Uncharted + Infinity: The Ultimate Combo

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has released with very well-received reviews across the board.

Though Nathan Drake’s last adventure makes the release bittersweet for some, the story, gameplay and multiplayer is top level for the series as a whole. Through the game we’ve had our trusty SCUF Infinity4PS every step of the way and the benefits really stand out, particularly during the intense multiplayer.

The campaign of Uncharted 4 is beautiful in every sense of the word; from the rich story in which you, as Nathan Drake, are dragged back in to the game of treasure hunting, to the gorgeous landscapes and characters that you meet along your journey. During the campaign our SCUF Controller was incredibly helpful in navigating the multitudes of landscapes and combating enemies from chapter to chapter. We mostly used the standard X/O paddle setup on our Infinity4PS as jumping, climbing, and rolling are arguably the most used and crucial buttons in the Uncharted Series.

Multiplayer in Uncharted 4 features many of the same gameplay elements as the campaign; jumping, climbing, swinging, treasure collecting and cover-based shooting are at the forefront of gameplay elements here. This makes the same SCUF Infinity4PS Paddle configuration of X/O ideal here as well. That being said, we also had great multiplayer matches with the paddles set at Square/Triangle or O/Triangle. Square/melee attack was great for situations that required a fast punch or kick, while the usefulness of an easy-to-access Triangle/reload button in multiplayer can’t be overstated.

Our Infinity4PS has Electro Magnetic Remapping, so it was easy to experiment with different paddle configurations. Just make sure your SCUF has EMR as well so you can find the playstyle that suits you best.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a fantastic game in the series with tons of self-referential humor, tense moments, and tight gameplay. We’re having a blast playing the game with our Infinity4PS and highly recommend using one, especially for multiplayer.

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Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been officially announced as the next game in the Call of Duty franchise. Alongside the new title, a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is due to be bundled alongside Infinite Warfare with legacy pre-orders available. Infinite Warfare is being developed by Infinity Ward, the original developers of the game, and looks to take CoD to a literal new level with the announcement trailer showing space combat.

Many fans and pro players prefer the “boots to the ground” style of CoD multiplayer so we are very interested to see more game-play as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing how the competitive scene handles the inclusion of the remastered Modern Warfare with possibilities of older games being played competitively has already shown success with titles such as the Halo: the Master Chief Collection.

At the end of the day, we’ll always be hyped for a new Call of Duty, and with Infinite Warfare and a Modern Warfare remaster there’s a lot to be excited about.

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"Good to saw you again" – Gears of War from SCUF's Perspective

As soon as the sound of a revving chainsaw came through the headset there was a smirk, followed by nostalgia.

The Gears of War Beta began as early as April 18th for fans who have been playing the Ultimate Edition, and will be going until May 1st. Hardcore fans are going to feel right at home since the beta sports a very familiar feel to the previous titles. In the beta, you get to play on 3 different maps and 2 different game types, Team Death Match and the new Dodgeball. We also got to play with some of our favorite weapons like the obligatory Lancer, the Hammerburst, Gnasher, Torque Bow and even a newcomer; the Dropshot.

They have added in several really cool noteworthy features which encourage the aggressive game play that Gears is known for. Nade-tagging and wall-tagging are both back, but we have only seen the smoke grenades so far. There is a fun new maneuver players have name the “Yank and Shank” which brutally punishes opposing players behind cover in classic Gears fashion. One last new change that we really like is that you can active reload the entire clip even when it’s full – bonus damage for the win!

There some things to consider when jumping into Gears with a customized SCUF controller. Firstly, trigger stops are viable and definitely recommended. In Gears of War getting the first shot really matters because chances are until you snatch up a power weapon, everyone else is going to be sprinting around the map with a gnasher. Next up is the number of paddles you want to use and what they are set to. The SCUF Infinity1 has paddles that snap or clip into place so the first part of the question is really easy to experiment with, we stuck with 4.

For the configuration, we switched between B/A or X/A. A on the right is nice for sprinting and Wall Cancels; but keep in mind there is about a 1 to 2 second cool down for those now. B is good for melee and also because it’s how you counter a “Yank and Shank”. X is an alternative for more of a stand back support type of style, you can revive downed teammates while keeping total control of the camera and the Curb Stomp never hurts either. For thumbsticks, we used a SCUF Concave Regular on the right which let us get our thumbs in there for the intense run and gun play style, and then a SCUF Domed Medium on the right. The little bit of extra height on the right helped us out with accuracy when we increased the sensitivity to keep up with the shotguns.

We’ve had a blast playing the beta and if you haven’t checked it out yet you can still clock some hours in before it ends. If you liked the earlier installments this won’t disappoint and you even have a few new changes to master while you play. If you feel like upping your game then grab a customized SCUF Infinity1 by clicking on the link.

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SCUF Your Way Through Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III has arrived to the delight and frustration of gamers everywhere. The “Souls” series of games have been notorious for their difficulty and the third installment proves no different: enemies that can take you out in one-shot, numerous traps, and the occasional cliff/ledge can all very quickly leave you with the dreaded “YOU DIED” across your screen forcing you to trek the dangerous road back to regain your lost souls.

Through our trials and tribulations in Dark Souls III specifically we’ve found our SCUF Controller to be immensely helpful; being able to evade or pop an Estus Flask while keeping complete character AND camera control is invaluable in a game where danger is around every corner.

We run our SCUF Infinity1 paddle configuration as XAYB and our SCUF 4PS with Square/O, the Electromagnetic Remapping feature being a must for Dark Souls, those paddles have saved our lives more times than we can count. The X and Square buttons default to using your items in-game including the essential Estus Flask, the primary means of health recovery for most players. Fleeing from an enemy is incredibly dangerous, being able to keep the camera centered on said enemy so as not to get backstabbed while you also regain health is something easily accomplished with a SCUF.

Perhaps the only button more valuable than X/Square is the button for your Backstep or Roll, B/O on Xbox and Playstation respectively. The roll is famous in Dark Souls as being your primary means of evading attacks, approaching or fleeing from enemies, and intense PVP combat. Our other paddle configurations may have changed over the course of our Dark Souls experience with our SCUF, but the right paddle was always the roll. Again, the camera and character movement our thumbs provide work perfectly in-sync with the right paddle to give us complete character control at all times. We can not stress enough how helpful this was especially during boss encounters when panic-rolling wasn’t nearly as stressful when we could keep the camera centered on the boss to see their incoming attacks.


Dark Souls III has been a grueling and satisfying experience for us and our SCUF Controller so far, from the expansive and maze-like landscapes to the gruesome and awe-inspiring bosses, we have enjoyed and raged every step of the way. If you do find yourself struggling, a SCUF Controller can truly make a difference; configure one with EMR and try out different paddle combinations until you find one that works best for you, and you’ll find yourself praising the sun in no time.

Customize your own SCUF Infinity1 or SCUF 4PS

Destiny: The Taken King – Sunbreaker

The Taken King” the newest expansion for Destiny, a first person shooter, has arrived to much praise from fans and newcomers alike. As avid year 1 Guardians, we at SCUF wanted to give our recommendations for the new subclasses and how we use our SCUF Controllers to defeat the enemies of the light.

This week we’ll be focusing on the new Titan subclass, the “Sunbreaker”:

The Sunbreakers’ roles revolve around their new super, the “Hammer of Sol” during which your Titan summons a flaming hammer that causes devastating damage to anyone or anything it hits; you can also create Sunspots which buff your damage and survivability.

Our particular play-style for PVE revolves around the perk “Simmering Flames” which causes your grenade and melee to recharge twice as fast when your super energy is full, and then stacking as much of the Intellect stat as we can find. This allows you to toss many more grenades – our favorite being the Thermite Grenade, which is very helpful for downing PVE enemies.


For our Titans, we like to use the 4 paddle SCUF Controller design with the following configuration (from left to right): ABYX for SCUF Infinity1 or X/Square for SCUF 4PS. Movement is key in Destiny and having the ability to jump and aim, or jump and escape, is a crucial skill you’ll never want to be without. The added bonus of a quick reload is also especially helpful so you’ll never be caught unprepared.

Our entry in to the crucible focuses on the new Sunspots and damaging enemies with your newfound fire abilities. The “Thermal Vent” and “Fire Keeper” perks give you both extra damage to close range enemies and additional survivability with an over shield so long as you stand in your Sunspots.

destiny controller configuration for pvp

Our configuration is slightly changed for PVP play, we prefer an AXBY paddle configuration for SCUF Infinity1 or X/Triangle for SCUF 4PS with our controllers. This allows quick weapon swapping while you evade or approach in case you are facing down opposition with an empty magazine.

Do you play your Sunbreaker differently? How do you play Destiny? What SCUF configurations do you use?

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