Scuf-ing with dark souls

Quite possibly the most infamously difficult game series since Battletoads, the Dark Souls franchise has been frustrating gamers and initiating rage quits since 2011. A grim fantasy action-RPG set in a bleak and mysterious world, Dark Souls features some of the most memorable and unforgiving boss fights in video games history.

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Paddle configuration: Did we mention that Dark Souls is tough? Because it absolutely is. And when you’re facing down hordes unspeakable monsters the size of school buses, you want every advantage you can get at your disposal. Take advantage of every extra millisecond with our SCUF Paddles, which take your face buttons and put them in a better position to switch between different hand modes and roll beneath enemy swings with ease and efficacy.

Triggers: In Dark Souls, nothing is more important than getting your swing under the enemy’s defense at the exact right moment. This requires patience, practice, and timing. With SCUF’s adjustable trigger stops you can find the exact sweet spot for your attacks, making your heavy and light swings happen with a newfound level of precision and ease.

Thumbsticks: Quick movement and sound footing are necessities in the crags, swamps, and catacombs of Dark Souls. SCUF’s adjustable thumbsticks offer the exact size and level of grip that you need to make it to the finish line, reasonably intact.

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