We are dedicated to providing players all around the world with professional-grade controllers. Every SCUF controller is hand-crafted, hand-finished and hand-tested. Please see below for answers to general questions for our customer support team.

SCUF Infinity1 unintentional function engagement

Typically related issues are as follows: L3 engages Left Trigger, L3 not engaging (can’t sprint) and/or ‘A’ button engaging Right Trigger.

This issue occurs when the Adjustable Hair Trigger screw is tightened all the way in (often where you cannot see the silver screw). Tightening the Adjustable Hair Trigger screw against the trigger mechanism can cause functions to engage or have more trouble than usual engaging. To resolve this issue: Unscrew the Adjustable Hair Trigger screw to a point where you can visibly see the silver of the screw once again. This will allow a fuller range of trigger range and in most cases, resolves the issues listed above.

If you are still having similar issues after adjustments are made, you will need to send the controller in for inspections and possible repairs. Please be sure to fill out all the information related to the controller you are sending back. We recommend that you use a traceable shipping service when sending us your controller.

Thumbstick drift or unintended in-game character movement.

Please verify that the controller is updated with to the latest firmware.

Try holding down the thumbstick for 15 seconds and then slowly rotating it 360° both clockwise and counterclockwise. This should reset your thumbstick into place and eliminate the unintended movements.

If this does not resolve your issue, please send us an email by submitting a ticket.

My SCUF Infinity1 triggers aren't working.

First, confirm whether or not your controller has been fitted with SCUF Trigger Stops or SCUF FPS Trigger Grips.

Trigger Stops:
The SCUF trigger stops are optimized for Call of Duty but may cause functionality issues in other games. If the trigger stops are causing issues with your chosen game, you'll need to remove them using the tools supplied with your SCUF controller. Please also consult the instructional insert that was supplied with your SCUF controller.

FPS Trigger Grips:
If your controller has been configured with SCUF FPS Trigger Grips, you'll need to remove the handles and replace them with standard SCUF Pro Grip handles or standard Microsoft supplied handles.

If your controller hasn't been configured with either SCUF Trigger Stops or SCUF FPS Trigger Grips and you're still experiencing problems, please send us an email by submitting a ticket.

How do I use the EMR function on my SCUF Infinity1?

PLEASE NOTE: This is an optional feature available if selected at time of purchase.
WARNING: The SCUF Mag Key contains a powerful Neodymium Magnet.

  1. Turn on the game console and your SCUF controller.
  2. Place the EMR Mag Key on the back of the controller (as indicated) so the magnet symbol latches onto the controller.
  3. Press and hold the paddle that you wish to remap a function.
  4. Press and hold the function (A, B, X, Y, L DPAD, R DPAD, Left Thumbstick down, Right Thumbstick down) that you would like to map to a paddle.
  5. Release the function.
  6. Release the paddle.
  7. Remove the EMR Mag Key and place it at least 5cm away from the back of the controller to prevent the SCUF controller from accidentally entering remapping mode.

Why won’t the sound on my headset adapter work with my SCUF Infinity1?

Microsoft has released an update for the Xbox One controller, which will fix the current issues with headsets and the headset adapter. For more information on this update, please visit this link:

I have lost my SCUF Key (1.5mm Allen Key) for my paddles: how can I get a replacement?

You can buy a 1.5 mm allen key from most hardware stores. You can also purchase the 1.5mm SCUF Key from our Accessories section.