The SCUF Week in eSports: Oct. 19th – Oct. 26th

Another week in eSports has seen the first Gears of War title lifted, as well as more exciting news surrounding the Infinite Warfare season. Here are our top stories from the past 7 days.

Infinite Warfare eSports Reveal Details

Activision has confirmed that the Infinite Warfare eSports Reveal will take place today, October 26th , via a live stream. The show will start at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern, 10pm BST, 8am AET) and will be streamed simultaneously on and The stream will confirm details of the impending Call of Duty World League season for Infinite Warfare and the events that are set to take place around CoD’s premier competition. Other updates will include a new map debut, developer interviews and pro exhibition matches. Be sure to tune in.

OpTic Gaming Win Gears 4 Invitational

The Green Wall secured yet another title, winning the first major tournament in the Gears of War 4 calendar. 8 of the world’s top teams headed to Columbus, Ohio, for the kick off to what looks to be an exciting eSports season for Gears of War 4. OpTic Gaming defeated arch nemesis EnVyUs in the Grand Final, as the rivalry nicknamed ‘E Clásico’ extends to yet another major eSports title. Team Revenge rounded off the podium placements by finishing third.

MLG Vegas Announced

For Infinite Warfare MLG will once again host Call of Duty competitions, starting with their MLG Vegas event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. $100,000 will be up for grabs in the North American only CoD tournament, set to take place in December. The tournament will feature a 160 team Open Bracket, as well as Pool Play with 12 pro teams automatically advancing. 8 of the 12 pro teams who will begin their competition in the pools have been invited, with EnVyUs, Elevate, Cloud9, Rise Nation, FaZe Clan, OpTic Gaming, Luminosity and Team Kaliber all set to feature. 4 other teams will earn their place in pool play via online qualification.

eSports Arena Black Ops 3 Final Salute

California-based eSports organization Arena gave Black Ops 3 a final send off with their “Final Salute” tournament held last weekend. The competition offered up a respectable $10,000 in prize money and attracted 26 teams from around the US. After three days of competition, the first place prize was landed by a mix team of pro players, operating under the name ‘Attach’s Seeds.’ The team featured FaZe Clan’s Attach, Rise Nation’s Loony, Elevate’s Aqua, and EUnited’s Accuracy. Attach’s Seeds beat Hydra Gaming in the Grand Final to take home the $5,000 first place prize.

OpTic Nation Set to Return to Call of Duty

Call of Duty star MBoZe took to his YouTube channel in a VLOG to share the news that OpTic Nation will return on Infinite Warfare for at least one tournament. The OpTic Nation team has existed in various forms and has featured well known players including Killa, Karma, Teepee, MiRx, Nadeshot, MBoZe and more. In his video to the fans, MBoZe talks about the permission he has received from OpTic owner H3CZ to bring back OpTic Nation if he proves himself and the team. MBoZe also says, “I’m coming back with full effect,” confirming his return to pro gaming for Infinite Warfare.

You can watch the whole video here: