All SCUF Vantage Firmware Updates

In order to provide the best gaming experience possible, SCUF will occasionally offer firmware updates with performance improvements and bug fixes. We do not recommend that customers download old firmware, but if you are experiencing issues with the latest firmware, you can download older updates here in order to troubleshoot.

1. UPDATE 1.1
2. UPDATE 0.8

Update 1.1

  1. Improves thumbstick responsiveness, addressing “drift” and unintended thumbstick movement.
  2. Improves Bluetooth responsiveness.


Update 0.8

  1. Optimizes thumbstick responsiveness, addressing cases that relate to “deadzones”
  2. Resolves occasional loss of remapping settings when turning off PS4/Pro console.
  3. Fixes Bluetooth pairing issues which have been identified on occasions (for Wireless controllers)
  4. Addresses an issue that could cause hypersensitive triggers.