Professional Controllers for PlayStation®4

Take your game to the next level with the fully modular SCUF Infinity 4PS. Change thumbsticks, trigger control, and paddle configurations on the fly.

The game has changed.


Patented Paddle Control System

The SCUF patented paddle control system has become de facto in eSports, where over 90% of professional gamers use SCUF.

SCUF paddles mimic face button actions, allowing thumbs to remain on thumbsticks, to allow for more hand usage. Paddles have revolutionized the way games are played and provide an alternative to unnatural hand positioning.

Use 50% more of your hand for advanced gameplay.

SCUF EMR Technology

EMR is a technology developed by SCUF for fast, in-game paddle remapping using the SCUF Mag Key.

Point and click to remap - simple and intuitive..


Change Thumbsticks in Seconds

The Infinity Ring and Lock system allows you to replace thumbsticks quickly and easily on the Infinity 4PS controller.

SCUF Infinity Rings are fully removable, come in various color options and are made with high grade self-lubricating materials to provide a pro-grade finish so the thumbsticks glide on contact.

Thumbstick design is essential to achieving greater control during gameplay. SCUF offers multiple thumbstick options to suit every gamer: Each SCUF thumbstick includes a wider, sturdier plastic intended to fit any finger size and for increased durability.

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Available Color Options for Infinity4PS Rings


Infinity 4PS Trigger System

The Infinity 4PS Trigger System is comprised of three core features: The Quick Shift Trigger Stops, the Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism and the SCUF Trigger Extenders

Adjustable Hair Trigger Mechanism

The Infinity 4PS adjustable hair trigger mechanism enables mechanical tuning of the tension and position of the trigger to reduce unnecessary trigger latency and movement..

Using the included SCUF key (0.9mm), the adjustable hair trigger mechanism is quickly tuned to locate the ‘sweet spot’ during gameplay, which is especially effective for FPS games.


Quick Shift Trigger Stops

The quick shift trigger stops are mechanically tuned to make weapon fire a one tap process.

Primarily used in first person shooter games, the quick shift trigger stops are activated with an easy turn of the SCUF Key.

SCUF Trigger Extenders

Improve trigger accuracy and increase hand comfort. The SCUF trigger extenders enhance the natural parameters of the controller to suit larger hand sizes.

Fully removable and easily clip on and off the standard-sized Infinity 4PS triggers.

Choose from six color options: black, white, red, blue, green and yellow.

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Control Disc

Transforms the D-Pad to a control system similar to a thumbstick.

Improve the comfort of D-Pad use. Diagonals are easier to activate. Especially effective in fighting games where combos are essential.

Fully removable to switch to traditional D-pad use.



The SCUF Grip for Infinity 4PS is similar to grip used to coat military equipment. SCUF Grip is a textured military-grade plastic that ensures grip control even at the highest level of game play. Its textured, non-slip surface is specially formulated for extended hours of gameplay.

Design & Customization

The SCUF Infinity 4PS enables you to express yourself with color, design and functionality on the fly, anytime. No Limits!

From the custom images and paint finishes to the branded Pro Team controllers, SCUF offers quality design options to suit every style: Buttons, D-pad, Control Disc, Trim Colors, Thumbsticks, Paddle Design and more can be added to your SCUF Infinity 4PS for the perfect look to complement your style.


Comfort. Safety.

SCUF controllers are designed with ergonomics, comfort and safety in mind.

Reducing excessive and uncomfortable hand movement with features including, the patented paddle control system and adjustable trigger control mechanisms.

Helping gamers reach their true potential and decrease the chance of hand injuries.

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It’s time to take your game to the next level with the fully modular SCUF Infinity 4PS where functionality and design are leading the way.  The SCUF Infinity 4PS includes many new innovations including SCUF’s patented trigger control feature and thumbstick control area.

The SCUF Infinity 4PS is part of the SCUF Infinity series, comes in a wide array of design and color options and is compatible for use on PlayStation®4 and PC.