CWL Pro Division Dates, OpTic Gaming’s Halo Run, and MORE!

We’re just days away from Gfinity’s CWL London, as we enter the busiest LAN period for Call of Duty in years. Gears and Halo both enjoyed a Major this weekend, bringing together the scene’s biggest names, while Asia also got a dose of Call of Duty. Here are our top stories from this week in esports.

CoD World League Pro Division Dates Announced

Not only have the Call of Duty elite got a huge February of events to look forward to, but now Activision has confirmed the kick off dates for this year’s Pro Division. Teams from North America, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific region will compete collectively in an offline league, in contrast to last year’s online equivalent. The top 9 NA teams, top 5 EU, and best APAC team will battle it out at the Gfinity Arena starting April 20th.

EnVyUs Wins Gears Mexico Major

OpTic Gaming’s Gears of War dominance came to an end in Mexico, as arch rivals EnVyUs finally toppled the Green Wall to lift the title. EnVyUs took home the biggest slice of the $100,000 prize pool, with OpTic Gaming securing second and Ghost Gaming rounding off the top three. North American teams occupied 9 of the top 12 places, while local team Splyce and British quintet Epsilon also secured top 12 finishes.

OpTic back on Top in Halo

After losing out to EnVyUs at the last Halo Major, OpTic Gaming once again lifted a title, this time in St Louis. The World Champions beat Team Liquid in the Final after EnVyUs was eliminated in the Loser Bracket Finals. The newly designed Str8 Rippin secured 4th as they look to continue the legacy of one of Halo’s greatest ever franchises, while EG and Inconceivable split top 6 honors. OpTic Gaming took home $20,000 for their troubles.

Call of Duty Asian Championship Results

The Call of Duty Asia Championships 2017 took place last weekend in South Korea, as 6 regional teams from Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan battled it out for the title of best COD team in the Asian continent. In the end it was Singaporean UnVeil nV who walked out as winners, beating Rampage Gaming in the Grand Final 3-0. The winners took home $12,000, while second place scooped a cool $6,000.

NA & EU 2K Results

Team EnVyUs pulled off a much needed win in last weekend’s North American 2K to push the reigning World Champions into the Top 8 ahead of MLG Atlanta. Once again FaZe Clan reached the final of the 2K, further bolstering their points total and putting more distance between themselves and their nearest rivals, OpTic Gaming. Rise are still sitting pretty on top of the NA Pro Points standing but FaZe Clan are in touching distance of Cloud9 for second seed. 

In Europe Splyce once again walked out winners, beating eLevate in the Final. French foursome Supremacy managed to break into the top 4 this time out, splitting the privilege with the ever consistent Infused. Overall, there were very few surprises in the final placements. The teams all-but matched their Pro Points seed, leaving everything to play for come Gfinity this weekend. Both top 4 and top 8, deciding auto-qualification for ESWC and Atlanta respectively, are by no means a foregone conclusion.


Splyce, eUnited, and Today’s Call of Duty World League News

The Console Esports world continues to be dominated by the upcoming CWL London, Atlanta, and Paris events. Here are this week’s main headlines, all from the Call of Duty esports world.

eUnited are 2K Champions

eUnited once again shone online in the latest 2K, having fallen just short of FaZe the last time out. The two teams once again met in the final, with eUnited winning 3-0. En route to their win, eUnited also enjoyed victories over OpTic Gaming, Fury, Luminoisty and EZG.

FaZe, meanwhile, defeated rivals Red Reserve, Evil Geniuses and semi finalists Enigma6 to reach their second successful 2K final. The results, coupled with recent GameBattles Pro Point contributions, sees eUnited rise to a season-high 5th seed, while FaZe further cemented their 3rd place positioning. OpTic continue to narrowly hold fourth place over eUnited, but the gap continues to tighten ahead of the official cut off for ESWC.

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Splyce win EU 2K

Over in Europe, Splyce put some distance between themselves and their nearest rivals by scooping the late-finishing EU 2K. They defeated Elevate EU 3-0 in the Grand Final to move almost 4,000 points ahead of 2nd place Elevate in the standings. Infused and Orbit split 3rd place honors.

Crucially, this leaves Splyce a whole 7,000 points clear of 4th place and more or less guarantees them a place in the Atlanta Pool Play early next month. With their 2nd place finish, Elevate have narrowly edged ahead of Orbit in the rankings, while Infused are also hot on the tails of their rivals. 1,050 points currently separates 2nd from 4th .

Gfinity Date Change and Pro Points Announced

CWL London hosted by Gfinity is the crucial finale to January, and will likely determine the 4 teams who automatically qualify for the Pool Play at CWL Atlanta and the 8 teams that qualify for the Pools at ESWC.

The event will will now take place over four days, starting Thursday the 23rd of January and running right through until Sunday. The event will carry exactly half the Pro Points of MLG Vegas, with 5K up for grabs to each spot in the first place team.

Invited Teams Confirmed

The final 16 teams have been confirmed for Gfinity. It will feature 9 British and Irish teams, four French teams, and three European mix teams. Unsurprisingly, the UK and Ireland are the most heavily represented. However, players from Germany, Belgium, Finland, Holland, Sweden, and Austria will also be in attendance.

Somewhat surprising is the lack of any Spanish presence, with the usual suspects falling short of expectations during the early Pro Points campaigns. Once again, the European scene looks like it’s going to be hotly contested and the CWL London winner is almost impossible to call.

The Battle for Top 4 and Top 8

The biggest storyline at Gfinity is almost certainly set to be the battles for Top 4 and Top 8. The top four looks likely to be Splyce, Elevate, Orbit and Infused, however, you’d be foolish to count either of Tommey or Qwiker’s teams out, while the Frenchmen of Supremacy and surprise package Aware Gaming will equally be looking to cause upsets.

The Top 4 teams will earn an all expenses trip to CWL Atlanta, starting their tournament in the Pool Play, skipping the Open Bracket and guaranteeing a Top 20 placement.

The Top 8 offers similar perks; a trip to ESWC and a free pass to the Pool Play. While there’s an increasing gap between the top 8 and the chasing pack, teams like Imperial and Epsilon won’t go down without a fight.

Say what you want about the Pro Points system. It’s certainly set up an exciting finale at Gfinity.

The SCUF News in eSports: Nov. 18th – 24th

This week’s top stories include the latest news from the first ever eSports Industry Awards, held in London, England on Monday evening. The star-studded event brought together many of the industry’s biggest players, and included an award win for Scuf Gaming in the category of Best Hardware Provider! Here are our picks of the best news of the last seven days.

Scump Wins Console eSports Player of the Year

At the inaugural eSports Industry Awards, OpTic Gaming star Seth ‘Scump’ Abner walked away with the biggest honour up for grabs for console players. Taking home the Console eSports Player of the Year award, Scump beat fellow CoD teammate Crimsix, OG member Royal2, among others, to the award. Scump enjoyed a hugely successful year in Call of Duty, with OpTic Gaming performing consistently well throughout.


EnVyUs Win Team of the Year

Team EnVyUs beat a fiercely competitive field to take home this year’s Team of the Year. In a year that has included countless titles across a multitude of games, including the Call of Duty Championship title for the first time in their history, certainly the Boys in Blue were deserving of this year’s awards. Their competition included fierce rivals OpTic Gaming, Team Liquid, Luminosity and more. Team owner Mike ‘Hastro’ Rufail collected the award on behalf of the team.

Swanny Wins UK eSports Player of the Year

Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan, the poster boy for European Call of Duty, won the first ever UK eSports Player of the Year. After a year that included winning both CWL Stage 1 and Stage 2, Swanny took home the personal accolade to reward his success. Unfortunately, Swanny missed out on both the Call of Duty Championship Finals in LA and the award ceremony, with OpTic Gaming’s Hector Rodriguez accepting the award on behalf of his former player. Hopefully Swanny will return to action regularly for the new Call of Duty season.

EnVyUs Win HCS Las Vegas

EnVyUs continued their fine form across numerous titles, this time with a victory in Las Vegas as they scooped the HCS Las Vegas Championship. nV had to recover from defeat in the Winner Bracket Final against Team Liquid, first defeating Team Alliegance in the Loser Bracket Final before beating Liquid at the second time of asking in a two series finale. The finale concluded at 3AM, with EnVyUs bagging $10,000 for their troubles. Notably, OpTic Gaming was absent from the tournament. Fans will have to wait slightly longer for the next showdown between these two esports titans.

Elevate with CoD Return

After their remaining three members transferred to Rise Nation, Elevate have chosen a slightly different approach in their rebuilding process. Surprisingly, Elevate have gone for an all-European line up this time out, despite their continued success in supporting North American rosters in the past. The new squad brings together players from varying backgrounds and will feature Watson, Reedy, Seany, and Zed. The first real test of the new Elevate line up comes in the form of the upcoming Playstation Experience Invitational; a tournament that will also include Orbit EU, EG, FaZe, Renegades, Luminosity, Splyce and the recently departed Elevate threesome, now representing Rise Nation.

The SCUF News in eSports: Nov. 10th – 16th

Once again we’re taking a look at the biggest eSports stories from the console world. Here are our top five picks of the last seven days.

Evil Geniuses Return to Call of Duty

After a lengthy hiatus from Call of Duty, Evil Geniuses announced their return to the scene with the acquisition of a newly formed team, led by veteran Anthony ‘Nameless’ Wheeler. Bringing together talent from Luminosity, Elevate, and compLexity, the new-look EG team combines experience with youth in a team that looks promising enough to gain qualification to this year’s Pro League. The new team will have big shoes to fill, given that Evil Geniuses’ last foray into Call of Duty started with the acquisition of arguably the game’s greatest team ever.

NA HCS Pro League Season Concludes

Team EnVyUs has beat rivals OpTic Gaming to the top spot in the North American regular season of the Halo Championship Series Pro League. Boasting an impressive 13-1 record, nV topped the group, with OpTic not far behind with an 11-3 record. 3rd and 4th was shared between Team Liquid and the recently rebranded Str8 Rippin, the latter having formed in the wake of their departure from OpTic Gaming. Facing relegation this season will be Enigma6 and Team Allegiance, both of which will battle it out with the best of the non-Pro Leagues for places in next season’s competition.

More EU Call of Duty Team News

Yet more team news coming out of Europe this week, as Supremacy announces their new French and Belgium line up. With Millenium moving to acquire the services of two former Supremacy stars, the France-based organization was forced to rebuild from the ground up. This week they announced their new foursome will be Vortex, Senka, Eazy, and Hosterz. Also coming out of the European scene this week, Qwiker, real name Shea Sweeney, took to Twitlonger to announce that Carbines had been replaced by Revolt on his team’s roster. The team is currently without an organization to represent going into the Infinite Warfare season. Qwiker outlined the team’s goals as qualifying for the CoD World League, claiming that Revolt is simply a better fit for the team that looks to have great potential on paper. Both teams will turn will with great anticipation of the impending CWL announcement in the coming weeks.

Gfinity Announce $25,000 Modern Warfare Remastered Tournament

The Call of Duty 4 remake has been extremely well received by fans, both new and old, leading to British based organisers Gfinity to offer up a $25,000 prize purse in what could be the first of many international calibre MWR competitions. The tournament does come with a caveat, however, and looks set to be played on the PC, with a mix of console and PC teams invited to compete. There remains some uncertainty about whether players will be competing with keyboard and mouse, or a controller, but whatever happens, it’s sure to be an excellent showcase of the console and PC classic that really kicked the whole series into overdrive.

Karma Features in Music Video

Karma, one of Call of Duty’s most decorated players and two-time World Champion, has turned his hand to acting with an appearance in St. Louis based rapper, Trenton P’s latest music video. In the video Karma, real name Damon Barlow, is a gun for hire who’s drafted in to save the kidnapped Trenton P as he’s being held hostage at a UMG event. You can watch the full video on the UMG Gaming YouTube channel now:

The SCUF News in eSports: Nov. 2nd – Nov. 9th

The big talking point this week has, of course, been the release of Infinite Warfare. With roster mania already in full force, it’s no surprise that player transfers continue to dominate the eSports airwaves. This week’s article is dedicated to the latest from the Call of Duty community, as the eSports scene ushers in a new era of competition. Here are our top stories from the last week.

Call of Duty Rules v1 for IW Announced

With the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare season edging ever closer, Activision unveiled their first official rule set of the new title. The rules include minimal weapon and Perk restrictions, while the developers continue to look at what does and doesn’t work in a competitive environment.

Former pros have been said to have consulted on the first draft of the rule set, which Activision aims at being “entertaining, accessible, and most importantly, competitive.” You can find the full set of rules on the following here.

Nameless Announced Line Up

Following his exit from Luminosity, fan favorite Nameless took to Twitter to announce his new roster. The team, currently without an organization to represent, includes Study, Havok and former Elevate man, Nagafen. The roster sees Nameless and Studyy continue their collaborative efforts after a solid year as part of the Luminosity franchise. Nagafen subsequently left Elevate to complete the roster.

Rise Recruit Elevate

With 75% of their team heading to Luminosity, Rise and Loony were left to rebuild their roster ahead of the Infinite Warfare season. Elevate wrapped their year in convincing style, finishing 3 rd at Call of Duty Champs, but surprisingly Nagafen opted to depart the line up to link up with Nameless and his new roster. This week it was confirmed that Rise deemed the three remaining Elevate players to be the perfect replacements for Octane, Slacked and Classic, as Aqua, Faccento and Falony headed to Rise Nation to kick off the new season. After a successful season on BO3, this now leaves Elevate without a roster for Infinite Warfare, while Rise will kick off a new chapter in their history.


Killa Will Not Retire

Despite announcements to the contrary, it appears that former World Champion Killa is set to continue competing into Infinite Warfare. Killa is set to line up alongside long time team mate and close friend, MiRx, who’ll be joined by Maux and Whea7s to complete their new foursome ahead of Infinite Warfare. Like Nameless’s new roster, the team is without representation coming into the new season.

Yet More Roster Changes

Since our last article, several more teams announced they’d made movements in the transfer market. Proofy returns alongside Twizz, Sinful and Nelson in what looks to be a promising mix of young and veteran talent. Over in Europe and Dutch star Torres has joined forces with ex-Hypergames man Brainn, Momentus and Wuskinz in what could be a promising pan-European outfit. Blfire, Miyagi, Examples and Johnny also announced their decision to team, with Examples and Johnny reuniting for the first time since their ill-fated 100Thieves campaign in Stage 2 last season.

The SCUF Week in eSports: Oct. 19th – Oct. 26th

Another week in eSports has seen the first Gears of War title lifted, as well as more exciting news surrounding the Infinite Warfare season. Here are our top stories from the past 7 days.

Infinite Warfare eSports Reveal Details

Activision has confirmed that the Infinite Warfare eSports Reveal will take place today, October 26th , via a live stream. The show will start at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern, 10pm BST, 8am AET) and will be streamed simultaneously on and The stream will confirm details of the impending Call of Duty World League season for Infinite Warfare and the events that are set to take place around CoD’s premier competition. Other updates will include a new map debut, developer interviews and pro exhibition matches. Be sure to tune in.

OpTic Gaming Win Gears 4 Invitational

The Green Wall secured yet another title, winning the first major tournament in the Gears of War 4 calendar. 8 of the world’s top teams headed to Columbus, Ohio, for the kick off to what looks to be an exciting eSports season for Gears of War 4. OpTic Gaming defeated arch nemesis EnVyUs in the Grand Final, as the rivalry nicknamed ‘E Clásico’ extends to yet another major eSports title. Team Revenge rounded off the podium placements by finishing third.

MLG Vegas Announced

For Infinite Warfare MLG will once again host Call of Duty competitions, starting with their MLG Vegas event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. $100,000 will be up for grabs in the North American only CoD tournament, set to take place in December. The tournament will feature a 160 team Open Bracket, as well as Pool Play with 12 pro teams automatically advancing. 8 of the 12 pro teams who will begin their competition in the pools have been invited, with EnVyUs, Elevate, Cloud9, Rise Nation, FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, Luminosity and Team Kaliber all set to feature. 4 other teams will earn their place in pool play via online qualification.

eSports Arena Black Ops 3 Final Salute

California-based eSports organization Arena gave Black Ops 3 a final send off with their “Final Salute” tournament held last weekend. The competition offered up a respectable $10,000 in prize money and attracted 26 teams from around the US. After three days of competition, the first place prize was landed by a mix team of pro players, operating under the name ‘Attach’s Seeds.’ The team featured FaZe Clan’s Attach, Rise Nation’s Loony, Elevate’s Aqua, and EUnited’s Accuracy. Attach’s Seeds beat Hydra Gaming in the Grand Final to take home the $5,000 first place prize.

OpTic Nation Set to Return to Call of Duty

Call of Duty star MBoZe took to his YouTube channel in a VLOG to share the news that OpTic Nation will return on Infinite Warfare for at least one tournament. The OpTic Nation team has existed in various forms and has featured well known players including Killa, Karma, Teepee, MiRx, Nadeshot, MBoZe and more. In his video to the fans, MBoZe talks about the permission he has received from OpTic owner H3CZ to bring back OpTic Nation if he proves himself and the team. MBoZe also says, “I’m coming back with full effect,” confirming his return to pro gaming for Infinite Warfare.

You can watch the whole video here:

The SCUF Week in eSports: Oct. 6th – Oct. 11th

It’s Tuesday so that means we’re taking a look at the biggest stories from the console eSports world. Here are our top picks for this week.

UMG Orlando Cancelled Due to Hurricane Matthew

Set to be the final Call of Duty Major of the Black Ops 3 calendar, UMG were forced into a last minute cancellation of their Orlando event with the threat of Hurricane Matthew looming. The announcement was largely met with understanding by participants, who will receive their ticket money back from the organizers as a gesture of goodwill. Since then it has become even more clear that UMG’s decision to pull the plug was the right one, with conditions at record highs and resulting power outages in the area. Unfortunately, that does mean there won’t be another major this year for Call of Duty; a sad but necessary end to the season.

OpTic Gaming Are HCS Orange County Champions

On the West Coast of America, the new OpTic Gaming Halo team were scooping their first title since their high profile move to the Green Wall. The reigning world champions beat rivals Team EnVyUs in the Grand Final to take home the $7,000 first place prize. Team Liquid rounded off the podium placements by taking 3rd place. The competition also featured a FFA tournament, where bubu dubu took home the first place prize of $3,000, pipping former CoD Pro Huke to the title. Huke earned $1,500 for second, while Suspector bagged $500 for his 3rd place finish.

Team Infused Complete Call of Duty Roster

After half their roster split off and eventually linked up with Orbit, Team Infused have now rebuilt their team ahead of Infinite Warfare. Replacing the departing Urban and Zer0 comes veteran Moose and former Hypergames man, Nolson. Moose, MarkyB, and Peatie have a long history of teaming together, having represented the likes of TCM before to great effect. Nolson, on the other hand, will look to continue his upwards trajectory, having helped HG to a number of impressive placements during the Black Ops 3 calendar. With Infinite Warfare just around the corner, the future is bright for the new Infused Call of Duty team.

Energy Astra are AGCL South African Championships

In Johannesburg this weekend, South Africa’s finest Call of Duty players got together to compete for the ACGL CWL Mag Cup after qualifying online. With 60,000 South African rand (approximately $4,200) for up for grabs for the winners, there was a lot to play for in one of the biggest African events of the Black Ops 3 calendar. In the end it was Energy Astra who walked out as winners, beat Hi5 White in the final to secure the title. Insane Gaming took home 3rd .

Paris Saint-Germaine Set for eSports Expansion

In 2016 eSports has been in vogue and there has been no better reflection of this than the sheer number of mainstream sports teams that have jumped into the industry land grab. The latest sports team to declare their interest are French based Paris Saint-Germaine, or PSG for short. The winners of last year’s Ligue 1 have teamed up with Webedia to bring an eSports teams under PSG banner. So far details are at a premium but the group behind the move have vowed to bring fans esports stars wearing the familiar PSG jersey in the very near future.

The SCUF Week in eSports: Sept. 21st – 28th

It’s Tuesday, so that means we’re taking another look at the biggest stories from this week in eSports. Here are our top five picks:

Team Dignitas and Apex Acquired by Philadelphia 76ers

So far we’ve seen a host of European sports teams getting involved in eSports and now a major US brand is announcing their arrival into the marketplace. After months of supposed courtship, the 76ers confirmed their acquisition of British esports brand, Dignitas, as well as the lesser-known Apex. Dignitas have been a regular fixture of the British and international eSports scenes for well over a decade, with Michael ‘ODEE’ O’Dell at the helm for almost the entire duration. Dignitas have successfully stayed relevant over the course of their history, with teams competing in the world’s most successful leagues. Now a new challenge faces them, as they look to reposition themselves as the go-to team for top international talent. Despite the acquisition, there will be no rebranding, and eSports operations are set to continue under the Team Dignitas brand, under which Apex will be merged.

IMPacted Reloaded Get Reedy

After announcing he was parting company with Epsilon, Reedy has joined forces with ViscaBarca and GunElite in an Anglo-German partnership that aims to get the first Germans into the Call of Duty World League when the new season starts on Infinite Warfare. Despite being arguably Europe’s most popular team, FABE missed out on qualification to the World League when they fell short in the Stage 1 qualifiers with their all German line up. This time out though, the team will benefit from Reedy’s top level experience, as the British native looks to impart a structure and team ethic that they’ve otherwise lacked at major competitions. Reedy is no stranger to competing with non-Britons, having previously joined forces with Frenchman Gotaga. The team continues to search for a fourth to complete their line up.

Call of Duty into Orbit

A multi-million dollar investment into Team Orbit has seen a renewed interest in European Call of Duty, with the organization taking advantage of recent rival volatility. After snapping up half of the former Infused quartet, with Urban and Zero signing up, Orbit then moved to acquire Joee and Rated who had just announced their split from Splyce. With both Infused and Splyce enjoying a successful year, including a 2nd place finish at Call of Duty XP for the latter, Orbit has all the makings of a top level outfit as they look ahead to Infinite Warfare when the pro season recommences in Europe. So far it’s been an exciting off-season and we’re only just getting started.

OpTic Gaming Hit 2 Million Twitter Followers

OpTic Gaming smashed another major popularity milestone this week as their official Twitter account surpassed 2 million followers. This landmark achievement makes OpTic the most popular esports team on Twitter, having amassed a gigantic following starting with becoming a household name in international Call of Duty. More recently, OpTic have added top teams on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Gears of War, as well as introducing a new Halo team only last week. Rivals FaZe Clan aren’t too far behind, though, edging closer to the 2 million milestone themselves.

GameBattles to Drop Xbox 360 and PS3 Support

It’s nearing the end of days for the 360 and PS3, with Xbox One and PS4 the platforms of choice for the current crop of console eSports enthusiasts. As a sign of the times, MLG’s GameBattles are set to cease their support of the two consoles that are each over a decade old now. The current seasons are running until the end of September and at the conclusion of the month, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 will officially be retired from MLG GameBattles. It almost brings a tear to your eye.

The SCUF News in eSports: CoD XP Recap!

An incredible Call of Duty season came to a conclusion as the best 32 teams in the world headed to Los Angeles for the finale of the CoD World League. With $2M in prize money up for grabs, who would take home this year’s world title? We take a look at the biggest stories from the event.

EnVyUs are Champs; JKap Goes Back-to-Back

As the confetti settled on the Inglewood Forum, four players walked out deserving winners. The meteoric rise of the new-look EnVyUs team, forming after Stage 1 and culminating in being crowned world champions, is one that will be talked about for years to come. There was no easy ride this weekend. EnVyUs dispatched the best the competition had to offer and proved to be worthy world champions. An incredible tournament.

A special mention needs to go to both the MVP, John, and now two-time winner JKap. John turned in outstanding SMG performances all weekend. Surprisingly, this is only the second title John has won since Black Ops 2, with the first being the Stage 2 Finals Championship. Further credit goes to JKap who won his second ring this weekend having won CoD Champs 2015 as part of Denial. With two titles and a silver medal to his name, JKap is now the highest achieving player ever at the Call of Duty Championships. He also holds the distinction of the player to have earned the most prize money in CoD history.


Splyce Settle for Second

If EnVyUs were deserving Champs winners, certainly Splyce were justified Runners Up. Their run through the Loser Bracket will likely be viewed as legendary in the future, if people can get over the fact that they’re a European team. En route to the Grand Final they beat Team Kaliber, FaZe Clan, Rise Nation, FAB (more on them below), and eLevate. Yet there’s an underlying feeling that Splyce still haven’t got the full credit they deserve. Even when they reached the Loser Bracket Final the general vibe was that they wouldn’t have enough to get past eLevate. That was despite the teams they left in their wake.

There is to be no asterisk about the European placement this weekend. This wasn’t luck of the draw, make your way to the finals through fluke kind of stuff. This was the ESWC runners up showing up again at a major finals and proving that they’re among the world’s elite. In the end EnVyUs were just too much for Splyce, with the Grand Final wrapping in just a single series of a possible two. EnVyUs were too much for every other team, though. Splyce were still the best of the rest and rightly wrote their names into the Call of Duty history books.

The Rest of NA

OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan are the teams that will probably go away from this weekend with the most regret. A year of dominance for OpTic Gaming, not for the first time, somehow didn’t convert to the fine Champs performance that everyone expected. That means another year without a world title for the hungry GreenWall, with fans expecting an immediate response from the players. OG fell to a game five round 11 match up against Cloud9. This was also the second year in a row that Crimsix’s former team mate, Aches, delivered the final blow to OpTic Gaming’s title ambitions. A top 8 placement for the second consecutive year.

FaZe Clan shared top 8 honors with OpTic after a year that they’ll be eager to put behind them following results that were below their own lofty expectations. A tough game five loss of their own against Splyce was enough to see them fall out of the top 6. You could and perhaps should argue that FaZe were victims of a brutal bracket this weekend. After topping their group, they probably received a harder bracket than eLevate – a team they beat in the group stages – with their only two defeats of the weekend against winners EnVyUs and runners up Splyce. Rise and C9 shared the top six placement, losing to Britons Splyce and FAB respectively.


Europe’s Breakout Year

Teams hailing from Europe and particularly the UK have long threatened the kind of performances they finally turned in at XP. Since the days of the original CoD XP, there was a strong belief among the traveling EU teams that they were simply not living up to expectations on the world stage. On the contrast, more than ever there was a real feeling this year that things would be different and you could argue that no one territory has benefited from the CWL as much as Europe has.

Splyce were deserving runners up but FAB will reflect on CoD Champs with the most mixed emotions. Having beaten Splyce once, they looked to be the real deal and will be disappointed to have lost to only the 1st and 2nd place finishers. A trip to the hospital for arguably their standout player, Vortex, can’t have helped FAB before their rematch against Splyce – a contest they may otherwise have won. Fourth place is still an exceptional final placement, though, especially when you consider the inexperience of the roster.

Millenium may equally looked back on what could have been, with a last minute forced roster change likely putting the brakes on their ambitions, despite winning the EU Stage 2 Finals. Hypergames also turned in a respectable top 12 finish.

A Tough Year for ANZ

This year we saw a reverse of fortunes for the ANZ and European territories. In the past it’s ANZ teams that have surpassed expectations, while Europeans have been left wondering what if. This year, though, ANZ teams didn’t quite make the grade, with all four attending teams being eliminated in the Group Stage of the competition.

The News in eSports: June 27th — July 2nd!

Another week full of news, events and more!

Call of Duty: North America

It was a busy week for eSports in the Call of Duty world. Over in North America, the penultimate week of the CoD World League Season Two was in action and boy was it a good one.

One of the most notable matches of the week was a first place OpTic Gaming vs. last place 100Thieves. 100T had some interesting shotgun tactics on Search and Destroy and also won their first Uplink of the season. This could have been due to some recurring internet issue for OpTic, however it came down to game five where the team got an early lead over OpTic 5-3.

During this crucial round, 100T player John “Johnny” Cookson and Matthew “FormaL” Piper from OpTic were in a 1v1 situation when Formal fired the “One-Burst Heard ‘Round the World,” killing Johnny and winning the round. OpTic would go on to win the map in a round 11 and take what was one of the best matches of the league thus far.


On day three, we saw a Rise Nation take on Team EnVyUs. These two teams have been at the top of the scoreboard consistently throughout the league and this match was nothing short of spectacular. EnVy grabbed the first two maps pretty convincingly, but it was Rise who would crawl their way back into the series, eventually winning 3-2.

Call of Duty: Europe

Elsewhere in the world, the Gfinity CWL Summer Masters tournament was being held over in London. Team’s came to play from all over Europe, with the return of FABE Gaming, as well as some familiar CWL faces.

The stage was set and it would be Splyce who would take the whole thing, beating Epsilon eSports and Exertus on the way to the finals and crushing HyperGames 4-0 to get first place.


Final Placements

1st: Splyce | $10,000

2nd: HyperGames | $5,000

3rd/4th: Millenium | $1,500

3rd/4th: Exertus | $1,500

5th/8th: Supremacy | $500

5th/8th: Team Orbit | $500

5th/8th: Epsilon eSports | $500

9th/12th: Team LDLC

9th/12th: Wysix

9th/12th: Riot Gaming

9th/12th: FABE Gaming

13th/14th: U4X eSports

13th/14th: Team MRN


Halo 5 Guardians

Some awesome news came out this week in the world of Halo. For the first time ever, HCS Team REQ Packs released as an in-game purchase.

Halo already pushed its competitive scene with notifications informing players about the HSC results, but now you can put your favorite team on your Battle Rifle and show everyone who they are.

That is it for the news this week, have you got any HCS REQ packs yet? If so, send us some pictures of what you got.