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Known as one of the most accomplished French Call of Duty players of all time, Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein’s track record is the envy of pro gamers all over the world. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, the “French Monster” has proven himself to be one of the most passionate and entertaining players coming out of Europe, and he has focused that talent on pushing his team to one great victory after another.

Creating the Controller

The Gotaga SCUF is a brilliant example of a clean design, with the metallic red logo of Gotaga prominently displayed against a classic flat black shell. Available for the IMPACT, the Gotaga SCUF is equipped with the patented SCUF technology utilized by over 90% of all pro gamers.

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Take your game to the next level with the SCUF Infinity series controllers. Change thumbstick length & shape, adjust triggers and remap paddle configurations for your play style. Every SCUF controller is handcrafted & customized to specification. Customized by you. Handcrafted by us.

for Xbox One + PC

for PlayStation®4 + PC

for PlayStation®4 + PC

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