Instructions for SCUF Hybrid Controllers


Setting Up Your SCUF Hybrid

1. (A) For wired controller: Insert USB into console.
2. (B) For wireless controller: Sync controller to console.
3. Turn on your gaming console and start a game of your choice.

SCUF Hybrid controller outlines

Adjusting the Trigger Mechanism

1. Insert the SCUF-key (included in box) as shown in Figure 3.
2. Rotate the SCUF-key in order to adjust the trigger pull resistance.

*Rotating clockwise will reduce resistance, while rotating counter-clockwise will increase resistance.


Remapping Your SCUF Hybrid Controller

*Re-mappable paddles are an optional feature


1. Press remapping button and hold it down.


2. Press the button you want to assign and hold it down.


3. Press the paddle you want to assign and release all.

Need additional information?

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