Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown

Apex Season 3

Get ready to become champion in a whole new arena in of Apex Legends’ Season 3, available since October 1st on PS4™, Xbox One™, and PC. With a new champion, a new map, a new rifle, and a new battle pass, you’ll want every advantage to take your squad to the top. Here’s what you need to know to become the best gamer you can be in Apex Legends.

Be A Legend With SCUF

Be prepared for anything that comes your way with the rear paddles on every SCUF controller. Jump and Slide to dodge enemies and perform trick shots all while keeping your thumbs on the thumbsticks, ready to aim.

Apex Legends Scuf Impact default layout

In addition to paddles, the SCUF Vantage has 2 additional side buttons. Keep your health/shield and grenade wheels handy at your side by placing them on the Sax buttons for quicker control during intense fights.

SCUF Vantage 2 controller Apex Legends regular layout

For even more control of your aim, every SCUF controller also features an interchangeable thumbstick system. With thumbsticks available in different shapes and heights, you can truly customize your gear to match your play style. Shorter thumbsticks are great for movement while longer thumbsticks increase your angle to play with, meaning more accuracy. Similarly, the concave shape will give your thumb more grip, which is ideal for quick movement and high sensitivity players and the domed shape enables more finesse, ideal for lower sensitivities.

If you’re a Wattson who loves to play defensively, we recommend a short concave thumbstick on the left for speed and the subtle control and accuracy of a tall domed thumbstick on the right.

If you’re more aggressive like Wraith and Bangalore players, we again recommend a short concave thumbstick on the left, but this time a short domed thumbstick on the right to enable more reactivity.

A Closer Look At The New Offerings For Season 3 Of Apex Legends

Crypto, the new champion, is a hacker who uses his drone to survey the surrounding area. He will be great to counter aggressive teams and break the enemy’s tactical strategy by automatically highlighting enemy players for your fellow teammates. However, be mindful: while the drone is active, Crypto stays in place, so be sure to pick a safe spot and it will alert enemies that they have been spotted. Crypto’s Ultimate Ability is an EMP blast using the Drone to slow down enemies, disable traps, and deal up to 50 damage.

World’s Edge, the new map, features a totally different landscape than that of King’s Canyon with all new fire and ice environments, an urban city, and a moving train. It’s vast with open sight lines, perfect for Crypto and more strategic plays.

The Charge Rifle is from Titanfall and Titanfall 2, an anti-Titan laser canon; it’s slow to charge but can shoot over a long distance and deals a lot of damage. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out compared to other popular weapons in the game.

Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown released October 1st 2019, on PS4™, Xbox One™, and PC.

How to SCUF: Borderlands 3 Game Guide

Get ready for Mayhem! Borderlands 3, the popular loot ‘n shooter by Gearbox Software and 2K Games has arrived on PS4™, Xbox One™, and PC. Like its predecessors, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, the new title is packed with new adventures, vault hunters and enemies. Whether you’re playing solo or co-op with friends, be ready for anything that comes your way with your SCUF controller.

Just like selecting the best skills in the skill tree, you can pick the best options for better performance and gameplay with a SCUF. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get the most out of your SCUF controller in Borderlands 3 starting with the basics and then with advanced controller customizations.

Step One: The Outer Paddles

Let’s start with learning how to use the most important feature of a SCUF controller: the Paddle Control System. Starting with two paddles.

By default, the left paddle is mapped to Jump (X on PS4, A on Xbox) and the right paddle is mapped to Slide/Crouch/Ground Slam (O on PS4, B on Xbox). Practice using only the paddles for these functions and ignore their face buttons during gameplay. It will take a little while to get used to, but keep practicing and you will develop muscle memory. Mastering these two paddles will help you dodge your enemies, perform cool trick shots and gain the upperhand by jump sliding and doing damage with the ground slam without taking your thumbs off the thumbsticks.

Step Two: The Inner Paddles

While our SCUF Infinity4PS PRO for PS4 features two paddles, the IMPACT and Vantage for PS4, as well as the Prestige for Xbox One have four paddles available. Having more paddles available means that you can transfer more actions previously used with your thumbs to your back fingers to become faster and keep full control of your aim.

By default, the inner left paddle is mapped to Reload/Use (Square on PS4, X on Xbox) and the inner right paddle is mapped to Next Weapon (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox). Repeat the same process as before, but now incorporating one of the inner two paddles. Ignore their face buttons until you’re comfortable with using all the paddles instead of the facebuttons. With regular practice, it can take up to two weeks to be completely used to them. In a Loot ‘n Shooter like Borderlands 3, picking up items quickly and efficiently makes life easier with so many more items to pick up, and paddles vastly improve the experience.

Conquering all four paddles will give you the biggest advantage to quickly Jump, Reload/Use Items, Swap Weapons, and Slide/Crouch/Ground Slam all while keeping your thumb on the thumbstick, ready to aim.

Check out the Configurations below!

Borderlands 3 PC and PS4 controller
Borderlands 3 PC and PS4 controller

Step Three: Configuring the Paddles

Now that you’ve mastered the paddles, let’s start remapping. If your controller is equipped with our remapping feature, you can remap the paddles by using our EMR Mag Key (or just slide the remapping switch into remapping mode if you’re a SCUF Vantage owner). Press and hold the button you want to map to your paddle or sax button. When finished, remove the EMR key (or slide the remap switch back into play mode on SCUF Vantage) and you’re ready to go. You can tailor your SCUF to your playstyle just like you can select the best vault hunter for your playstyle. Keep an eye out for an article on more Borderlands 3 layouts coming soon!

Step Four: Select the right Thumbsticks for you

Whether you’re an aggressive gamer like Amara, the elemental brawler siren, who runs into battle to pulverize enemies, or you’re a defensive gamer like FL4K, the beastmaster, who stalks his prey and sends out his pets, SCUF thumbsticks are interchangeable to match your unique preference of comfort and playstyle.

There are two parts to the thumbstick: its shape and its length.

  • Concave thumbsticks are designed for more movement control.
  • Domed thumbsticks are designed for more accuracy.
  • Short thumbsticks are designed for quicker movement speed.
  • Tall thumbsticks are designed to have more angle to play with.

For aggressive gamers, like shotgun players, we recommend a short concave thumbstick on the left and a short domed thumbstick on the right. You’ll be quick to move and still ready to quickly aim.

For defensive gamers, like sniper players, we recommend a short concave thumbstick on the left and a tall domed thumbstick on the right. You can still move quickly, but also be the most accurate when aiming.

Step Five: Activate the Trigger Control System

While paddles improve your overall performance and thumbsticks improve your aim, our trigger system will take your speed when aiming and shooting to the next level. SCUF’s Trigger Control system is available on every controller model and offers full trigger customization through adjustable trigger stops and hair triggers.

For Borderlands 3, you will want to have your trigger stops on except when you plan on using vehicles (which require the full trigger motion to operate). They will reduce the amount your trigger has to travel past the activation point and will allow for faster shooting and aiming.

To further tune your trigger movement, the hair triggers will allow you to modify the distance to the activation point. You should only adjust your hair triggers in game; start by turning the key until you hit the activation point which is where your weapon will start shooting on its own, then dial it back 1 turn, or to your preference.

Step Six: Selecting Other SCUF Options

Digital Tap Bumpers and Digital Tap Triggers

For dedicated shooter players, you can also choose our Digital Tap Bumpers and Digital Triggers options (for SCUF IMPACT & Infinity4PS PRO). These features completely eliminate the range of movement of the bumpers and triggers and provides a feel similar to a mouse click. This is only recommended for players who only play shooter games.


Vibration can affect your aim, but also cause fatigue overtime from the added weight in your controller. We recommend ordering your SCUF without vibration modules / rumbles (or taking them out if you’re using a SCUF Vantage).

Sax Buttons

If you are a SCUF Vantage owner, you have two additional access points called Sax Buttons designed to further reduce finger movement and therefore improve your performance. These are located on the side of the controller which you can engage using your inner finger. We recommend mapping Action Skill (L1 on PS4) to S1 and Grenades (R1 on PS4 to S2 to start with. Activate your action skill and toss grenades in the middle of battle without moving your fingers off the triggers.

Borderlands 3 PC and PS4 controller


Now that you have customized the different aspects of your controller, it’s time to jump in-game and test your new setup. Like every change, adjusting to these new settings may take some time – however, with practice and dedication, every SCUF feature will help you reach your full potential and wreak havoc on Pandora and the Borderlands!

Apex Legends Season 2: Battle Charge Preview

EA and Respawn gave us a heads up a little while back at E3 that Apex Legends would have Leviathan-sized things to come on July 2. With that date rapidly approaching, the full details have finally spilled out on Season 2: Battle Charge. What’s in store for those that will jump into the action? Let’s take a closer look.

New Apex Legend: Natalie “Wattson” Paquette


First up, there’s the electrifying new legend, Wattson. She’s got some truly defensive skills, as she can place and connect multiple nodes to create defensive fencing on the map. Enemies attempting to pass through will have their location pinged and be in for a literal shock when they take a hit to their health in addition to movement slowdown.

Taking full advantage of performance aim and shooting with your SCUF will be more important than ever against Wattson as her ultimate ability, the Interception Pylon, will destroy any explosives and equipment you throw within her radius. This gets more difficult if she’s stockpiling Ultimate Accelerants, which can give her Ultimate Ability a full recharge thanks to her unique passive ability, Spark of Genius.

New Apex Weapon: L-STAR

Along with Wattson, the new season of Apex Legends will feature a sweet new weapon that should prove to be a real game-changer: the L-STAR plasma rifle.

This high-powered LMG fires unique projectiles that are larger than those shot by other weapons in the game, allowing for players to deliver a dangerous spray. Be careful, however, as the L-STAR can overheat. Learning how to feather your shot will be essential to mastering this weapon. Look for the L-STAR to spawn exclusively in airdrops.

Time To Take Charge

Prepare to take charge because Apex Legends is set to make you feel like a Champion all over again when it launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC soon. For those in need of a refresher, brush up with our How to SCUF video and visit our Apex Legends hub for more tips. See you in Ranked Mode!

The SCUF Destiny Game Guide

Blurring the lines between the MMO, RPG and FPS, Bungie’s Destiny sends you through an elaborate space opera to save humanity from ruthless alien forces that want to see us extinct.

In this game guide, we’ll be showing you how to get the most out of your SCUF controller when playing in the massive online world of Destiny.


Paddle configuration:

There is always a reason to keep an eye over your shoulder in the world of Destiny. Your foes aren’t above getting in a shot when you’re trying to loot ammo crates or even when you’re reviving a teammate.

For maximum efficiency, set your controller configuration to Puppeteer and map your left paddle to Square (for the PS4) or X (for the Xbox One). This setup will allow you to revive teammates or loot crates while keeping your thumb on the thumbstick: letting you keep aiming to avoid an enemy who’s trying to get the drop on you!

In addition, map your right paddle to X (for the PS4) or A (for the Xbox One). Jumping and aiming in Destiny can be quite difficult, but players who make use of abilities like Icarus will be very happy to have the ability to do both at once.

Trigger Stops:

Single fire weapons only shoot as quickly as you can pull the trigger, and that’s where SCUF’s trigger stops come in. By activating these stops, a Guardian can put down more fire in a shorter amount of time, making that Scout Rifle even more deadly. And if you’re looking to hop on your Sparrow and cruise to the next zone, turning off your trigger stops takes seconds, and doesn’t require a game restart.


Thumbstick preference is a personal choice when compared to SCUF’s other customizable features. However, TeamSCUF prefers using regular concave thumbsticks for the ability to really dig in our thumbs when running and gunning. This is particularly effective in extended game sessions, where you’re more likely to lose that grip over time.

Destiny is one of the biggest games in the galaxy, and with Destiny 2 on the horizon, we hope to see every Guardian in TeamSCUF gearing up to take down that Wizard from the Moon.

Let us know what configuration has worked best for you! Follow SCUF on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what you think.

TeamSCUF Is Playing Some Injustice 2!


Once again, the galaxy is in danger of destruction from unstoppable forces, and once again, it looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

Injustice 2 is being released today for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and TeamSCUF has been gearing up to play. Everything about this sequel makes us think of what we loved about the original Injustice: Gods Among Us. All of those classic conflicts are there: friend versus friend, father versus son, and Batman versus everybody. But now the malevolent Brainiac is pulling the strings.

With dozens of characters to play and master, everyone’s scrambling to get their grind in, and TeamSCUF is no different. In addition to the ability to map button attacks to the SCUF Infinity1 and the SCUF IMPACT’s paddle control system, we’ve already thanked our lucky Starfires for the SCUF Control Disc, which makes our movements more fluid than we could expect from a regular D-Pad.

What characters are you looking to master?

More importantly than that, whose side are you taking? Are you still in Superman’s corner? Or are you looking to bring down the Dictator Man of Steel?


Halo: When Red vs. Blue Is Life

Halo Game Guide

First appearing as a launch title for Xbox in 2001, the Halo series continues to be one of Microsoft’s strongest gaming franchises.

Bolstered by the founding of the Halo World Championship in 2014, the Halo series has been a staple in competitive gaming since the very beginning. Its fresh take on level design and combat technology has made it a favorite in the eyes of millions of gamers, including pro gamers such as Brett “Naded” Leonard, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, and Tyler “Spartan” Ganza.


Paddle configuration:

When under fire in Blood Gulch or Lockout, every split second counts and SCUF’s patented paddles are exactly what a player needs to make the most out of every moment.

       –  Map the left D-Pad button to your outer-left paddle. This means you can cycle through your grenades without sacrificing movement.

       –  Map X to your inner-left paddle to focus your Sprint and movement to the same hand.

       –  Map B to your inner-right paddle. Never lift your thumb from the thumbstick in order to aim and strike with melee or a Spartan Charge.

       –  Map A to your outer-right paddle. This will allow you to jump and aim with the same hand at the same time.



The SCUF interchangeable thumbstick system means a perfect fit for any hand size.

       –  For the left thumbstick, go with a regular-sized concave: this allows you to dig in for movement, and makes it that much easier to click for a ground pound.

       –  For the right thumbstick, a long-sized dome is the best way to go. The shape allows you to roll your thumb smoothly to aim, and the length of the stick assures quicker precision.


What The Experts Say:

I use 1 paddle on my SCUF to switch grenades. Since in Halo 5 you can only switch nades with left or right on the dpad, having a paddle for it allows for easy, on the fly switches to your plasma nades/splinter nades to be able to pick up quick sticks or reversals. They don’t call me Naded for nothing.”

–Brett “Naded” Leonard

For Halo 5 specifically, it was almost a necessity for me to get used to the SCUF paddles. This game has multiple different mechanics the Halo franchise hadn’t seen before, and keeping your thumb on the joysticks is monumental to being able to shoot and maneuver well around the map. If it wasn’t for the paddles I would’ve had to change my controller settings and layout I’ve used for years

–Eric “Snip3down” Wrona

I use my left paddle to Sprint/Stabilize, and my right one is to thrust/dash.

–Cuyler “Huke” Garland

For Honor: SCUF and the Art of the Duel

For Honor Game Guide

For Honor is a unique take on multiplayer competition. Choosing to fight for the bloodthirsty Vikings, the honor-bound Knights, or the mysterious Samurai is the first step to dueling, slashing, and clobbering your way to the top of the faction leaderboards.

Rather than the twitch-based run-and-gun that many gamers have come to expect from the online scene, For Honor requires a patience and deliberate style. Even in its PC version, a quality controller can mean the difference between glorious victory or a soggy defeat at the bottom of a ledge.


The most important aspect of For Honor’s controls lies in the thumbsticks. Swapping in and out of different stances to avoid one katana or long sword can be tough when it’s a one-on-one duel. It’s even worse when you’re facing down 2, 3, or even 4 other players!

       –  Put a regular length concave thumbstick on the left side of your controller, and pair it with a regular length domed stick on the right.

       –  The concave shape on the left thumbstick lets you dig in, which you’ll need when circling your opponent.

       –  The domed shape helps you float between stances: blocking hits that would have torn your head off otherwise.


As far as paddle configuration is concerned, the two most important face buttons in the heat of battle are your Guard Break (Square for Playstation, X for Xbox) and your Dodge (X for Playstation, A for Xbox).

       –  Map the Dodge button to a left paddle. This keeps your movement and dodge on the same hand, making movements more fluid.

       –  Map Guard Break to a right paddle. This leaves the right hand ready to change stances or attack should the opportunity present itself.

Need to remap your paddles on the fly? Check out our EMR instruction guide!


Long, tense duels means sweaty hands and plenty of tension. Getting the right handle on your controller means choosing the right grip and shell for your SCUF.

       –  SCUF Grip or Pro Grip handles are ideal for keeping your hands tight on the controller, game after game.

       –  SCUF’s Soft Touch finish means that your hands are comfortable and secure.

Be sure to keep a bottle of GamerGrip handy, especially when your teammates get slaughtered and you’re facing down angry Vikings.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare — The Rig You Need And How To Use It

The newest iteration of the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare, has arrived for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and this time we’re headed to Space. The movement and action of the game is similar to previous games Black Ops: 3 and Advanced Warfare, with wall-running, boost-jumping, and specialist classes (Rigs) all making a return in IW. The fast-paced First Person Shooter is literally taken to new heights in the campaign and some multiplayer levels, as players engage in tense firefights in zero-gravity.

The multiplayer delivers the fast, futuristic, and fun gameplay that CoD is known for. Close quarters maps ensure that there’s literally action around every corner, and fan favorite guns from previous CoD games make their return, disguised with fun aliases. Much like other titles in the Call of Duty series, the game is fully realized with the addition of a SCUF Controller. From the high mobility and verticality, to the number of jump and drop-shots players will be performing, the SCUF shines brightly and offers a noticeable improvement to overall gameplay.

Paddle Configurations:

As with most Call of Duty games, the Infinite Warfare multiplayer gives players tons of customization options to let them play the way they want. Weapon type, weapon attachments, Lethal and Tactical Grenades, Rigs, and of course the three perk system are just some of the options available to customize in IW. Below we’ll provide our recommended class and SCUF Controller setup that worked best for us as we played through the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer.

Assault Rifle Class:

A well-rounded class that can be used in just about any situation, but will excel in longer-ranged gunfights.


     •  KBAR-32: Full-auto ballistic rifle with a fast fire rate and increased hip fire control.

     •  Elo Attachment: Emitted light optic sight with a floated illuminated reticle.

     •  Quickdraw Attachment: Custom grip for fast aiming down the sites. An essential attachment for any Assault class. 

     •  Oni Secondary Weapon: Full-auto energy pistol that accelerates fire rate over time.

     •  Seeker Grenade: An autonomous device that will seek out nearby enemies before exploding.

     •  Jammer Grenade: Jams enemy minimap, movement, and aiming systems.

     •  Ghost Perk 1: Player character is invisible to UAV and radar pings. A must have perk for most multiplayer skirmishes.

     •  Tracker Perk 2: Offers the ability to see trails left behind by enemies. Good for tracking down targets.

     •  Gung-Ho Perk 3: Player is able to shoot, use equipment and activate scorestreak rewards while sprinting. Great for the fast paced action of Infinite Warfare.

     •  Warfighter Rig: Assault class battle-rig made to perform well in any situation.

     •  Claw Payload: Rapid fire spread shot firearm with ricochet ballistic rounds to take out multiple enemies and even kill around corners.

     •  Ping Trait: Kills and assists activate a minimap ping at the enemy’s location, allowing easier continuation of scorestreaks.

Our Assault class paddle configurations are YBXA for Xbox One and Triangle/X for Playstation 4. The most frequently used abilities should always be mapped to the outermost paddles for ease of use. Most classes in Infinite Warfare will make liberal use of the jump/thrust function, but our Assault class is heavily reliant on the Oni pistol for most close range situations. An easily-accessible quick weapon swap will benefit victory during CQB.

codiw-game-guide-xb1-axyb-768x480_v1 codiw-game-guide-ps4-x_triange-768x480_v1

Submachine Gun Class:

Our go-to run and gun class for smaller, close quarters encounters.


     •  HVR: Full auto ballistic firearm with best-in-class stopping power. Incredible damage while maintaining the mobility of a SMG.

     •  Reflex Attachment: A precision red dot sight

     •  Quickdraw Attachment: Custom grip offering quicker aiming down sights. Essential for a fast paced class.

     •  Rifled Barrel Attachment: Extended stopping power range for taking down opponents at a distance.

     •  NV4 Secondary Weapon (Overkill: Use a second primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot): Full-auto ballistic rifle with a moderate fire rate. Made for taking down enemies at longer range.

     •  Plasma Grenade Lethal: A sticky grenade that explodes into a pool of burning plasma.

     •  Dexterity Perk 1: Reload and swap weapons faster. Mandatory for running two primary weapons and a SMG that burns through ammo quickly.

     •  Hardline Perk 2: Gain bonus experience points for each kill.

     •  Gung-Ho Perk 3: Player is able to shoot, use equipment and activate scorestreak rewards while sprinting. Essential for a run and gun class.

     •  Synaptic Rig: C6 class remote operated robot, optimized for speed and close quarters combat. Partners beautifully with speed.

     •  Equalizer Payload: Dual integrated machine guns with built in suppressors to complement the close range class.

     •  Combat Burst Trait: Gain a brief boost to movement speed after each kill, allowing for faster traversing of the map.

Our SMG run and gun class is heavily focused on movement and quick kills. Because of this, we chose to configure our controller to XBYA on Xbox One and Square/X on Playstation 4. Our SMG class is designed to increase movement speed as players get kills, and since the HVR has a very low “time-to-kill”, expect to be ping-ponging across the map for the majority of games. In addition to that, the high fire rate of SMGs will burn through ammo quickly, so making sure the reload button is easily accessible will guarantee a full clip before jumping to the next firefight.

codiw-game-guide-xb1-axyb-768x480_v2 codiw-game-guide-ps4-x_square-768x480_v2

Sniper Class:

Our marksman class for those who enjoy sharp-shooting.


     •  EBR 800: Semi-auto energy rifle with an alternate automatic fire mode for close range skirmishes.

     •  Variable Zoom Attachment: Pressing R3 when scoped in will cycle between three different zoom distances, perfect for adjusting to any sniping situation.

     •  Spartan-SA3 Secondary Weapon: A lock-on anti air launcher, perfect for taking out enemy scorestreaks attempting to foil a sniper spree.

     •  Trip Mine Lethal: A magnetic mine that triggers when an enemy passes through its beam, perfect for flank prevention while sniping in the opposite direction.

     •  Personal Radar Tactical: A sensor array that uses heat signatures to track enemies that are closing in.

     •  Ghost Perk 1: Makes players invisible to UAV and radar pings, assuring a safe sniping position.

     •  Cold Blooded Perk 2: Makes players invisible to thermal detection systems. An extra layer of stealth for a sniper to go under the radar.

     •  Hardline Extra Perk 2: Gain bonus experience points for enemy kills.

     •  Marksman Perk 3: See enemy names from greater distance and reduce flinch when under fire and using a sniper rifle.

     •  Phantom Rig: Specializes in concealing players involved in long-range engagements. A natural fit for our sniping class.

     •  Active Camo Payload: Allows players to go (almost) completely invisible for a few brief moments to escape firefights or reposition on the map.

     •  Heightened Senses Trait: While aiming down sights with a sniper rifle, gain increased audio feedback and warning radar blips for nearby enemies.

Unlike our other classes in IW our Sniping class doesn’t require high mobility to thrive considering most snipers benefit from shooting in a stationary position. With that in mind, our paddle layout for sniping is XBAY for Xbox One and Square/Triangle for Playstation 4. Despite energy weapons slowly regeneration ammo over time, we found ourselves reloading our sniper quite often; and when the EBR is switches to its fully-automatic mode, reloading becomes even more essential. Speaking of the automatic mode, having the “swap weapons” button mapped to an outside paddle is extremely helpful for situations needing a more close ranged weapon. Simply hold down the paddle to switch between sniper rifle and assault rifle with ease, a function that saved us more times that we could count.

codiw-game-guide-xb1-axyb-768x480_v3 codiw-game-guide-ps4-triangle_square-768x480_v3

Titanfall 2: Wall running with your SCUF


Titanfall 2 has landed on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and has been met with high praise from critics and fans of the series alike. The game is centered around fast-paced parkour-style FPS gameplay, coupled with transitions into the massive mech suits (Titans) that can dish out heavy damage. Titanfall 2 also introduces a single-player campaign mode, a first for the series. Players will guide a pilot and their Titan companion through a vast story filled with breathtaking vistas, narrative driven characters, and impossible odds to overcome.

The multiplayer returns better than ever with the additions of new guns, Tacticals, Ordinances, and Titans to make the series feel fresh and polished. The amount of fluid movement players will perform in-game is staggering. In fact, players will rarely be standing still, even in multiplayer or while sniping. Because of this high amount of movement, a SCUF Controller truly benefits a player’s abilities to perform in tense situations.

Paddle Configurations:

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer gives you an incredible amount of customization options. Anything ranging from primary and secondary guns to Tacticals, Ordinances, and Titans is fair game for altering to meet player preference. SCUF Controllers with “EMR”, otherwise known as Electro-magnetic Remapping, are vital to making the most of each loadout. Below we’ll be giving our recommended paddle configurations for three different loadouts that worked for us in the Titanfall 2 multiplayer.


Assault Class:

Our go-to class for being in the heat of the action, running and gunning down opponents.


     •  R-201 Assault Rifle: A gun that can kill just as efficiently over long distance as it can close up.

     •  Charge Rifle: Can inflict serious damage to enemy Titans.

     •  Phase Shift Tactical: Used to phase a pilot out of existence for a short time, allowing players to reposition, juke pursuing enemies, or sneak up close for a melee kill.

     •  Frag Grenades

     •  Power Cell Kit

     •  Kill Report Kit 

     •  Ion Class Titan with Assault Chip and Warpfall: Perfect for fighting alongside a Titan rather than piloting it. The Assault Chip increases AI capabilities, allowing Pilots to take out enemies or capture points.

Our paddle configuration for this setup is the standard AXYB on Xbox ONE and X/O on Playstation 4. Experienced Titanfall players know that jump is the most used function, closely followed by sliding/crouching. Those functions will give players maximum mobility to cross the map at high speeds, quickly advance on an enemy, or even dodge incoming fire with high efficiency. Check out the diagrams below for our exact mapping layout.

titanfall-game-guide-xb1-axyb   titanfall-game-guide-ps4-x-o



Sniping Class:

Sniping in Titanfall is difficult. Everything is working against the player. The game encourages constant mobility partnered with Tactical abilities that turn players invisible or increase movement speed, and there are bullet-drop effects when shooting over long distances making some shots very difficult to hit. Despite all that, a SCUF controller has helped keep our KD above 1.0 when sniping in Titanfall 2.


     •  Krager Sniper Rifle: A one-shot kill just about anywhere the enemy is hit.

     •  RE-45 Auto Pistol: A gun that could rival some primaries in terms of kill potential.

     •  Cloak: Allows for safe positioning, escaping enemy fire, and maneuvering around Titans.

     •  Arc Grenades: Stuns both humans and Titans alike.

     •  Power Cell Kit

     •  Low Profile Kit

     •  Tone Class Titan: Can deal massive damage at range with its 40MM Tracker Cannon and Guided Missiles. Can also launch a Sonar Lock to scout out enemy locations            before sniping.

Our Sniping setup requires less movement and more patience than the Assault class. As a result, we like running our paddles as ABXY on Xbox ONE and X/Triangle on Playstation 4. Jumping should always be mapped to a paddle on a SCUF in Titanfall 2. It’s essential in order to excel within the multiplayer. We chose the Swap Weapon function as our right paddle for emergency situations that call for the auto-pistol over the sniper rifle itself. Those functions mapped to the paddles offer extra time to aim, wall-run, or swap weapons all without hindering sight or movement.

titanfall-game-guide-xb1-abxy   titanfall-game-guide-ps4-x-triangle



Our third setup is based around the Spitfire LMG, but also functions nicely with the X-55 Devotion LMG. In Titanfall 2 LMGs are best utilized at mid to long ranges and while stationary to fully utilize the steady rate of fire and large magazines.


     •  Spitfire LMG: a high-magazine count LMG that offers good kill potential at a variety of ranges

     •  Archer Anti-Titan Weapon: a lock-on rocket launcher perfect for damaging Titans across the map

     •  A-Wall Tactical: a deployable cover that pilots can shoot through, providing both cover and defensive positioning

     •  Fire Charge (or Satchels)

     •  Ordnance Expert Kit

     •  Kill Report Kit

     •  Scorch Class Titan: Large and slow, this Titan specializes in launching fire damage across the battlefield with its T-203 Thermite Launcher, and setting the ground                 (and anything on it) ablaze with the Incendiary Trap and Firewall.

Despite this class being designed around being stationary and holding points, we still believe players should have the Jump function mapped to the left paddle. Mobility is crucial to every aspect of Titanfall 2 multiplayer, and not mapping it would be detrimental to any player’s KD. Our entire setup for this loadout is ABYX for Xbox ONE and X/Square on Playstation 4. LMGs have increased magazine sizes, and players will find themselves taking a few moments to make sure their weapon is reloaded and ready for the next onslaught. A SCUF offers the ability to maintain a steady aim, and ready-position, while reloading or wall-running the next choke point. These concepts are essential for proper LMG play as players will discover that high fire-rates are more manageable from a stationary position.

titanfall-game-guide-abyx   titanfall-game-guide-ps4-x-square


Battlefield 1: Large-scale battles with your SCUF

The newest edition to the Battlefield franchise has arrived and brings with it all of the intense, massive, team-based FPS battles that we’ve come to know and love. SCUF recently had a chance to play through the Great War, and we’ve come up with a few pointers for people who want to SCUF up their game.


Paddle Configuration:

Like most FPS games, you can see a significant improvement in your Battlefield gameplay by equipping yourself with a SCUF Controller. Unlike most FPS games, Battlefield’s multiplayer can put you in the role of a number of different classes, each with a different kit to help your teammates or hinder your opponents. With that in mind, a SCUF controller would greatly benefit from the Electromagnetic Remapping feature, allowing you to reprogram your paddles on the fly to fit any situation on the battlefield. Beyond remapping the face buttons of AXYB or X/Square/Triangle/O, EMR can also remap left and right on the Dpad which controls your “Gadgets”, which include Defibrillators, Repair tools, Ammo Packs, and C4 to name a few. Those gadgets can literally be life or death during a multiplayer Battlefield game, and having them at your fingertips while still being able to move makes a huge difference.


A typical Battlefield 1 multiplayer map is anything but typical: one moment you could be parachuting off a clifftop while throwing a grenade at an unsuspecting tank below, and the next moment could have you at the front lines reviving teammates with your Defibrillator. Due to this, there is no “best” thumbstick configuration for Battlefield. So your best bet is to play with whatever thumbsticks you are most comfortable with. That idea is best used in conjunction with the SCUF Infinity series of controllers as they allow you to swap out thumbsticks very quickly with the SCUF Ring and Lock system. That being said, you can never go wrong with the SCUF recommended classic for FPS games: a SCUF Concave thumbstick on the left, and a SCUF Domed thumbstick on the right. The concave stick lets you dig in for pinpoint control of your movement while the rounded domed stick is perfect for quick camera movements that allow you to snap onto your next target in a flash.