SCUF Prestige Thumbsticks 2 Pack

From $9.99

Designed specifically for the SCUF Prestige, this pack comes with two matching thumbsticks to customize your controller, fit your hand size, and your game style. Only compatible with the SCUF Prestige for Xbox One & PC.

Accommodate different hand sizes and play styles with interchangeable, one-piece thumbsticks for the SCUF Prestige. Select amongst different options (length, shape and colors) to match your gameplay and different colors to create your own style.


Not sure which thumbsticks to select?

  • The concave shape improves your movements by allowing the thumb to dig in. Great for sprinting.

  • The domed shape improves precision and is tailored for accuracy. Great for aiming with the right thumbstick.

  • Height can improve accuracy or comfort based on hand size. Shorter thumbsticks allow for faster movement, while taller thumbsticks provide more angle to play with for increased precision.