SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland

In this week’s profile, we’re looking at one of Europe’s great leaders in Mark ‘MarkyB’ Bryceland.


For a player now so well established among Europe’s Call of Duty elite, MarkyB came from more humble beginnings than many of his peers. MarkyB’s isn’t a story of instant success, nor of talent immediately recognized and welcomed with open arms to the upper echelons. Instead, MarkyB took the longer road, determinedly working his way to where he is today – at the very top.

MarkyB’s career goes all the way back to Black Ops 1, but it was hardly an explosive start, finishing in the top forty at his first event. Not to be discouraged, however, MarkyB continued to compete at events, gradually improving and working his way up the ladder.

His big break came during Black Ops 2, when MarkyB joined TCM Gaming. With them, he pulled off one of Europe’s early highlight international performances, defeating both Impact and OpTic Gaming on the way to a second place finish at Gfinity 1. This was the team with whom MarkyB truly joined the ranks of the elite, and though there were various team changes during his tenure, MarkyB was a feature of the TCM roster all the way through to the end of Call of Duty: Ghosts.


Current team

MarkyB has spent Infinite Warfare as part of one of Europe’s most successful teams. Though a recent change of organization sees them representing Millenium these days, they’re one of the few elite squads in the region that has competed at every event with the same roster.

At the start of the season, it was Splyce and then-Orbit that most eyes fell upon to lead the way for European Call of Duty, each team featuring half of the Splyce squad that made the finals at Black Ops 3’s Call of Duty Championship. So far, however, it has been MarkyB’s team that have found the most success internationally.

At the CWL Atlanta Open and the CWL Paris Open, Millenium (then Infused) picked up top-six and fourth-place finishes respectively. While even many of North America’s elite have struggled to maintain their level of performance, MarkyB and co have been one of the more consistent squads in the world.

Career highlight

Though MarkyB is a player with several domestic titles under his belt, in many ways his greatest accomplishment wasn’t in a tournament victory. For its significance in the wider context of Call of Duty history, MarkyB’s highlight moment arguably came in his third-place finish at MLG Anaheim 2014 with TCM Gaming.

Having been knocked into the loser bracket in the very first round by FaZe Red, the team went on an epic run through the loser bracket, eliminating Denial, Team Kaliber, FaZe Black and Curse Black on their way to a third-place finish.

At the time, it was the greatest result for a European team on American soil ever, a record which held for more than two years until it was eclipsed by Splyce at the most recent Call of Duty Championships. While it wasn’t a trophy, the performance still stands out as a highlight for European Call of Duty.



MarkyB isn’t the sort of player to take over games by himself, but that’s not his job. In-game, MarkyB is a leader. He’s the player that’s going ensure communication remains high, co-ordinate what the team needs to be doing and making sure his players’ heads stay in the game.

Typically found wielding an Assault Rifle, MarkyB is a player happy to take a hit to his personal statistics if it means greater success for the team. Not everyone can be a super-star, and while it’s the star players who put up big numbers that usually receive the most praise, in order to facilitate those players someone has to fill the gaps the team needs covering.

For his teams, MarkyB is often that player. It’s not the most glamorous role, but it’s a necessary one, and it’s MarkyB’s willingness to do what’s necessary to win, as well as his understanding of the game and ability to adapt and improve that has allowed him to rise from placing in the top-forty at a domestic open event to playing for one of the best teams in the world.

Public persona

While North American Call of Duty players have long since embraced the public aspect of professional gaming, it took Europe a little longer to adopt content creation, and as a region still lag behind their North American counterparts in that respect.

However, MarkyB is one of the few European players that has always seemed comfortable taking a public role, streaming regularly since a fair time before many of his peers made it a habit and also dabbling in YouTube at times.

As one of the European players most comfortable in the spotlight, it’s not uncommon to find MarkyB giving interviews on behalf of his team, or voicing his opinion on a particular issue. A combination of his understanding of the game and ability to articulate himself makes MarkyB one of the more insightful speakers in European Call of Duty.

Clayster Takes Over SCUF Headquarters!


SCUF HQ got a surprise visitor today in the form of pro gaming legend James “Clayster” Eubanks, who visited to celebrate the release of his new SCUF controller. The FaZe Clan superstar spent the day in full takeover mode, enjoying the opportunity to take the first SCUF Clayster for a test run, and even including a personalized note for one lucky fan. It’s only been a few months since his last visit to Scuf Gaming, and the staff and crew were more than happy to see him return. It was only suiting that Clayster be the one to announce his new SCUF controller, and he gave the world his impressions during a live Q&A.

Clayster-5866 Clayster-5909 Clayster-5989

At the end of a long day, Clayster announced a giveaway to celebrate the arrival of the new controller, before heading out to enjoy the sights and sounds of Atlanta. Clayster’s sleek, new design couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the world of gaming.

The new SCUF Clayster controller is based on the labyrinth-like logo of pro gaming legend James “Clayster” Eubanks. Sporting a brightly colored motif against a classic black shell, this maze-like design reminds the world of the incredible twists and turns that Clayster’s career has taken, as he has moved from one team to another, learning and evolving as he went. This new member of the Esports Collection represents the product of hard-won success, and is available for the SCUF IMPACT, Infinity4PS, and Infinity1 Series controllers.

Check out the details on the SCUF Clayster and enter the Giveaway to win one of your own!

SCUF Affiliate Of The Week: Josiah “Slacked” Berry

SCUF celebrates another incredible pro gamer this week with Josiah “Slacked” Berry, Luminosity’s storied Objectives player.

Living Esports-Slacked


Like many legendary pro gamers, Josiah “Slacked” Berry made his way into the Pro Circuit with Call of Duty: Black Ops. During the MLG National Championships in 2011, the newcomer and his team Notorious stunned audiences by finishing 7th in an overall spread that included veteran teams such as OpTic Gaming and Team EnVyUs.

Slacked would return to the MLG National Championships in 2013 alongside heavy hitter Clayster in UNiTE Gaming, where they would take 2nd place to Fariko Impact, only further cementing a reputation that would show no signs of slowing in future events.

For the following several years, Slacked would continue his hard-won reputation as a solid asset to the world of Call of Duty, competing alongside legends such as NAMELESS, PHiZZURP, Saints, and many others. He was seen on the rosters of several well-known gaming organizations, including a year long run with Rise Nation.


Current Team

After years of proving himself on the virutal battlefield, Slacked has settled into his role as an Objectives player with Luminosity Gaming.

This switch was not without controversy, as Slacked left Rise Nation alongside two teammates, Sam “Octane” Larew, and Nicholas “Classic” Di Constanzo, to form an almost entirely brand new Luminosity with Renato “Saints” Forza. It was not a decision made lightly, and in a video that he posted to YouTube, Slacked explained that he felt that the team was no longer progressing in a way that made sense for them.

Formed at the end of 2016, this new iteration of Luminosity had a lot to prove, and they didn’t waste any time making it clear that they wouldn’t be pushovers. Slacked has been a major force to be reckoned with in the new Luminosity, making a strong showing at MLG Atlanta 2017 and MLG Dallas 2017.


Career Highlights

While Slacked hasn’t yet secured a Championship ring, it would be foolish to write him off. At only 19 years old, Slacked has already achieved a career that many can only dream of. And with 1st place finishes at UMG South Carolina Champion Tournament in 2016 and defeating OpTic Gaming at the Totino’s Invitational in 2015, it’s clear that Slacked has a taste for victory.

Public Persona

If there’s one thing that takes you off guard about this 19 year old pro gamer, it’s his level of professionalism and respect for the game. During public events and interviews, Slacked has always made it clear how lucky he considers himself to be as a part of this world. And beyond that, it becomes abundantly clear that he respects Call of Duty as a profession, which means he is always bringing his best foot forward, whether it be on the virtual battlefield, or treating his fans with admiration and gratitude.

When he and the majority of Rise Nation left to join Luminosity, Slacked released a video explaining the situation and their reasons for making the change. In this way he made himself something of a mouthpiece for the team. And with his cool head and gracious attitude, it’s no wonder that he stands out among his team mates as a thoughtful, consummate professional.

For a deeper look into what makes Josiah “Slacked” Berry a force to be reckoned with, visit his SCUF Living Esports profile, and hear from the man himself!


SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Chelsea “Minks” Sandy


In 2012, Minks was a Pharmacy student at the University of South Australia. She expected to finish her degree, spend some time working as a pharmacist and eventually perhaps train as a doctor. Her true passion, however, lay not in medicine, but in video games. Unfortunately, gaming wouldn’t make for much of a career.

In March of 2013, Minks discovered Twitch. She’d already dabbled in YouTube, making Call of Duty montages and commentaries, but in live streaming she found her platform.

Minks kept at it, and gradually her audience grew. Through a combination of commitment and a talent for entertaining, she increased her presence on Twitch until, in November of 2014, she was able to turn her passion into a full-time occupation.

Now, Minks has nearly 340,000 followers on Twitch, and her YouTube channel, more of a side project these days, nevertheless boasts more than 55,000 subscribers.


Going Beyond

While Minks spends most of her time streaming, Twitch isn’t the only place she can be found. Making the most of her interest in competitive Call of Duty, she’s also to be seen from time to time at events, both as a spectator and occasionally as part of the broadcast, and sometimes in the role of interviewer.

Minks has also made a point of being a vocal advocate for women in gaming. Having built a platform for herself, she’s often taken the opportunity to use that spotlight to both highlight the difficulties that women can face in the space, but also encourage others to follow in her footsteps.


Multi-gamer Entertainer

While Minks made her name playing and streaming Call of Duty, as a gamer at heart Minks is also well versed in a wide range of titles. Be it PC or console, Minks plays and streams everything from the biggest multi-player games like League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch to single-player titles such as Until Dawn, Metal Gear Solid, and Outlast.

Minks has further expanded her repertoire to including regular cooking shows, in which she attempts to teach audiences how to bake mouth watering snacks in her own unique way. Her baking shows have become a popular feature, and in collaboration with numerous guests, have thrown up some of the highlights of her time on Twitch.


Outside the Stream

Minks splits her time between her native Australia and the United States, following her high profile engagement to popular World League commentator, Mr X. Since then, Minks has featured even more heavily at major events around the world, from London to Los Angeles. For more action from one of SCUF’s favorite streamers, be sure to follow Minks on Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram.


Scuf Gaming Launches SCUF Spain!

Scuf Gaming is proud to announce the launch of SCUF Spain’s social media accounts on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram! These pages join SCUF Global, SCUF France, and SCUF Italy as Team SCUF makes its way all over the world.

Follow SCUF Spain for SCUF-related news and Spanish esports announcements!


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SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Dillon ‘Attach’ Price

This week, we’re taking a look at one of the most talented and successful players Call of Duty has ever seen. Over the last few years, Dillon ‘Attach’ Price’s impact at the highest level of competition has been significant and undeniable.  



Attach made his LAN debut on Black Ops 2 with an amateur team, but his journey to becoming the player he is today really began on Call of Duty: Ghosts. At the start of the game, he joined eLevate, where he was playing alongside another future Call of Duty World Champion: Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat.

After a top-eight finish at UMG Philadelphia, the team would go their separate ways, and Attach found himself on Curse Youth. Following a season of the MLG CoD League, the Youth team was disbanded and Attach was moved onto Curse Orange, whose most notable achievement was a top-six at the MLG X Games, where Attach really began to grow his profile.

After failing to make it out of the open bracket at MLG Anaheim 2014 with Curse, Attach moved onto Rise Nation, with whom he would close out the season and pick up his highest placement to date, a fourth-place at UMG Nashville.

It wasn’t until Advanced Warfare that Attach truly completed his ascension into the elite. Finding himself on Denial, Attach would be part of a consensus top-two squad for the rest of the season, and earn recognition as one of the best players in the world.


Current team

Attach now competes as part of one of the longest-standing and most successful rosters in Call of Duty history – the current iteration of FaZe Clan.

When this team formed, they were the very first squad to consistently beat the dominant OpTic Gaming. They ended Advanced Warfare having broken the green wall in three grand finals, denying them titles with a consistency that none had yet managed.

The team have remained unchanged since their initial formation, despite struggling to quite replicate their initial results. Black Ops 3 was a less successful year for the team, with only top-four placements to speak of, but it’s perhaps to their credit that they’ve stuck together and worked to improve rather than taking the traditional route for Call of Duty and making a change whenever things don’t go as hoped.

This season, FaZe are very much a threat again. At the CWL Paris Open they made a finals appearance for the first time at a major event since Advanced Warfare, and they’ve added two third-places to their résumé on this game as well. Though they’ve yet to pick up a major title, they stand once again a step ahead of the majority of the field.


Career highlight

Attach has reached peaks that most players can only dream of. He’s been named one of the best players in the world, won numerous titles, and played kryptonite to arguably the greatest team of all time. Undoubtedly, however, the highlight that stands out above all others is his victory at the 2015 Call of Duty Championships.

It was an epic accomplishment for a squad that had lost to the heavy favourites of OpTic Gaming in consecutive finals prior to the event. When the two teams met in the first round of the winner bracket, many were already writing Denial off.

Attach and co overcame their rivals, however, and went on to win the biggest and most prestigious title Call of Duty has to offer. Attach himself put on a fantastic performance, even getting a few nods for MVP, though that accolade ultimately went to his team mate James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks.


Attach made his name as one of the most dangerous SMG players in the world. Boasting some of the quickest aim and fastest reflexes in the game, Attach gets in the enemy’s face and kills them. All of them.

Master of the multi-kill, Attach is one of relatively few players who can go up against multiple opponents, entire teams even, single-handedly and come out on top. It’s a quality that makes him immensely valuable to any team, capable of bailing them out of all but the toughest of situations.

In Tommey ‘ZooMaa’ Paparratto, Attach has the perfect SMG partner. Both relentlessly aggressive, they’re the front line of the FaZe attack, between them blowing holes in an enemy’s defence and giving their AR players room to maneuver.

At his best, Attach is also an almost unparalleled carry threat. Match his skill to his play-style, and when he’s on form you get a player that can take over games entirely.


Public Persona

Like most North American professional Call of Duty players, Attach is no stranger to social media. Boasting over 275,000 Twitter followers and nearly 170,000 YouTube subscribers, he’s accustomed to sharing his thoughts with his fans.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Attach’s persona is his positivity. Rarely seen without a smile, Attach isn’t one for arrogance or reductive criticism. Even in defeat, when many might turn to excuses or frustration, Attach can usually be found looking only to the future, always working towards improvement.

Humble in victory, gracious in defeat, Attach is as much a role model for aspiring players on social media as he is in-game.

For deeper insight into Attach’s pro gaming greatness, be sure to check out SCUF’s Living Esports profile on the champion!

SCUF Affiliate of the Week: Ben “Bance” Bance

This week, we’re highlighting one of Europe’s greatest talents, Splyce super-star Ben ‘Bance’ Bance. Following a meteoric rise to join Europe’s elite, Bance is now at the tip of the spear in the region’s fight on the international stage.


A relative new-comer to the upper echelons of Call of Duty, Bance made his competitive debut as recently as Advanced Warfare.

Taking the traditional path for a European competitor, he started out attending domestic events, the likes of Am2Pro, iSeries and EGL. Just months into his career, however, Bance’s profile was given a boost when, having surprisingly qualified for ESWC, his Barrage squad upset the dominant OpTic Gaming in the group stage.

Bance continued to rise through the domestic circuit, winning his first event at Insomnia 55 on Advanced Warfare. It was with the advent of Black Ops 3 and the Call of Duty World League that Bance really joined the big leagues, however, qualifying for Stage 1 with Splyce and ultimately helping to build the most successful European squad of the year.

Current team

After an uncertain start to his career, moving with relative frequency between teams in his rookie year, Bance seems to have found a home.

Having been a part of the very first roster assembled by Splyce on their entrance into Call of Duty at the start of Black Ops 3, Bance settled in for the long haul, remaining with the organisation ever since.

Now playing with the fifth iteration of the Splyce roster, Bance has been the one constant: the only player remaining of the original roster now that Joshua-Lee ‘Joshh’ Shepherd has departed.

Gearing up to play their first event together at the CWL Dallas Open, the new Splyce team have been tipped as the most individually talented squad in Europe.


Career Highlight

Bance isn’t without domestic success, having won the Gfinity Summer Masters on Black Ops 3, but his real highlight moments have come on the international stage.

Europe has long lagged behind North America when it comes to international competition, but that gap seems to have been shrinking over the last couple of years, and Bance has been one of the players leading that progression.

Mid-way through the Black Ops 3 season, Splyce showed promise when they beat FaZe Clan and Rise Nation on their way to the ESWC grand finals. The pinnacle of Bance’s career so far, however, came later in the year when the team repeated the feat, placing second at the Call of Duty Championships.

It may not be a trophy, but that result was the greatest achievement for a European Call of Duty  team to date, and Bance was a critical part of it, even garnering a number of nods for the MVP award despite Splyce’s eventual loss to Team EnVyUs.


Some players make their name through being vocal leaders or exceptional team players. Bance is a more traditional star, contributing through the sheer skill he brings to a team.

It’s a talent he was immediately recognized for, chosen as a Red Bull Rising Star at one of his very first events: Am2Pro 1. Since then, the accolades have piled up, getting the Red Bull MVP nod at both Gfinity Summer Masters and the Call of Duty Championships.

Most recently, Bance was ranked second on prominent caster Alan ‘Bricetacular’ Brice’s top ten European players list, which also featured input from a collection of top EU pro’s. In other words, Bance’s contemporaries recognize him as one of the best of them.

It’s not too hard to understand why. Simply put, Bance is a slayer. For all the clever strategy and carefully-planned tactics in the world, Bance is the sort of player who can single-handedly turn the tide of a game simply by killing everything in sight.


Public Persona

Unlike many of their North American counter-parts, most European pro players haven’t embraced the media side of esports to the same degree. While a handful of the more vocal players can be found streaming, Bance isn’t among them.

Though he doesn’t make use of the likes of YouTube or Twitch, Bance isn’t without a voice, posting regularly on Twitter. While he’s generally among the more reserved pros publicly, it’s not for lack of character, demonstrating a playful side by dabbing his way onto the stage for the Call of Duty Championships grand final.

SCUF Affiliate Of The Week: Ian “Crimsix” Porter

In the first in the series of SCUF’s Affiliates Of The Week, we’re looking at OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter – Call of Duty’s highest achieving player ever. With 29 Major event titles to his name, including a world title, few will ever achieve what Crimsix has achieved.

Living Esports-Crimsix


Crimsix called time on a short but relatively successful Halo career – where he shared a team with the likes of Lethul, Naded, Legit, Strongside and more – to link up with the compLexity Call of Duty team.

Crimsix needed little time to adjust to the scene and after winning one of the biggest online CoD tournaments in history, helped his team to 2nd place at his first offline tournament. A stellar 4th place finish at Call of Duty Championships 2013 went somewhat under the radar but a team change to acquire Clayster really put Crimsix and compLexity on the map.

Together with his new team, Crimsix and compLexity formed arguably Call of Duty’s greatest ever quartet, winning countless titles including the coveted Call of Duty Championship in 2014.


Current Team

Crimsix, together with compLexity and later Evil Geniuses, enjoyed sustained success at the top of the Call of Duty scene. Yet, after years on top it was time for a shift in gears. EG went out on a high note by winning the ESWC title, but change was in the air.

A series of high profile roster shuffles saw Crimsix join OpTic Gaming. After a successful start to life in Call of Duty’s most popular franchise, further roster changes saw the assembly of the OpTic Gaming team as it’s currently known: Crimsix, Scump, Formal, and Karma.

Together, the OpTic Gaming team boast three Call of Duty Championship rings and the most Major event titles wins of any CoD organization.

Their target for this year: Finally land an elusive Call of Duty Championship for OpTic Gaming. Another year of excellence is expected, but it’s the biggest prize of all that the team will have their eye on.


Career Highlight

As the game’s most accomplished player ever, Crimsix’s career is nothing but a highlight reel. Yet the accolade he’s only managed to scoop once is the Call of Duty Championship. In two consecutive years of OpTic Gaming dominance, the scene’s biggest prize has eluded Crimsix and his colleagues.

Talking about only winning one Call of Duty Championship is a mark of the career that Crimsix has so far enjoyed. The 2014 winning team were nothing short of worthy champions, and their lifting of the title was the culmination of over a year of redefining quality in Call of Duty.



As a player, Crimsix isn’t one for heavy trash talk, being overly outspoken, or being the most flashy.

His approach to the game is highly methodical, almost robot-like. His unflappable, unnerved, and sometimes untouchable gameplay has earned him the nickname ‘Crimbot’: a tag that Crimsix wears like a badge of honor.

Crimsix isn’t one to shy away from a clutch situation either, and over the years has held steely nerves while bagging his team’s most important rounds on their way to picking up major titles.

Most recently, Crimsix helped OpTic to their third successive ESWC title; his fifth in Paris.


Public Persona

Few can argue with Crimsix’s record as a player during his time with compLexity. 

Yet there was almost a feeling that Crimsix wasn’t getting the attention and stardom his accomplishments deserved. Whether it was their overwhelming dominance or the combination of players in the team, there was something about compLexity that the fans didn’t fully grasp.

His transfer to OpTic Gaming changed all of that. Finally, a supporting fan base came along with the titles. Crimsix further connected with the enormous OpTic fan base through regular YouTube videos, gaining over 500,000 subscribers to date.

His content ranges from Call of Duty gameplays to cooking challenges with his girlfriend.

For even more insights into the legendary Crimsix, check out SCUF’s Living Esports video on his life, his style, and his devotion to the game.


The Couple That Games Together Stays Together

Valentine’s Day has arrived: a day that fills some with warm, gooey feelings and others with unspeakable dread. At TeamSCUF, however, we believe that any excuse to sit down and play a game with the one you love (or the one you have a big crush on) is a good excuse. With that in mind, we’ve developed a short list of some of the best games for couples.

best games for couples


Probably the friendliest game on this list, the LittleBigPlanet series has been charming people for years, and playing alongside someone special to you offers a unique combination of working together and head-to-head competition. And that’s to say nothing of the idea of creating a level of your own and seeing how well your partner does against your puzzles and traps.

Mortal Kombat

If LittleBigPlanet is the friendliest game on this list, then Mortal Kombat might be the least friendly. Great for the competitive couple, this classic fighting franchise takes the whole “you stole my heart” idea to a very literal level. Show off your bone-splintering moves to (and against) your sweetheart, but try to remember: it’s just a game! It’s just a game until your sweetie throws you into a pit of spikes, that is.


Is there really anything more romantic than someone who will play Support for you? Fast and fun, Overwatch is perfect for almost anyone. With a massive cast of characters and roles, everyone has a chance at winning Player Of The Game: particularly when you’re playing alongside someone who cares enough to give you the heal at the right time, or just plain stay on the payload!

best games for couples


There is nothing quite as satisfying as roaming the countryside, fighting insane bad guys and collecting loot and incredible guns along the way. And if you can do it with someone to watch your back? Even better. The Borderlands series has been providing explosive combat and laughs for years, and its co-op mode is one of the best there! Just try to avoid fights over who gets what loot and you should be fine.

Battleblock Theater

Speaking of laughs, Battleblock Theater is another of those games that are perfect for some challenging but light-hearted fun with a loved one. With all its puzzles and hurdles to overcome, cooperation is the name of the game! Work together with your partner to uncover all the mysteries and humor of Hatty Hattington or challenge each other with Battleblock Theater’s excellent level editor!

Do you have a game you can’t get enough of with your loved one? Let us know what you think are some of the best games for couples.

Scuf Gaming Announces a New Line of Controller Accessories Compatible with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

June 13, 2016 – Scuf Gaming (SCUF), global leader and innovator in eSports, introduces a new line of controller accessories compatible with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (ELITE), available later this year. As part of the exclusive agreement, SCUF will offer controller customization for the ELITE so Xbox/PC Gamers can experience SCUF innovation if they are purchasing an ELITE controller.

At E3 2016, Microsoft announced SCUF as the exclusive customization partner for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (click here for more info). This supplements the announcement made by Microsoft in October 2015, when SCUF was announced as the exclusive 3rd party accessories partner, following Microsoft’s licensing of SCUF’s technology.