Scuf Gaming Sponsors the World’s Top Poker Players in the Super High Roller Bowl airing on NBC in Las Vegas, the World Championship of High Stakes Poker

super high roller poker bowl scuf gaming controllersATLANTA, GA – May 26, 2017 – Scuf Gaming, global leader and innovator in video gaming controllers, announces its partnership with the top five German poker players attending the Super High Roller Bowl in Las Vegas, including Fedor Holz, one of the world’s top poker players and currently 7th in the world for all time money list, Rainer Kempe, winner of last year’s Super High Roller Bowl, and top players Steffen Sontheimer, Christian Christner, and Koray Aldemir. The five German players will all wear the SCUF logo during the tournament, taking place at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, May 28 – June 1. The Super High Roller Bowl is considered the world championship of high stakes poker where the world’s top players compete for a prize pool of $16.8 million and the winner walks away with $6 million as well as the coveted Super High Roller Bowl championship ring. Bringing some celebrity star power to this year’s event, world renowned actor and comedian Kevin Hart rounds out the 56-player field.

Fedor Holz, Professional Poker Player and Co-Founder of Primed Mind said, “In my downtime, I love to play Call of Duty, Overwatch and FIFA to cool down and take a mental break from poker tournaments. With my competitive nature, I love focusing on being the best so playing with the best equipment is essential – SCUF has, by far, the best controllers! It’s a natural fit for me, Rainer, Steffen, Christian and Koray as we love to play video games together and we’re thrilled to have SCUF on board for the Super High Roller Bowl.”

After last year’s Super High Roller Bowl, Fedor sought a new challenge and decided to create the mindset coaching app, Primed Mind. The Primed Mind app uses the the same mental coaching techniques that his mental coach, Elliot Roe, has used to train Olympic Athletes, Esports Pros, High Stakes Poker Players, UFC Champions and Business Executives. Fedor shot to the top of the poker world in a matter of a few years and, to date, has amassed over $20 million in career earnings. Fedor credits much of his success to mental coaching, building confidence and becoming a better athlete while unlocking mental, physical and emotional strengths.

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Founder of Scuf Gaming has a similar outlook to science and focus when it comes to being the best. “We call the science behind competitive gaming SCUFOLOGY, connecting the brain, hand and eye with our intelligent controller. Our DNA is centered around designing gaming peripherals that increase hand use while improving comfort and gameplay in a safe, intuitive and ergonomic way. SCUF believes the power of the tools professional athletes use is key to their success.”

super high roller poker bowl scuf gaming fedor Holz“We’re delighted to support Fedor, Rainer, Steffen, Christian and Koray in the Super High Roller Bowl. With over 90% of professional esports gamers in the world using a SCUF controller, we have a long history of supporting professional athletes with the best competitive gaming equipment to support their runs to victory. We’re looking forward to watching the guys compete at their highest level during this year’s Super High Roller Bowl,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Founder of Scuf Gaming.

About Scuf Gaming
Scuf Gaming®, global leader and innovator of gaming peripherals and winner of eSports Industry Awards for “Best Hardware” in 2016, provides tactical gear for competitive gamers where over 90% of the top professional gamers in the world use SCUF. Selling high-end accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC, SCUF offers a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. Built to specification, SCUF controllers cater to competitive and casual gamers who recognize that one size does not fit all. The SCUF controller has features, which are covered by 29 granted patents, and another 68 pending; protecting 3 key areas of a controller; back control functions and handles, trigger control mechanisms and thumbstick control area. For additional information, please visit

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TeamSCUF at Insomnia 60!

With amazing feats performed by teams like FAB, Epsilon, GIANTS, Millenium, Supremacy and Splyce, Insomnia 60 held up its reputation as one of the best European gaming events in the world. Only one would walk away as the winner of the CWL Birmingham event, and that honor went to Epsilon, who took a double sweep to take out some incredible competition in Splyce. Congratulations to Epsilon and everyone else who made this another white-knuckle event!

Scuf Gaming was proud to be set up at Insomnia, and even had some examples of the brand new SCUF IMPACT for guests and gaming fans to test and get a feel of. It’s always a great pleasure to meet members of TeamSCUF and meet new faces in the crowd! SCUF couldn’t be happier with the incredible turnout, and are looking forward to seeing everyone else at Insomnia 61 next year.

i60 CWL Scuf - 0034 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0117 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0135 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0157 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0254 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0294 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0417 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0497 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0703 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0802 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 1145 - Joe Brady Photography-3 i60 CWL Scuf - 1147 - Joe Brady Photography-2 i60 CWL Scuf - 1184 - Joe Brady Photography i60 CWL Scuf - 0274 - Joe Brady Photographyi60 CWL Scuf - 0924 - Joe Brady Photographyi60 CWL Scuf - 1678 - Joe Brady Photography

TeamSCUF Lands In Dallas For MLG!

It was another explosive weekend for the world of Call of Duty as some of the best esports professionals in the world descended upon Texas for MLG Dallas! After some of the most nerve-wracking finals the game has ever seen, OpTic Gaming defeated eUnited, paying them back for their win at Atlanta this year. The winner’s bracket was followed up by FaZe Clan and Splyce taking 3rd and 4th, respectively.

The excitement was just as huge at the TeamSCUF Booth, where the greats of the Call of Duty world took some time out of their day to sign merch and take pictures with the loyal fans who came out to watch them play. Lethal Gaming and Team KaLiBeR joined OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, Splyce, and eUnited at various points throughout the weekend to sign autographs. Dallas was the final event before the cut off date for the CWL Global Pro League, so the events coming up are going to be truly the best of the best, and SCUF will be there to join in on all the mayhem and fun!

IMG_0917 IMG_2448 IMG_3380

IMG_3434 IMG_3494 IMG_3612

IMG_3687 IMG_3789 (1) IMG_3817

IMG_3890 IMG_4330 IMG_4533

Halo World Championships Las Vegas: The SCUF Recap

OpTic Heads to Los Angeles a Winner

If there’s a perfect city to hold the final Halo World Championship Qualifier in, it’s Las Vegas. The lights are bright, the stakes are high, and it’s anyone’s guess who’s going home a winner. After an incredible showing through the weekend, OpTic Gaming defeated Team Liquid on Sunday, taking home another victory. After OpTic’s CoD win in Paris, this only furthers their reputation among the greatest esports organizations in the industry.

With Las Vegas in the bag, we’re less than three weeks away from the grand finale. The Halo World Championship Finals in Los Angeles are from the 24th of March to the 26th, and Scuf Gaming will be keeping a close eye on all the action. Stay glued to SCUF’s Twitter and Facebook for news from the Halo scene. No doubt we’ve got another amazing weekend to look forward to. Until then, be sure to look at the SCUF Halo Game Guide for pointers on how to make a SCUF controller work for you as you go feet first into hell.

OpTic Gaming at Halo World Championship

An Explosive Show At ESWC Paris!

France was on fire with gaming excitement as the Call Of Duty World League descended into Europe. Scuf Gaming set up a booth in the Paris Expo Hall and got a great view of the ESWC Paris action. With OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan taking home 1st and 2nd place respectively, everyone got an eyeful of some of the best players in esports history. Thanks to all the TeamSCUF members who came by to visit and get a load of the action!

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

ESWC Paris ESWC Paris ESWC Paris

FaZe Up at SCUF Headquarters!

After a weekend at MLG Atlanta, Scuf Gaming HQ was invaded by FaZe Clan, who enjoyed an afternoon of taking a personal tour of the offices with CEO Duncan Ironmonger, talking shop and testing custom controllers.

TeamSCUF was thrilled to welcome ZooMaa, Clayster, Enable, and Attach to our headquarters and show these pro players a first hand look at the handcrafted magic behind the SCUF controllers that they play and win with!

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan  FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan FaZe Clan FaZe Clan

TeamSCUF (and Facebook Live) even got to watch a professional at work when Attach hit up the testing room for some hands-on analysis with a new SCUF Infinity 4PS!

MLG Atlanta: The Explosive Finale!

With some of the best plays and upsets we’ve seen in a long time, MLG Atlanta was just the sort of event that will give a jolt to the other tournaments we can look forward to this year. Against all odds, eUnited fought their way to the front of the line, taking home the big win after a series against OpTic Gaming that got everyone in the crowd chanting.

With every event meaning more points toward the ultimate championship, these kinds of upsets are incredible to watch. It makes us wonder what we can look forward to the rest of the year! Like any other MLG event, we’re sad to see this one end. But there’s one thing for certain: it’s gotten us fired up for MLG Dallas!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

MLG Atlanta: The SCUF Saturday Recap!

There’s only one day left for MLG Atlanta, and Saturday’s incredible series of battles have made it clear that the final Sunday is going to be an amazing finale! EnVyUs made it to the winner’s bracket with an impressive 3-1 win against OpTic, and they’ll face Luminosity today. That’ll be paired with the showstopper of FaZe Clan facing off against eUnited. All in all: Championship Sunday is looking to be the most exciting event of 2017!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

The action was equally amped up at the SCUF Booth, where OpTic Gaming, Team Kaliber, Splyce, and FaZe Clan made it out to sign autographs and get their fans pumped for a weekend of gaming! TeamSCUF even got to meet a pair of die hards who showed off their SCUF tattoos: now that’s dedication!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

There’s only one day left, and the crowd at MLG Atlanta is deafening! There’s no way to know for sure who’s going to come out on top, and we can’t wait to see the final results!

MLG Atlanta 2017: The SCUF Friday Recap!

Only one day down, and the action at MLG Atlanta has been nothing short of extraordinary! There have been some incredible plays and some surprising upsets, and at the end of the day, TeamSCUF is proud to count 3-0 records with OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan, and Luminosity. If we had to choose a favorite moment of the day, it would definitely come down to the nail-biter between FaZe and Team Infused, which came down to a 3-2 win for FaZe after a 6-4 Search and Destroy!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

The excitement was felt just as heavily at the TeamSCUF Booth as on the virtual battlefield, with luminaries like Evil Geniuses, Luminosity, and Rise Nation coming to the signing table to autograph merch and shake hands with some of their beloved fans. Friday is over, but it’s pretty clear that the entire weekend of MLG Atlanta is going to be one for the books! If you’re at the tournament, be sure to visit the SCUF Booth and say hello! Otherwise, make a point to visit SCUF at Twitter and Facebook for a of behind-the-scenes look at the action!

MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta MLG Atlanta

SCUF Visited By Affiliates And Million Twitter Winner!

TeamSCUF started the excitement of the MLG Atlanta weekend a day early by offering open house tours to teams, affiliates, and partners. Among these esteemed colleagues were the winners of SCUF’s 1 Million Twitter Followers celebration, Ralph Cortez and Scott Hansen. The winners were cheered at the door by SCUF staff who were eager to meet new members of the TeamSCUF family. Along with introductions to the entire SCUF team, the winners hand built their own personalized SCUF controllers.

Million-Winner-2965 Million-Winner-3035 Million-Winner-3064

Ralph and Scott were joined at SCUF Headquarters by Sundance DiGiovanni of MLG, Jay Puryear of Activision, Fnatic‘s Call of Duty team, staff at Dexerto, and many more. Everyone was given a full tour of the facilities by SCUF CEO Duncan Ironmonger, followed by a leisurely afternoon getting to know staff, playing shuffleboard, and enjoying a catered lunch. It was a great opportunity for members of so many different pieces of the pro gaming world to get together, share ideas, and talk about the industry that they’re so passionate about.

Million-Winner-3009 Million-Winner-3187 Million-Winner-3032

With MLG Atlanta starting tomorrow, there were plenty of details to be discussed. Brackets, predictions, favorite players: by the end of the day, everyone was amped up and ready to watch the latest Call of Duty tournament unfold. TeamSCUF will be covering the event from start to finish, so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for all the behind-the-scenes details.