasions they went on to play a surprise underdog in the grand finals, and both times emerged victorious.



One of the aspects of JKap as a player that’s most remarkable is the change his playing style has undergone over the course of his career.

Through Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, JKap was a superstar. Supremely skilled, he dominated with an Assault Rifle in a fashion that made him universally hailed as one of if not the best player in the world on both titles. At his individual peak, JKap hit a level that only an exceptional few will ever reach.

Over the years, however, JKap hasn’t remained the greatest in the world on an individual level – holding onto such a title for so long is approaching the impossible, especially as new players come up, the level of competition rises, and the games themselves change in fairly significant ways.

JKap’s genius, instead, has shown in his ability to adapt. Though he may no longer be capable of dominating through sheer skill, he’s become an integral part of his teams in other ways. Nowadays, he’s a much more supportive player, stepping aside for other stars on his squads and instead filling the gaps to allow them to shine.

It’s meant that rather than slipping from the top, unable to keep pace in a role that’s relies on him taking over games, his position among the elite is arguably stronger than ever before, and he’s in some ways become even more successful thanks to his willingness to do whatever is necessary to win – even if that means a little less personal glory.


Public persona

As a result of the many years he’s spent at the highest level of Call of Duty, it’s inevitable that JKap has become one of the more prominent figures in the game. However, despite the spotlight he could quite easily occupy, JKap is generally among the more reserved players in terms of his public demeanour.

That isn’t to say that JKap is camera-shy; in fact, he recently appeared alongside three other professional players on other games as a member of a fictional esports team in an episode of ‘Elementary’, a US-based TV adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. JKap also streams to nearly 100,000 followers on Twitch, and has in the past developed a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers.

Learn about this champion’s motivation from the man himself with Living Esports!

Paddles and Poker Chips: SCUF Visits Super High Roller Bowl 2017

It was a week of cards, millions of dollars, and heartbreak, but the Super High Roller Bowl 2017 has drawn to a conclusion with the triumph of Christoph Vogelsang. With his victory, he places himself as the second highest poker winnings earner in Germany, behind only fellow German Fedor Holz.

It was Scuf Gaming’s first poker tournament, and TeamSCUF took pride in the nerves of steel displayed by our affiliates, that includes Holz, Rainer Kempe, Steffen Sontheimer, Christian Christner, and Koray Aldemir: all of whom use games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, and FIFA to relax and even sharpen their skills on the poker table. From the very beginning, this high-stakes tournament was clearly going to be one for the books, with the inclusion of many legendary poker players, and even a wild card in the form of comedian Kevin Hart.

Ultimately, TeamSCUF’s players didn’t make it to the final table, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless, and we were happy to offer fully customized SCUF IMPACTs to each of our affiliates to keep them playing at their best, whether they’re at the table or on the battlefield!

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SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Jordan “Reedy” Reed

This week’s profile takes a look at Elevate’s Jordan ‘Reedy’ Reed.



As with many of Europe’s prominent players, Reedy made his start on the domestic circuit, rising from the proving grounds of EGL events.

Reedy’s first big results came towards the end of Call of Duty: Ghosts, when he found himself competing alongside Rhys ‘Rated’ Price, a player who would feature on several of Reedy’s squads over the years, as part of Exertus. The team would reach the final of EGL 13, an important milestone in Reedy establishing himself among Europe’s elite.

Over the course of Advanced Warfare, Reedy solidified his position among the upper echelons, playing alongside the established elite and appearing in several finals over the course of the season, also picking up his first event wins with Epsilon. Since then, he’s remained on Europe’s premier teams, competing in every season of the Call of Duty World League as well as attending his first Call of Duty Championship during Black Ops 3.

Current team

For Infinite Warfare, Reedy has represented Elevate, who acquired Reedy’s European roster following the release of their North American squad from the previous title.

The team got off to a promising start, attending the CWL Vegas Open and making their way into pool play from the open bracket. The team ultimately finish top-12, eliminated by the formidable OpTic Gaming. It was a solid starting point, from which Elevate were able to qualify for the all-important Global Pro League, notably picking up a third-place finish at the CWL London Invitational along the way.

Coming in, however, the team were largely overlooked, with expectations for the squad lowered further by their openness about a lack of team practice prior to their group stage.

Despite this, the Elevate squad performed well in Group Green, putting on a solid showing against OpTic Gaming in spite of their ultimate defeat on both occasions. In the end, the squad were able to finish third, taking down fellow Europeans Red Reserve to secure a spot in Stage 2, a pool play position at the upcoming CWL Anaheim and a guaranteed place at this year’s Call of Duty Championships.


Career highlight

While Reedy has found plenty of success over the course of his career to date, in many ways he’s still searching for that one big win. Where several of his former team mates have collected that major title or carried the torch for Europe at international events, somehow things have never quite fallen into place for that single, defining moment for Reedy.

There is, however, a kind of quieter distinction achieved by Reedy, the kind that comes from the pursuit of excellence itself, the unrelenting drive towards success. Reedy may at times be overlooked for lacking that marquee win, but he has been a constant presence at the elite end of Call of Duty for several years now, and his efforts having taken him to finals and trophies, as well as playing a part in forcing his contemporaries to elevate their own game.



Reedy has come under his fair share of criticism at times for his performance in-game, but there’s a reason he remains near the top of European Call of Duty. While he’s rarely the flashiest player, or the one at the top of the score-board, that’s not the role he needs to play to ensure success.

Not everybody can be the most prolific slayer in the game, there simply aren’t enough kills to go around. Some players shine in this role, but in order for them to do so they need space, support, and team mates who are willing to sacrifice their own stat line for the success of the team. They need players like Reedy.


Public Persona

Reedy has long been one of the more outspoken professional players, not just in Europe but in the world. Where it can be easier and in some senses more profitable to take the path of least resistance and focus on building popularity, Reedy has never been afraid of speaking his mind.

It may not be a route to becoming the best-loved player in the world, but if there’s one thing that can be said for Reedy it’s that you know what you’re getting. He’s not frequently caught holding back when he has an opinion, and while that can make him a controversial figure at times, brutal honesty – particularly in combination with Reedy’s naturally opinionated manner – can offer a fresh take where others are often content to comply with the status quo.


Scuf Gaming Sponsors the World’s Top Poker Players in the Super High Roller Bowl airing on NBC in Las Vegas, the World Championship of High Stakes Poker

super high roller poker bowl scuf gaming controllersATLANTA, GA – May 26, 2017 – Scuf Gaming, global leader and innovator in video gaming controllers, announces its partnership with the top five German poker players attending the Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas, including Fedor Holz, one of the world’s top poker players and currently 7th in the world for all time money list, Rainer Kempe, winner of last year’s Super High Roller Bowl, and top players Steffen Sontheimer, Christian Christner, and Koray Aldemir. The five German players will all wear the SCUF logo during the tournament, taking place at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, May 28 – June 1. The Super High Roller Bowl is considered the world championship of high stakes poker where the world’s top players compete for a prize pool of $16.8 million and the winner walks away with $6 million as well as the coveted Super High Roller Bowl championship ring. Bringing some celebrity star power to this year’s event, world renowned actor and comedian Kevin Hart rounds out the 56-player field.

Fedor Holz, Professional Poker Player and Co-Founder of Primed Mind said, “In my downtime, I love to play Call of Duty, Overwatch and FIFA to cool down and take a mental break from poker tournaments. With my competitive nature, I love focusing on being the best so playing with the best equipment is essential – SCUF has, by far, the best controllers! It’s a natural fit for me, Rainer, Steffen, Christian and Koray as we love to play video games together and we’re thrilled to have SCUF on board for the Super High Roller Bowl.”

After last year’s Super High Roller Bowl, Fedor sought a new challenge and decided to create the mindset coaching app, Primed Mind. The Primed Mind app uses the the same mental coaching techniques that his mental coach, Elliot Roe, has used to train Olympic Athletes, Esports Pros, High Stakes Poker Players, UFC Champions and Business Executives. Fedor shot to the top of the poker world in a matter of a few years and, to date, has amassed over $20 million in career earnings. Fedor credits much of his success to mental coaching, building confidence and becoming a better athlete while unlocking mental, physical and emotional strengths.

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of Scuf Gaming has a similar outlook to science and focus when it comes to being the best. “We call the science behind competitive gaming SCUFOLOGY, connecting the brain, hand and eye with our intelligent controller. Our DNA is centered around designing gaming peripherals that increase hand use while improving comfort and gameplay in a safe, intuitive and ergonomic way. SCUF believes the power of the tools professional athletes use is key to their success.”

super high roller poker bowl scuf gaming fedor Holz“We’re delighted to support Fedor, Rainer, Steffen, Christian and Koray in the Super High Roller Bowl. With over 90% of professional esports gamers in the world using a SCUF controller, we have a long history of supporting professional athletes with the best competitive gaming equipment to support their runs to victory. We’re looking forward to watching the guys compete at their highest level during this year’s Super High Roller Bowl,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Founder of Scuf Gaming.

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