Approuvé par les ligues, choisi par les pros.


Plus de 90% des joueurs pros utilisent SCUF

nadeshot"Je ne pas jouer sans manette SCUF. C'est aussi simple que cela ! Elle me permet d'être un meilleur joueur. Je les utilisent depuis plus de 4 ans maintenant et m'ont permis de gagner de nombreux tournois. "
- Nadeshot

clayster_headshot2"Quand les gens me demandent ce qu’il leur faut pour devenir pro, je leur répond : achetez une SCUF, puis un écran et ensuite un casque. Dans cet ordre.'"
- James "Clayster" Eubanks

aches_headshot"Je connais et utilise des manettes SCUF depuis 2011 et j'ai tout de suite compris l'avantage que proposait cette manette. J'ai depuis gagné 19 titres majeurs. SCUF m'a permis de developper mon jeu jusqu'au meilleur niveau. Si vous voulez devenir le meilleur, utilisez le meilleur. #TeamSCUF"
- Patrick "ACHES" Price

attach-headshot"Les trigger stops sont l'une, si ce n'est LA fonctionnalité la plus importante d'une manette SCUF.  Pouvoir viser et tirer sans aucune latence du matériel est un avantage qui fait la différence entre gagner ou perdre un match !"
- Dillon 'Attach' Price

optic_hector"Les manettes SCUF correspondent à la demande des joueur d'avoir un matériel adapté à leurs besoins, particulièrement sur CoD ou Halo, en permettant de s'adapter au style de jeu de chaque joueur. Les palettes et les système pour gâchettes qui ont été développés par SCUF  ont amené l'eSport moderne à un autre niveau !”
- Hector Rodriguez, CEO of OpTic Gaming

castro_headshot"J’aime les manettes SCUF pour les manettes SCUF pour toutes les options de personnalisation et leur qualité d’assemblage. Elles sont également solides, ce qui est important pour moi si vous avez déjà vu mes réactions dans mes vidéos"
- Castro1021

Ali-A vous présente sa nouvelle manette SCUF en live !

"Avec la manette Infinity1 vous pouvez littéralement personnaliser les options comme les joysticks ou les rings pour faire la manette de vos rêves !"
- Ali-A

ChaosxSilencer: j'ai un colis !

"Il serait vrai de dire que je suis fan de cette SCUF . Je ne pourrais pas être plus heureux de ce matériel !"

Faze Dirty: présentation de la SCUF Infinity4PS.

"J'adore le choix des différents joysticks. Cela fait une vraie différence dans la prise en mains !"

SCUF in the Media

Fortune magazine-logo"Why This Year's Grammy Gift Bags Include Xbox One Controllers."

"Unlike a traditional controller, each Scuf controller is handmade by one of 200 employees after its been customized online by the gamer. "

"Musicians understand the value of using professional tools and appreciate the unique customization that Scuf controllers offer."

"Now the company is going mainstream by offering artists and presenters at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards Xbox One and PC Scuf Infinity 1 controllers and accessories in the official talent gift bags and backstage gift lounge." Read article

Dunc and bow wow Grammys Gift Lounge
Joey Fatone SCUF Grammy Gift Lounge
ll cool j SCUF Grammys Gift Lounge
Andra Day Grammys Gift Lounge
Jerry Dale Mavericks Grammys Gift Lounge SCUF
Duncan and Aaron Carter Grammys Gift Lounge
Zendaya SCUF Grammys Gift Lounge
Nick Fradiani SCUF Grammys Gift Lounge


Father’s Day Gift Guide: Best gaming gadgets for Dad

"Give the gift of gadget this Father’s Day to dads who love gaming. Here are just a few ideas to make the virtual adventure loving, family man smile."

"Empower father to feel like a professional gamer as he virtually mows down the bad guys with this customizable, rechargeable and wireless controller for Sony’s PlayStation 4 entertainment console." Read article


Hands On With The SCUF Infinity1 Controller For Xbox One

"The controller made jumping, boosting, and dodging while keeping my thumbs on the sticks and my aim steady a breeze."

"While the new removable rings add more customization options to the controller, the “high-grade, self-lubricating” material they are made out of also ensures that the thumbstick glides along the edges, giving it a smoother, more polished feel." Read article

PlayStation Lifestyle logoScuf Infinity 4PS Review – The Controller King Keeps Its Crown

"The custom design, great build quality, and advantages it granted in-game made it a winner in my eyes."

"...on the Infinity 4PS, the thumbsticks can now be easily switched out... gives the Infinity 4PS a significant boost in longevity, as... thumbsticks can be replaced."

"There’s no doubting that the Infinity 4PS is one hell of a PlayStation 4 controller, boasting a whole host of features that genuinely do enhance gameplay, and make gaming more comfortable." Read article

techaerisSCUF Infinity1 Review: A Fully Customizable PC/Xbox One Professional Game Controller

"There’s no question that the SCUF Infinity1 is a solid, well designed, and well built Xbox One/PC gaming controller."

"The Gamer Grip had me scoffing at first, but I opted to give it a try for the purposes of this review and I was actually impressed with how much it blocked the perspiration coming off my hands when gaming for extended sessions. It’s non-sticky, and there was no residue left on the controller after using it."

"Being able to easily remap the paddles depending on the game I was playing really allowed me to adjust my play style and I found that the more time I spent using the SCUF Infinity1, the less often I used the A, B, X, and Y buttons. The haptic feedback and rumble functionality on the controller were bang on as well." Read article

celebuzz logo

Celebuzz’s 8 Favorite Things of the Week

" Are you are seriously into gaming, then you're going to love the newest game controller from SCUF, the Infinity 4PS.

Aside from the color customization, the function and feature customization options are what truly makes these controllers stand head and shoulders above any other controller out on the market." Read article

Chalgyrs Game RoomSCUF Gaming Infinity 4PS - Hardware Review

"Lightweight but durable, the 4PS feels solid while maintaining a light and airy feel."

"Whether I was playing Atelier Sophie, Destiny, or The Witcher, I was constantly in awe of how quick and easy it was to switch the hair trigger on or off. A little twist here and you are done."

"As it stands? I need more Infinity 4PS controllers. Primarily because I am a hoarder of excellent things, and the Infinity 4PS is certainly an excellent thing. The highest quality build materials, a slick paint job, fully customizable, and damn, it is pretty. Easily customized, the Infinity 4PS works for literally ANY gamer out there. Go now, and buy one. Heck, buy three or four; I know I myself will be placing an order for a few more in the future.." Read article


Scuf Gaming CEO Discusses The Power of eSports

" Scuf Gaming has emerged as a leader in the burgeoning console eSports market. The company launched five years ago to fill a niche in the eSports console business by introducing controllers that were designed for first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Halo. Scuf Gaming continues to offer handmade custom controllers designed to give pros, and everyday players, and edge in gaming." Read article

SCUF Game Informer article

"How one company is outperforming other controller manufacturers and leveling the playing field for pros."

Download full Game Informer article PDF here.


"SCUF's Infinity Series Controllers offer patented functionality to increase hand use and improve gameplay."

What People Are Saying

"Absolutely loved the experience! The controller looks and feels fantastic. SCUF does an excellent job walking the buyer through the process from start to finish. Now I know what everyone is talking about . . . The 4PS controller is totally worth it!"

"Phenomenal product! Great controller, cant imagine going back to a regular controller!"

"As usual the experience was great. Customizing and ordering was easier than ever, and from me clicking what I wanted to it showing up at my house took less than 2 weeks. The controller works great and I really like the new design and paddles. I'm extremely satisfied with the service and controller. I try to talk everyone I know into buying a scuf for themselves, from my friends and family, to peers on gaming forums I post at."

"This has changed my experience in a wide spectrum of games like Dying Light, Uncharted, and especially Call of Duty. With CoD I'm able to perform jump shots with ease and quickly turn on the enemy while I'm in midair. I'm excited for my 2nd controller to come in soon. Btw I gotta the zombie edition PS4 controller and it looks great. I always have my buddies giving me compliments on it."

"You guys are the best in the business. I own three SCUFs total. I own one for both new consoles. The wear and tear of being a hardcore gamer does nothing to them. Keep up the good work!"

"Where do I begin! This controller is freaking awesome. Love how its built and its so smooth. Love the paddles on the back and they react so quickly. I got the PS4 one and got time to play it on the division beta this weekend and it felt a lot cleaner then the standard. Keep up the great product line!"

Nadeshot SCUF Controller Unboxing

"When I’m in a gunfight I don’t have to take my thumb off the aimer (thumbstick) at any time, it’s going to help me win more gunfights and get better positioning on the other team."

"You can lower these (triggers) so it takes less time to shoot, which is absolutely fantastic because it gives you a quicker response and help you take out your enemies faster." - Nadeshot

Wicked SCUF Infinity1

"The SCUF thumbsticks definitely last longer than the original... it’s nice to have a replacement option."

"That’s the first time I’ve ever done a thumbstick replacement and it was simple."

"The paddles unclip so if your paddles wear out... they’re making it easily replaceable." - WickedShrapnel