Destiny Class Overviews and Scuf Controller Configurations

Destiny is still in full force as millions of gamers across the world continue to delve deeper in to the game. With Bungie constantly updating, patching, and releasing new content, Destiny is poised to stick around for a long time.

We at SCUF love Destiny and wanted to share some of our recommendations for paddle configurations on our Custom SCUF controllers while you play the game:

destiny hunter

First up is the Hunter class, considered by many to be the strongest class in the Crucible, Destiny’s Player vs. Player Arena. For your SCUF Controller paddle setup, we recommend A/Y for two paddles and ABXY for four, as mobility and weapon swapping should be your two main concerns. Those paddle configurations are recommended for both Gunslinger and Bladedancer subclasses. We also reached out to fans on Twitter to get their reactions to the Hunter:

“Very strong subclasses, but don’t mix very well between PVE and PVP. BD (Bladedancer) special and melee are worthless on bosses.”

“I love the Hunter. So many cool abilities and if you have good aim + impact, the Gold Gun is insane.”

“The throwing knife is mad fun.”

Destiny warlock

Next up is the Warlock, which excels at ranged combat, whether in the Voidwalker or Sunsinger subclass. Since our initial review of Destiny, we have taken more time to experience the Warlock overall; both sub-classes, its playstyle, etc. We still recommend, for both sub-classes, to have your far left paddle on the SCUF Controller, be the A button; mobility is key in Destiny overall and being able to jump, glide, and aim is crucial. The far right paddle we would put as X if you are playing an upclose Sunsinger, for those quick reloads; for a more ranged focused Warlock we would put the far right as Y. The middle two paddles, for those of you using the four paddle design, are entirely at your discretion, but we definitely recommend those left and right paddle configurations above.

We went to Twitter to see what you all thought of the Warlock class, and here are some of the responses:

“It’s an extremely efficient support class while using the Sunsinger subclass, and assaulter via Voidwalker.”

“An absolute tank with its shot gun melee”

“Personally, I feel I’m at a disadvantage while using this class compared to the Hunter & Titan.”

destiny titan

Our final class spotlight for Destiny features the Titan; a character who can choose to literally jump in to the fray to cause devastating damage, or to protect allies. Titans are most comfortable on the front lines of the battle, especially those playing the Striker subclass. Their Fist of Havoc Super Ability decimates anything it comes in to contact with, but will put them face to face with enemies outside the blast radius. Defender Titans are the same way, able to rush in to battle with their Ward of Dawn Super Ability that both protects and buffs yourself and allies. Due to that playstyle, we recommend using an A/X, or ABYX, paddle configuration for the Titan in either subclass. Being able to manuever correctly both in and out of danger and keep ammo in your guns is crucial, and mapping those functions to the paddles makes it possible to do so while on the move and aiming down sights.

We took to Twitter once again to see what others had to say about the Titan:

Titan is the powerhouse class. Sure he doesn’t do the most damage like the warlock, but he has survivability

The Defender subclass of the Titan is very versatile. Being able to put a shield up to stay alive is great.

Best class in the game imo, strong overall with versatile options and a deadly supercharge in the Fist of havoc!

Have more to say about Destiny? Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to join in the discussion! Be sure to pick up your own Custom Scuf Controller for Xbox One HERE or PS4 HERE and join in the fight!

UMG Dallas Results

UMG Dallas showcased some great gameplay from teams of all levels, but no one could have anticipated the amazing performance from Denial eSports. Opening the day with a 3-0 on team Vanquish, and then another 3-0 against the then-undefeated EnVyUs. The winners’ finals saw Denial taking on EnVy again, who had just defeated OpTic Nation in the losers’ bracket. Denial only had to win a best of 5 to take the tournament, while EnVy had to win 2 series. Denial didn’t give them that chance as they went to sweep the series 3-0 once again, beginning with a 60+ point spread in the first Domination game. Congrats to Denial for their outstanding performance!

Among the top 5 stood three of #TeamSCUF teams; Team EnVyUs, OpTic Nation, and OpTic Gaming in order of placement. EnVy once again played very well and really pushed their hardest, only losing to Denial the entire tournament. In what must have ultimately been a bittersweet moment for owner of both Team OpTic and OpTic Nation, OpTic H3CZ watched his two teams compete for the 3rd place finish with OpTic Nation ultimately taking the victory.

Scuf Gaming is very proud of its #TeamSCUF Pro Teams and wishes them the best of luck in the coming PAX Prime tournament this weekend! We appreciate all of our fans who came to our booth to see the Custom SCUF Controllers and support #TeamSCUF!

Want to play like your favorite Pro Teams? Make sure to check out the custom EnVyUs SCUF One Controller HERE, and the custom OpTic SCUF One Controller HERE. Find the entire roster of Pro Team Controllers HERE.

UMG Dallas Predictions

This Friday, August 22nd, UMG Dallas 2014 begins! With such a strong showing for #TeamSCUF Pro Teams at the recent Gfinity 3 tournament we couldn’t be more excited to see what the teams will bring this weekend.

Team EnVyUs will likely be the talk of the tournament after coming off such a strong victory at G3. A
15-1 win/loss map showing, and team member FormaL leading the entire tournament with a 1.35 KD has EnVy poised to keep their momentum going. To play like your favorite Pro’s from Team EnVyUs, check out the EnVy SCUF One HERE.

OpTic Gaming had a disappointing performance, to say the least, at the G3 tournament but that could very well be the motivation they needed to up their game for Dallas. Everyone knows the team can perform with the best, and this tournament is their change to remind us of that. Check out the new OpTic SCUF One controller HERE.

In a rare turn of events, OpTic Nation managed to finish higher than OG at the recent Gfinity Tournament. The team showed high level play during their bout to their 3rd place finish, and we expect to see them perform at Dallas as well. Check out the original OpTic SCUF One HERE.

FaZe Pro Team did well at G3 with their recent roster change adding Parasite and Apathy. Giving the team some time to better coordinate the players, FaZe could perform quite well this weekend. Pick up your own FaZe SCUF One HERE.

While not bringing the best performance at G3, we know Team Kaliber is capable of great things. The, relatively, recent roster change back to their original lineup should prove to be very formidable indeed, and we hope to see them “wow” us this weekend. Pick up your very own TK SCUF One HERE.

Curse Gaming was one man down at Gfinity with Tipsy not being able to play. Now that things are squared away, the squad should be in full force this upcoming weekend with great things expected. Click HERE to see the SCUF One Curse controller!

JusTus Pro has done nothing but improve as a team since their inception. Everyone will be interested to see what they bring to UMG Dallas this year and how much of a name they can make for themselves.

After not qualifying for Season 3, Strictly Business will have to play hard at UMG Dallas to remind everyone how formidable of a team they truly are. The addition of new teammate Phizzurp should also show their strength as a team. Pick up your very own Strictly Business SCUF One HERE.




Scuf Gaming continues to innovate and announce their 3-dimensional patent pending “SCUF Sidewinder” paddles for SCUF ONE controllers.

Sidewinder - blog edit

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming says “To compensate for the increased depth of the controller handles on the Xbox One controller, SCUF wanted to release a new 3-dimensional paddle that would enable gamers with all hand sizes to access the paddles even easier. The new SCUF Sidewinder paddles are angled at approximately 30 degrees and operate by a push-in/ pull-across motion which offer the ideal solution for even more ergonomic paddle game-play”


The paddle concept SCUF invented over 4 years ago is the ONLY real solution for utilizing more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way. SCUF’s award winning ‘flat’ back paddles offer the perfect solution for all SCUF Xbox 360, PS3 controllers and are a very viable option for many gamers on Xbox One. However the new Sidewinder paddles compensate for the deeper handles and fully cater for all hand shapes and sizes for use on the Xbox ONE SCUF!


Duncan Ironmonger continues “Our ability to listen to the community and our desire to innovate and produce the best possible ergonomic solutions is what drives us and is why such a large percentage of the Pro Gaming community trust and use our products. We truly value our customers and as such will be sending ALL existing SCUF ONE customers a FREE pair of SCUF Sidewinder paddles! We believe in rewarding our loyal customers and as such will be sending these out for them to try over the coming 2-3 weeks – there is no need to contact us to request these!”


Two outside position SCUF Sidewinder paddles now come standard on the SCUF ONE controller.  If a customer chooses a four-paddle option, two SCUF ‘flat’ back paddles will be placed on the internal positions of the controller.


Prior to SCUF controller, the middle fingers of the hand were left redundant so SCUF created a way to use them for better performance.  SCUF Paddles can increase the use of your hand by up to 100%. By using up to 4 paddles on the underside of your controller, gamers are able to improve their hand movement and perform more advanced moves.

With over 4 patents issued and another 20 pending, Scuf Gaming/ Ironburg specialize in creating gaming accessories to help improve your gaming experience. Duncan Ironmonger continues “Our controller ethos is centered around designing accessories that increase hand use in a SAFE natural way while improving comfort and reducing latency in an intuitive and ergonomic way – we call it SCUFOLOGY!”



Scuf Gaming is the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and restorer of custom video game equipment and accessories. A company focused on providing “tactical gear for elite gamers,” SCUF entered the market three years ago with the SCUF controller. Along with patented back paddles, Scuf Gaming controllers also feature adjustable hair triggers, trigger stops, military grade SCUF grip and optional domed or concave SCUF sticks. SCUF controllers are legally approved for use at most major competitions to include MLG, EGL, WGL, Gfinity, Reflex, UMG, ESL, etc. Scuf Gaming also sell a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for Elite Gamers.


Visit for more information.