SCUF Reflex FPS Glen Infante


The last piece of your arsenal. Four removable, remappable rear paddles, three on-board profiles, instant triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks, vibration modules removed and non-slip performance grip, the SCUF Reflex FPS gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.


Glen Infante (born March 17, 1981) is a mural artist, painter, illustrator, graphic designer, product photographer and founder of iLTHY (clothing) who emerged from the Cleveland music scene's as a mixtape designer. 

He was mostly known for his (vector) digital portrait style and it has become his signature art form since he started making mixtape cover art back in 2005. 

Glen has designed mostly for the local scene, but has also worked with nationally known corporations such as the NBA, MLB, Gatorade, Nike, New Balance, Google and Facebook.