SCUF Reflex Pro Nico We Art


Introducing SCUF Reflex Pro, designed to live up to its name. With four removable & remappable rear paddles, three on-board configuration profiles, adaptive triggers, interchangable thumbsticks, and non-slip performance grip. With Reflex Pro, be unstoppable.


Even at a young age Nico always carried around his pen and paper, scribbling and drawing everything that arose from his imagination. During his 8 years of service in the German Military he got more and more fascinated by tattoos and the work around it. With this new passion in mind he visited an art school to lay the foundation for his future craftsmanship. Later on, he trained in the art of tattooing and since 2017 became a permanent member of Königsloge Tattoo in Berlin, Germany. His very own style focusses on sketch and watercolors, which makes every single piece of his work unique. Ranging from classic motives all the way to gaming, pop culture and anime, every touch of his needle leaves a piece of art under the skin. As a passionate gamer he is now showcasing this art on an exclusive and limited edition design for Instinct and Reflex!