An Explosive Show At ESWC Paris!

France was on fire with gaming excitement as the Call Of Duty World League descended into Europe. Scuf Gaming set up a booth in the Paris Expo Hall and got a great view of the ESWC Paris action. With OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan taking home 1st and 2nd place respectively, everyone got an eyeful of some of the best players in esports history. Thanks to all the TeamSCUF members who came by to visit and get a load of the action!

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

FaZe Up at SCUF Headquarters!

After a weekend at MLG Atlanta, Scuf Gaming HQ was invaded by FaZe Clan, who enjoyed an afternoon of taking a personal tour of the offices with CEO Duncan Ironmonger, talking shop and testing custom controllers.

TeamSCUF was thrilled to welcome ZooMaa, Clayster, Enable, and Attach to our headquarters and show these pro players a first hand look at the handcrafted magic behind the SCUF controllers that they play and win with!

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan  FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

TeamSCUF (and Facebook Live) even got to watch a professional at work when Attach hit up the testing room for some hands-on analysis with a new SCUF Infinity 4PS!

MLG Atlanta: The Explosive Finale!

With some of the best plays and upsets we’ve seen in a long time, MLG Atlanta was just the sort of event that will give a jolt to the other tournaments we can look forward to this year. Against all odds, eUnited fought their way to the front of the line, taking home the big win after a series against OpTic Gaming that got everyone in the crowd chanting.

With every event meaning more points toward the ultimate championship, these kinds of upsets are incredible to watch. It makes us wonder what we can look forward to the rest of the year! Like any other MLG event, we’re sad to see this one end. But there’s one thing for certain: it’s gotten us fired up for MLG Dallas!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

MLG Atlanta: The SCUF Saturday Recap!

There’s only one day left for MLG Atlanta, and Saturday’s incredible series of battles have made it clear that the final Sunday is going to be an amazing finale! EnVyUs made it to the winner’s bracket with an impressive 3-1 win against OpTic, and they’ll face Luminosity today. That’ll be paired with the showstopper of FaZe Clan facing off against eUnited. All in all: Championship Sunday is looking to be the most exciting event of 2017!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

The action was equally amped up at the SCUF Booth, where OpTic Gaming, Team Kaliber, Splyce, and FaZe Clan made it out to sign autographs and get their fans pumped for a weekend of gaming! TeamSCUF even got to meet a pair of die hards who showed off their SCUF tattoos: now that’s dedication!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

There’s only one day left, and the crowd at MLG Atlanta is deafening! There’s no way to know for sure who’s going to come out on top, and we can’t wait to see the final results!

MLG Atlanta 2017: The SCUF Friday Recap!

Only one day down, and the action at MLG Atlanta has been nothing short of extraordinary! There have been some incredible plays and some surprising upsets, and at the end of the day, TeamSCUF is proud to count 3-0 records with OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Luminosity. If we had to choose a favorite moment of the day, it would definitely come down to the nail-biter between FaZe and Team Infused, which came down to a 3-2 win for FaZe after a 6-4 Search and Destroy!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

The excitement was felt just as heavily at the TeamSCUF Booth as on the virtual battlefield, with luminaries like Evil Geniuses, Luminosity, and Rise Nation coming to the signing table to autograph merch and shake hands with some of their beloved fans. Friday is over, but it’s pretty clear that the entire weekend of MLG Atlanta is going to be one for the books! If you’re at the tournament, be sure to visit the SCUF Booth and say hello! Otherwise, make a point to visit SCUF at Twitter and Facebook for a of behind-the-scenes look at the action!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

SCUF Visited By Affiliates And Million Twitter Winner!

TeamSCUF started the excitement of the MLG Atlanta weekend a day early by offering open house tours to teams, affiliates, and partners. Among these esteemed colleagues were the winners of SCUF’s 1 Million Twitter Followers celebration, Ralph Cortez and Scott Hansen. The winners were cheered at the door by SCUF staff who were eager to meet new members of the TeamSCUF family. Along with introductions to the entire SCUF team, the winners hand built their own personalized SCUF controllers.

Million-Winner-2965 Million-Winner-3035 Million-Winner-3064

Ralph and Scott were joined at SCUF Headquarters by Sundance DiGiovanni of MLG, Jay Puryear of Activision, Fnatic‘s Call of Duty team, staff at Dexerto, and many more. Everyone was given a full tour of the facilities by SCUF CEO Duncan Ironmonger, followed by a leisurely afternoon getting to know staff, playing shuffleboard, and enjoying a catered lunch. It was a great opportunity for members of so many different pieces of the pro gaming world to get together, share ideas, and talk about the industry that they’re so passionate about.

Million-Winner-3009 Million-Winner-3187 Million-Winner-3032

With MLG Atlanta starting tomorrow, there were plenty of details to be discussed. Brackets, predictions, favorite players: by the end of the day, everyone was amped up and ready to watch the latest Call of Duty tournament unfold. TeamSCUF will be covering the event from start to finish, so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for all the behind-the-scenes details.


CWL London Invitational Rundown!

The CWL London Invitational was the first European Tournament of its kind in 7 months, and after four days of incredible gameplay, TeamSCUF says that it was worth the wait! Heavy hitters like Orbit, Splyce, Infused, Millenium, Epsilon, Aware, and FAB were all in attendance, and with a crowd like that it’s easy to expect some spectacular games.

CWL London

Pro Points and cash were on the line with the cutoff date for invitations to MLG Atlanta and ESWC Paris quickly approaching, and the tension over the weekend was palpable, leading to some incredible plays and surprising upsets.

Ultimately, it came down to a nail-biting series between Orbit and Splyce, with Orbit emerging triumphant. They’ll go home with $10,000 and 5,000 Pro Points per team member.

With only a month down, 2017 is shaping up to be an incredible years for Call of Duty World League, and as the games continue into Paris and Atlanta, TeamSCUF will be there for every exciting moment.

CWL London

CWL London Begins Today!

CWL London

The Call of Duty World League’s first European event begins today in London, where TeamSCUF is looking forward to four full days of esports excellence with the best talent from Europe on display!

With the likes of Splyce, Infused, Millenium, Epsilon, Aware, and FAB making appearances, we’re expecting 2017 to begin not with a bang, but an explosion.

The event is streaming right here, right now, all the way to Sunday! So join in the excitement and watch some of CWL’s European powerhouses go head to head!

CWL London

CWL Pro Division Dates, OpTic Gaming’s Halo Run, and MORE!

We’re just days away from Gfinity’s CWL London, as we enter the busiest LAN period for Call of Duty in years. Gears and Halo both enjoyed a Major this weekend, bringing together the scene’s biggest names, while Asia also got a dose of Call of Duty. Here are our top stories from this week in esports.

CoD World League Pro Division Dates Announced

Not only have the Call of Duty elite got a huge February of events to look forward to, but now Activision has confirmed the kick off dates for this year’s Pro Division. Teams from North America, Europe, and the Asian-Pacific region will compete collectively in an offline league, in contrast to last year’s online equivalent. The top 9 NA teams, top 5 EU, and best APAC team will battle it out at the Gfinity Arena starting April 20th.

EnVyUs Wins Gears Mexico Major

OpTic Gaming’s Gears of War dominance came to an end in Mexico, as arch rivals EnVyUs finally toppled the Green Wall to lift the title. EnVyUs took home the biggest slice of the $100,000 prize pool, with OpTic Gaming securing second and Ghost Gaming rounding off the top three. North American teams occupied 9 of the top 12 places, while local team Splyce and British quintet Epsilon also secured top 12 finishes.

OpTic back on Top in Halo

After losing out to EnVyUs at the last Halo Major, OpTic Gaming once again lifted a title, this time in St Louis. The World Champions beat Team Liquid in the Final after EnVyUs was eliminated in the Loser Bracket Finals. The newly designed Str8 Rippin secured 4th as they look to continue the legacy of one of Halo’s greatest ever franchises, while EG and Inconceivable split top 6 honors. OpTic Gaming took home $20,000 for their troubles.

Call of Duty Asian Championship Results

The Call of Duty Asia Championships 2017 took place last weekend in South Korea, as 6 regional teams from Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan battled it out for the title of best COD team in the Asian continent. In the end it was Singaporean UnVeil nV who walked out as winners, beating Rampage Gaming in the Grand Final 3-0. The winners took home $12,000, while second place scooped a cool $6,000.

NA & EU 2K Results

Team EnVyUs pulled off a much needed win in last weekend’s North American 2K to push the reigning World Champions into the Top 8 ahead of MLG Atlanta. Once again FaZe Clan reached the final of the 2K, further bolstering their points total and putting more distance between themselves and their nearest rivals, OpTic Gaming. Rise are still sitting pretty on top of the NA Pro Points standing but FaZe Clan are in touching distance of Cloud9 for second seed. 

In Europe Splyce once again walked out winners, beating eLevate in the Final. French foursome Supremacy managed to break into the top 4 this time out, splitting the privilege with the ever consistent Infused. Overall, there were very few surprises in the final placements. The teams all-but matched their Pro Points seed, leaving everything to play for come Gfinity this weekend. Both top 4 and top 8, deciding auto-qualification for ESWC and Atlanta respectively, are by no means a foregone conclusion.


Splyce, eUnited, and Today’s Call of Duty World League News

The Console Esports world continues to be dominated by the upcoming CWL London, Atlanta, and Paris events. Here are this week’s main headlines, all from the Call of Duty esports world.

eUnited are 2K Champions

eUnited once again shone online in the latest 2K, having fallen just short of FaZe the last time out. The two teams once again met in the final, with eUnited winning 3-0. En route to their win, eUnited also enjoyed victories over OpTic Gaming, Fury, Luminoisty and EZG.

FaZe, meanwhile, defeated rivals Red Reserve, Evil Geniuses and semi finalists Enigma6 to reach their second successful 2K final. The results, coupled with recent GameBattles Pro Point contributions, sees eUnited rise to a season-high 5th seed, while FaZe further cemented their 3rd place positioning. OpTic continue to narrowly hold fourth place over eUnited, but the gap continues to tighten ahead of the official cut off for ESWC.

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Splyce win EU 2K

Over in Europe, Splyce put some distance between themselves and their nearest rivals by scooping the late-finishing EU 2K. They defeated Elevate EU 3-0 in the Grand Final to move almost 4,000 points ahead of 2nd place Elevate in the standings. Infused and Orbit split 3rd place honors.

Crucially, this leaves Splyce a whole 7,000 points clear of 4th place and more or less guarantees them a place in the Atlanta Pool Play early next month. With their 2nd place finish, Elevate have narrowly edged ahead of Orbit in the rankings, while Infused are also hot on the tails of their rivals. 1,050 points currently separates 2nd from 4th .

Gfinity Date Change and Pro Points Announced

CWL London hosted by Gfinity is the crucial finale to January, and will likely determine the 4 teams who automatically qualify for the Pool Play at CWL Atlanta and the 8 teams that qualify for the Pools at ESWC.

The event will will now take place over four days, starting Thursday the 23rd of January and running right through until Sunday. The event will carry exactly half the Pro Points of MLG Vegas, with 5K up for grabs to each spot in the first place team.

Invited Teams Confirmed

The final 16 teams have been confirmed for Gfinity. It will feature 9 British and Irish teams, four French teams, and three European mix teams. Unsurprisingly, the UK and Ireland are the most heavily represented. However, players from Germany, Belgium, Finland, Holland, Sweden, and Austria will also be in attendance.

Somewhat surprising is the lack of any Spanish presence, with the usual suspects falling short of expectations during the early Pro Points campaigns. Once again, the European scene looks like it’s going to be hotly contested and the CWL London winner is almost impossible to call.

The Battle for Top 4 and Top 8

The biggest storyline at Gfinity is almost certainly set to be the battles for Top 4 and Top 8. The top four looks likely to be Splyce, Elevate, Orbit and Infused, however, you’d be foolish to count either of Tommey or Qwiker’s teams out, while the Frenchmen of Supremacy and surprise package Aware Gaming will equally be looking to cause upsets.

The Top 4 teams will earn an all expenses trip to CWL Atlanta, starting their tournament in the Pool Play, skipping the Open Bracket and guaranteeing a Top 20 placement.

The Top 8 offers similar perks; a trip to ESWC and a free pass to the Pool Play. While there’s an increasing gap between the top 8 and the chasing pack, teams like Imperial and Epsilon won’t go down without a fight.

Say what you want about the Pro Points system. It’s certainly set up an exciting finale at Gfinity.