One of Call of Duty’s greatest pro players, James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has built his reputation on being one of the most dynamic forces in the world of esports. From building dynasties to breaking them, there’s very little Clayster hasn’t done.

For Playstation 4 and PC

For Playstation 4 and PC

Creating the Clayster Controllers

The Clayster SCUF controller is based on the labyrinth-like logo of pro gaming legend, James “Clayster” Eubanks. Sporting a brightly colored motif against a black shell, this maze inspired design reminds the world of the incredible twists and turns that Clayster’s career has taken, as he moved from one team to another, learning and evolving as he went. This member of the Esports Collection represents the product of hard-won success, and is available on SCUF IMPACT and Infinity1 controllers.

Clayster 5 impact
Clayster 3 impact logo
Clayster 4 impact thumbsticks
Clayster Headshot


Name: James Eubanks
DOB: May 7, 1992
Game: Call of Duty
Pro since: 2007
Accolades: 2015 Camps, 2014 XGames Gold Medalist

"When people ask me what they need to get to go Pro, I say, 'Buy a SCUF, buy a monitor and buy a headset. In that order."

Clayster 1 Xbox
Clayster 2 impact
Clayster 6 Impact back