(FR) Instructions – EMR | Electro Magnetic Remapping

Instructions pour l'EMR: Electro Magnetic Remapping

SCUF EMR (Electro Magnetic Remapping) technology for the SCUF Infinity Series takes your gaming flexibility to the next level. This innovative new features provides on-the-fly remapping capabilities for your SCUF paddles using and EMR Mag Key, which activates an internal electro-magnetic switch. Never before has a SCUF controller been so flexible and easy to remap, so you can play any game in a way that suits your play style.

Comment programmer l'EMR


Step 1 Turn on your console and controller.

EMR Keys

Step 2 Place the EMR Mag Key on the back of the controller (as indicated) so the magnet symbol latches onto the controller

EMR Paddle

Step 3 Press and hold the paddle that you wish to remap a function to

EMR Buttons

Step 4 Press and hold the function (any face button) that you would like to map to a paddle

EMR Buttons Release

Step 5 Release the function

Step 6 Release the paddle


Step 7 Remove the EMR Mag Key and place it at least 5cm away from the back of the controller to prevent the SCUF controller from accidentally entering remapping mode.