(EN) Instructions – EMR | Electro Magnetic Remapping

Instructions for SCUF EMR: Electro Magnetic Remapping

SCUF EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) technology for the SCUF Infinity Series takes your gaming flexibility to the next level. This innovative new features provides on-the-fly remapping capabilities for your SCUF paddles using and EMR Mag Key, which activates an internal electro-magnetic switch. Never before has a SCUF controller been so flexible and easy to remap, so you can play any game in a way that suits your play style.

The EMR feature allows to remap your paddles to 8 functions of the controller: X, O, Square, Triangle, L3, R3, Left D-Pad and Right D-Pad on SCUF IMPACT & SCUF Infinity4PS PRO and A, B, X, Y, L3, R3, Left D-Pad and Right D-Pad on SCUF Infinity1