Scuf Gaming once again redefines the functionality of controllers with new SCUF Vantage for PlayStation®4


SCUF Vantage Custom Controller for PS4

Officially licensed controller introduces new Sax buttons, removable magnetic faceplate, audio touch bar, and removable vibration modules to offer the purest connection between player and game

Atlanta, May 22, 2018Since first arriving on the scene in 2011, Scuf Gaming, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, has radically changed the way controllers are used. Now pushing its vision a step further, Scuf Gaming introduces a controller meticulously designed for superior performance and comfort: the SCUF Vantage for the PlayStation®4 (PS4TM) system. This new officially licensed controller for the PS4 is built from the ground up, incorporating SCUF’s patented technologies and a number of new features that set a new standard for performance controllers.

The SCUF Vantage introduces unique features never before seen on any other controller or prior generations of SCUFs:

  • The addition of unique side-mounted right and left Sax buttons are designed to fit the natural placement of a player’s fingers and provide additional configurability.
  • A removable faceplate makes it easy to change thumbsticks and personalize the controller.
  • For advanced audio control, players can simply swipe an audio touch bar to adjust the volume while keeping their hands on the controller, tamping down cross-chatter during team play, raising the volume to get in the zone, or muting sound entirely to concentrate in high-pressure moments.
  • Players can reduce weight and lessen hand fatigue with removable vibration modules.


SCUF Vantage PS4 Controller

“Controllers are the single most important connection between an individual and the game. They should be an extension of the player to maximize their performance,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of Scuf Gaming.

The Vantage’s ergonomic shape complements a suite of configurable components, including the paddle control system, removable back paddles, a quick-access remapping switch, customizable thumbsticks, hair trigger, trigger stops and extenders, choice of D-pads, and an interchangeable magnetic faceplate. These features are modularly designed to shorten hand movements and gain a measurable performance advantage, making it easier for players to tailor the controller to their individual preferences.

Since day one, SCUF’s mission has been to redefine the category of gaming controllers by increasing hand use and improving reaction times to match the evolving complexities of games. SCUF Vantage offers that perfect experience. It’s ergonomically-designed from the ground up to let gamers unlock their true potential and become the best they can be.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve worked tirelessly to evolve the features that have made SCUF the preferred controller of the majority of top professional gamers. With Vantage we created a controller that caters to every gamer and suits different hand sizes and gameplay styles,” continued Ironmonger. “We also wanted to address the needs of gamers with disabilities, which led to the inspiration for the configurable Sax buttons, conveniently located close to the bumpers, triggers, and face buttons.”

The SCUF Vantage for PS4 is now available for pre-order in a wired-only (USB) model for $169.95 USD, and a wireless (Bluetooth)/wired (USB) model for $199.95 USD on in the U.S. and Canada. Both models include a suite of interchangeable parts and a high-speed braided micro-USB cable for a truly tailored experience. The wireless/wired model also includes a protection and travel case for your controller.

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“PlayStation” and “PS4” are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. 
This product is being developed under the official licensing program for PlayStation® by SIE and is subject to SIE’s final product approval.


— Scuf Gaming Controllers Will Be Used During All NBA 2K League Gameplay —


NEW YORK, May 1, 2018 – As the NBA 2K League makes its debut today, it has announced a new multiyear partnership that will make Scuf Gaming, the innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, the Official Gaming Controller of the NBA 2K League.

The NBA 2K League, the professional esports league co-founded by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., tips off today with 17 teams competing in the inaugural season.

During the NBA 2K League’s first season, Scuf Gaming controllers will be available for use by the best NBA 2K players in the world as they compete during the 17-week season which runs from May to August and includes weekly matchups, three in-season tournaments, playoffs, and the NBA 2K League Finals.

“Scuf Gaming’s handcrafted controllers are fully customizable and will allow our players to personalize key areas of design and function to match their styles,” said Brendan Donohue, Managing Director, NBA 2K League.

The partnership will also include a merchandising component, giving fans of the NBA 2K League the chance to game with the same official NBA 2K League controllers that will be used in competition.

“NBA 2K encompasses everything we love about gaming: it’s fun, fast, and it rewards real skill. It’s a franchise that is destined to become a standard-bearer of professional gaming,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of Scuf Gaming. “Like a good pair of sneakers on the court, a SCUF is an extension of the player, allowing for a better controller experience through customization, comfort, performance and design.”

SCUF controllers can make a significant impact when playing competitively. There are several functional areas of a SCUF that can improve gameplay, including the configurable paddle control system on the back of the controller which allows players to use more of their hand simultaneously, resulting in faster passes, more steals, and better shots.

All NBA 2K League games will be available live on Twitch at For more information about the NBA 2K League, visit

About the NBA 2K League
The NBA 2K League is a professional esports league co-founded by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO). Launching in 2018, the league will feature the best 102 NBA 2K players in the world. Each of the league’s 17 teams drafted six players to compete as unique characters in 5-on-5 play against the other teams in a mix of regular-season games, tournaments and playoffs. The league hosted tryouts in early 2018 before the draft in April and the season tip-off in May. For more information about the NBA 2K League, visit

About Scuf Gaming
Scuf Gaming®, the innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, provides superior accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC that are used by top professional gamers as well as casual gamers. Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controller features are covered by 36 granted patents, and another 69 pending, protecting three key areas of a controller: the back control functions and handles, the trigger control mechanisms, and the thumbstick control area.

CoD: WWII DLC The Resistance Coming January 30th!

The latest in Call of Duty DLC has an arrival date of January 30th, and it’s bringing more maps, more war, and more zombies!

With a theme of uprisings against the Nazi scourge, the appropriately titled The Resistance will be Activision’s first DLC pack for CoD: WWII, and features plenty of new ways to keep multiplayer fresh for soldiers who were there in the beginning, fought their way through the Winter, and are now looking for more ways to play.

First and foremost, The Resistance will feature three new maps: the Czechoslovakian-centered Anthropoid, the Eastern Front action of Valkyrie, and Occupation: a remake of the classic Call Of Duty map Resistance, which made its first appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty DLC

If you’re looking for more objectives-based action, The Resistance is introducing Operation Intercept. The mission surrounding this latest War Mode map involves an Allied rescue attempt on resistance fighters being transported outside of St. Lo, France. Free your allies, destroy Axis communication equipment, and bring their latest train full of innocents to a complete (and permanent) halt.

And finally, if regular Nazis aren’t scary enough for you, The Resistance continues CoD: WWII’s epic Zombie tale with the latest chapter: The Darkest Shore. The terrifying action in this one sounds like a truly lock n’ load good time, so we’re going to let Activision themselves describe it:

The Darkest Shore follows our heroes into the next chapter of their dangerous journey. Only days after the horrific disaster of Mittelburg, the crew has received intel that suggests Doktor Straub is on an island just north of Germany. Blanketed in fog, this island is surrounded by Nazi air and sea power – and crawling with the Undead. Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson will need to battle all this and more to uncover the mysteries hidden within the Darkest Shore.

If that doesn’t sound like enough intrigue, danger, and crazy flesh-eating zombies for you, then check your pulse: you might be a zombie yourself. The Resistance DLC is coming on January 30th, and you know Scuf Gaming is going to be there the first day: racking up kills and blowing up trains.

Are you ready for The Resistance? Make sure you have the right equipment, and take a look at SCUF’s BOTG Bundle, full of everything you’ll need to bring the Axis to its knees.

The SCUF News In Gaming: Dec. 9th – 15th

In a Christmas season packed with new releases, gamers are faced with some tough choices, and may have to juggle their time between triple-A titles on phone, console and PC. Admittedly it’s not the worst problem to have, but we’ll try and narrow down the challenge with 5 SCUF highlights.

Super Mario Run releases on iOS and Android

Super Mario on a non-Nintendo device? It’s hard to believe but easy to love as the world’s most famous plumber (and video game character period?) embarks on another adventure to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser. It all sounds very familiar but in Nintendo’s genius, a fully-fledged Mario experience can be experienced and mastered with just one hand as he runs automatically, leaving you to perform jumps and tricks to collect coins, race against your mates, and build your own Mushroom Kingdom with just your thumb.

Resident Evil 7 Demo now available on Xbox One

Versions of it have been available on the PS4 since E3 but as of December 14th , Xbox One owners – soon followed by PC players on December 19th – have had access to a demo of the latest installment in Capcom’s legendary horror series. Titled ‘Midnight’, it’s the final version of what began as ‘Beginning Hour’ on the PS4. Turns the lights off, crank up the headphones and sink your teeth into the zombie thriller.

Xbox One updated increases download speeds

Xbox One’s most recent system update promises to increase download speeds by up to 80%. details that the main group to benefit is people with connections greater than 100Mbps, while anyone with speeds below that should still enjoy downloads up to 40% quicker. According to our calculations, that’s a 100% guarantee to have more time to actually play the game.

Uncharted 4 Survival mode released

On Tuesday December 13th , Naughty Dog launched their much anticipated Survival mode for Uncharted 4, a wave-based multiplayer mode where up to 3 players join to fend off mobs of enemies over 10 maps. Survive for 10 waves and you’ll encounter a boss battle including a new enemy type in the form of Pirate Warlords. Think zombies on Call of Duty or Horde for Gears of War, molded for the Uncharted world.

Switch to be less powerful than PS4?

Keeping on the subject of Nintendo, VentureBeat have heard from 2 sources that the Switch, Nintendo’s forthcoming portable-home console hybrid, may be less powerful than even the previous generations of PS4 and Xbox One. Switch is reported use a custom Maxwell Tegra chip with a 1 teraflop performance, well below the 6 and 4.2 teraflops of Project Scorpio and the PS4Pro respectively, and barely a match for Xbox One’s and PS4’s 1.3 and 1.8 teraflops. Not for the first time, it seems that Nintendo are focusing on other qualities rather than pure horsepower.

The SCUF News In Esports: Dec. 8th – 14th

With MLG Las Vegas this weekend, and the NA HCS Pro League Fall Championships and Gears Gfinity London Open last weekend, the console esports scene has never looked more alive and varied. Here are our top stories from the last week.

MLG Las Vegas COD Online Qualifier Results

With four places up for grabs in the MLG Las Vegas pools, there was everything on the line for for the 8 teams who weren’t on the invite list. At the close of play, Echo Fox, Revenge, compLexity and GosuCrew all emerged as winners, earning themselves a solid platform from which to launch their Infinite Warfare campaign. Unfortunately, the competition wasn’t without controversy, as the newly-formed Evil Geniuses team missed out on a place after suffering persistent DDOS strikes. EG will now join others, including the traveling European outfits, in the Open Bracket at MLG Las Vegas.

Call of Duty NA 2K Results

EG frustration was no doubt amplified by their impressive finish in the MLG Gamebattles 2K last weekend, where they picked up a 2nd place finish after losing 3-2 to OpTic Gaming in the Final – proving their true credentials when they’re unhampered. Once again OpTic set their stall out for what is expected to be another dominant season for arguably the greatest CoD team in esports history. Cloud9 and XtroVert wrapped up the 3rd /4th place honors.

Insomnia59 Results

While the organizers of Insomnia59 have been struggling to attract the biggest names from Europe, many of the scene’s emerging talents were in attendance, as £3,000 in prize money was up for grabs. Bulldog Esports bettered CRYPTICK Gaming in the Grand Final to secure the team’s first ever event title. Valour Esports also secured a podium finish and a cut of the cash.

EnVyUs are NA HCS Pro League Fall Champions

In the ongoing battle between EnVyUs and OpTic Gaming that has now spanned to three major console titles, EnVyUs emerged triumphant as they were crowned the Fall Champions of the HCS Pro League. EnVyUs won back-to-back Grand Final series to snatch the title away from OpTic and earned $75,000 in prize money. Team Liquid and Str8 Rippin wrapped up 3rd and 4th respectively in the four team championship. In the Relegation tournament, both Allegiance and Enigma6 re-qualified for the next season of the Pro League, as 3sUP Enterprises and TMMT came up short.

And More Halo Was Announced

Following the NA HCS Pro League Fall Finals, further announcements were made about the next Halo World Championship. The timeline includes stops in St. Louis and Las Vegas in the US, Mexico City in Mexico and London, England. The competition will culminate in the $1M Championship Finals with the date to be announced. That’s not all, as the NA Pro League will return for a Summer and Fall season again, with finals now taking place at the Dreamhack Atlanta and Dreamhack Denver events to be held in July and October respectively, moving away from the Burbank based ESL Studios that had previously hosted the season finale.

OpTic Gaming win Gfinity Gears London Open Winners

While nV were getting the better of OpTic in Halo, the OG Gears team were claiming a title of their own. OpTic defeated eUnited in the Grand Final of the London based tournament, taking home an impressive $60,000 in cash. Team Allegiance took 3rd place, while Team EnVyUs finished 4th . The highest placing European line up were Epsilon, who managed to grab a top 8 finish. The seven travelling American teams impressively managed to occupy all the top 7 places. Finally, Mexican outfit Splyce had to settle for a share of top 12 honors.

Put A Smile On That Face: Introducing the SCUF Jester Infinity

Wanna see a magic trick?

The battlefields of the virtual world are flooded with all kinds of warriors: from noble soldiers to high-flying daredevils. But for some, the call to chaos and mayhem is just too good to pass up.

The SCUF Jester is for the player who looks to stir up pandemonium everywhere they go. Never satisfied with just winning, the Jester player looks at a game as an opportunity to put a smile on his opponent’s face: whether they like it or not.

Decked out in leering faces that will haunt the enemy’s dreams, the SCUF Jester’s soft touch finish can be customized with any of your favorite button colors and grips.

But it’s more than just a pretty face.

Each Jester is fully equipped with patented paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks and everything else that has made the Infinity Series controllers the number one choice of 90% of pro gamers the world over.

Get started with your custom SCUF Jester, click here for Xbox One and here for PlayStation 4.

Now get out there and hurt ’em really, really bad.