Madden: Hail Mary With Your SCUF

For the ultimate American Football experience, one need go no further than the Madden franchise. Representing the National Football League since the 1980’s, the Madden series boasts heartpounding excitement and all of your favorite pro football players and teams.

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Why Use A SCUF?

Paddle configuration: Running the ball or making that game-changing interception requires a keen eye and quick reflexes. SCUF’s patented paddle technology places the face buttons at a more natural position on the underside of the controller, allowing passes, rushes, and spins to be pulled off in the blink of an eye.

Triggers: SCUF’s hair trigger system allows the player to adjust the tension of their trigger, letting them find the perfect sweet spot to keep comfort high and hand fatigue low. Scramble and juke your way past the defense: make your opponent's knees knock together.

Thumbsticks: With various sizes to choose from, the control and precision that a player gets from the high quality thumbsticks on a SCUF are absolutely unbeatable. And with the patented Ring and Lock system, there has never been a more economically friendly way to replace worn sticks that are in need of retirement.

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