Billing and Support

We are dedicated to providing players all around the world with professional-grade controllers. Every SCUF controller is hand-crafted, hand-finished and hand-tested. Please review for any questions about payments, billing issues, and gift card concerns.

Can I use a discount code in combination with a gift card?

Discount codes can be combined with gift card purchases. If you are trying to make a purchase with a gift card, please enter the gift card code in the “Gift Card” section of the shopping cart, and the discount code in the “Apply Discount Code” section.

My gift card won't work - what should I do?

If the gift code you're trying to use is not working, please contact customer support here. If you have more than one gift card and wish to use them on a single purchase, you will need to contact us in order to combine card values into a single discount code. If your gift card was purchased before January 2014 you'll need to contact us to reactivate your code.

How do I use my SCUF Gift Card?

Your SCUF Gift Card has a twenty-character coupon code on the back which can be entered in your shopping cart. Enter your code in the “Gift Cards” section and hit “ADD”. This will discount your order the amount of your gift card. The code is case-sensitive.

I think I was a victim of a fraudulent purchase that I didn't order.

If you see a charge from Scuf Gaming International on your account and you do not recognize it, first check with any family members including children that may have access to your card or account. Many times, someone will purchase a controller without permission. If you know the transaction was not authorized contact us with the name on the card, the order date, the amount and the payment type. We will be able to find the order and provide additional information which may help you to determine who placed the order or, if necessary, to report the unauthorized purchase to the authorities.

I was charged multiple times but I only have one order. What should I do?

Although a transaction was declined, your account may show that you were charged for a failed purchase. Most banks can take 1-7 business days to return funds to your account, although the transaction did not go through. We can also verify whether or not your transaction was successful. Allow 24 hours and contact us if you have not seen the funds returned to your account.

I'm getting a payment error after I try to pay with credit card. What does it mean?

Most failed transactions are due to an inconsistency between the information submitted at the time of your order and the information that your financial institution has on file. Please confirm that you've entered the correct billing name and address and try your transaction again.

What payment methods does SCUF Gaming accept?

We accept standard bank-issued credit and debit cards, Amazon and PayPal. Pre-paid cards may experience errors if the card has not been registered to your address.