Giants Gaming

Established 2012 - Spain

Since its foundation in 2008, Giants Gaming has been the leading Spanish representative of the esports. Throughout its history, Giants has positioned itself as the team to beat for all Spanish contenders interested in winning the Champions League title, a trophy the Giants have won no less than eight times between its divisions of Call of Duty and League of Legends.

In all of their disciplines, including FIFA and Overwatch teams, they have a vertical sports structure based on the recruitment and development of young Spanish talents, which radically differs from any other European team.  This has proven to be a complete success, getting their top teams competing in the maximum European categories : the Call of Duty World League and League Championship Series.

From the very beginning, Giants players have the culture of effort, fellowship and leadership instilled within them. These are the values that differentiates them from the rest and makes them real Giants.


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PlayStation 4 professional controller Infinity4PS giants
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5-8-2016   ESWC Zénith 2016 Position: 13 - 16th
4-24-2016   ESWC 2016 Online Qualifier 4 Position: 1st
3-25-2016  2016 EU CWL Stage 1 Relegation Position: Q
3-9-2016   2016 EU CWL Stage 1 Regular Season Position: 8th
2-21-2016   ESL CWL Challenge Division Tier 2 Event 1 Europe Position: 5 - 8th
12-16-2015   2016 COD World League EU Pro Division Online Qualifying Tournament Position: Q
12-6-2015   2016 COD World League EU Pro Division Qualifying Invitational Tournament Position: 7 - 8th
6-29-2014   Liga de Videojuegos Profesional Season 6 Finals Position: 1st
10-13-2013   Gfinity 2 Position: 9 - 16th
7-20-2013   DreamHack Valencia 2013 Position: 5 - 6th