Instructions for SCUF Infinity4PS Series Controllers

To set up your SCUF Infinity4PS Series Controller

First turn on your gaming console, then sync controller to console. Start a game of your choice.

Controller features can include

Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area
Infinity 4PS Ring and Lock System
Quick Shift Trigger Stop
Variable Length Trigger Extenders
Military Grade Grips in Multi-Colors
2 Removable Infinity4PS PRO Paddles
EMR (Electro-Magnetic Remapping)
Removable Control Disc
Custom Button and Trim Kits
SCUF 0.9mm Hex Key
Weight Reduction *
Competition Approved **
Patented Features

* Weight reduction achieved by removing controller rumble pack.
** SCUF controllers are legally approved for use at most major competitions to include MLG, ESL, UMG, Gfinity, EGL and ESWC.
Patent information:


SCUF Infinity4PS Series Paddle Removal and Replacement

SCUF Infinity4PS PRO

SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Paddle Removal and Replacement

Step 1  Lift up slightly on the bottom of the paddle to be removed.
Step 2 Push the paddle upwards, and twist slightly out toward the closest handle to remove the paddle.
Step 3 To replace a paddle, twist the paddle into the paddle cavity from the top. Then slide to secure into place. You will hear a click when the paddle is secured in place.

SCUF Infinity4PS

SCUF Infinity4PS Paddle Removal and Replacement

Step 1  Using the 1.5mm SCUF Key, remove the retaining screws on the left paddle by rotating the SCUF key counter-clockwise. Turning the screw clockwise may result in stripping the thread from the screw hole.
Step 2  Remove the left paddle from the controller.
Step 3  Fit the new left paddle as indicated by the image and loosely fit the retaining screws.
Step 4 Gently tighten the retaining screws clockwise making sure that the paddle is fitted on to the back of the controller. The screws are fitted correctly when they fully locate in to the screw recess and there is a very slight increase in the screw resistance. Do not use an electric screwdriver or attempt to over tighten screws as this may cause the screw to strip the thread.
Step 5 Repeat for right paddle

Interchangeable Thumbstick Control Area


Step 1 Place the SCUF Infinity Lock over the Infinity Ring and Thumbstick on the controller. Line up the notches on the lock with the grooves on the ring. The notches on the bottom of the lock will insert into the grooves of the ring.


Step 2 When the lock and ring are lined up, turn the lock counter clockwise until movement stops. Pull straight up on the thumbstick to remove both the ring and the thumbstick at the same time.


Step 3 Once the ring and thumbstick have been removed from the controller, replace with a new thumbstick of your choice. When placing a new thumbstick into your controller, be sure to line up the thumbstick on the thumbstick shaft to ensure correct placement. The thumbstick will lock into place on the controller.


Step 4 Use your lock to secure the ring in place by turning the lock clockwise until movement stops.

SCUF Trigger Extenders


Step 1 To replace the trigger cover, use your opening tool (included) to apply pressure under the attached trigger cover and push up.


Step 2 Once the cover has unclipped from the trigger, push down on the quick shift trigger stop and remove the cover.


Step 3 To replace the trigger cover, push the trigger down on the quick shift trigger stops and snap the top part of the cover on. Tilt the cover down to snap on to the trigger.

SCUF Adjustable Hair Trigger


Step 1 Remove the short trigger cover or trigger extender to adjust the adjustable hair trigger mechanism.

Step 2 Insert the 0.9mm SCUF key into the adjustable screw on the top of the adjustable hair trigger mechanism (see diagram/photo)

Step 3 With trigger stops off turn the 0.9mm SCUF key two full clockwise turns to tighten and activate the adjustable hair trigger.

Note: It is recommended to adjust the hair triggers in game to adjust to preference. Tighten the adjustable hair trigger in game until the weapon fires, then loosen slightly to playing preference.

Step 4 To turn the adjustable hair trigger off, Insert the 0.9mm SCUF key into the adjustable screw on the top of the  trigger mechanism and turn counterclockwise until the top of the screw is flush against the top of the trigger mechanism.

SCUF Quick Shift Trigger Stop


Step 1 Insert the 0.9mm SCUF Key into the Quick Shift Trigger Stop on the trigger mechanism (see photo)

Step 2 Turn the 0.9mm SCUF Key 180° to either the left or right in order to turn on the Quick Shift Trigger Stop.

Step 3 To turn off the Quick Shift Trigger Stop, Insert the 0.9mm SCUF Key into the trigger mechanism and turn 180° to either the left or right.

EMR - Electro Magnetic Remapping

SCUF EMR - Electro Magnetic Remapping

Step 1 Turn on the game console and your SCUF controller
Step 2 Place the EMR Mag Key on the back of the controller (as indicated) so the magnet symbol latches onto the controller
Step 3 Press and hold the paddle that you wish to remap a function
Step 4 Press and hold the function (Χ, Ο, ∆, □, L DPAD, R DPAD, Left Thumbstick down, Right Thumbstick down) that you would like to map to a paddle
Step 5 Release the function
Step 6 Release the paddle
Step 7 Remove the EMR Mag Key and place it at least 5cm away from the back of the controller to prevent the SCUF controller from accidentally entering remapping mode.

Note: This is an optional feature available if selected at time of purchase. Visit for a list of functions available for remap